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Part One
by Lyta "Jaded" Skywalker

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Chapter 1

She was born on Naboo to Senator Amidala Padme and Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker. The thick head of red hair and jade green eyes attempting to belie her parentage, but Anakin knew right away that this child was his daughter, and he called her Jaded for the colour of her eyes, her mother, Amidala named her Lyta for a paternal aunt and kept the name Skywalker for her child. This was five years before the fall of the Republic, before the beginning of the Clone Wars. Jaded, for the nickname had stuck, was a bright child -- her Force potential a bright light to any Force Sensitive that came near her. Though both the Jedi Council and Anakin's Master Obi-Wan Kenobi insisted that the Council take on the training of Jaded at the Temple on Coruscant, Anakin and Amidala resisted repeatedly, not wanting Jaded to experience the same trials and hardships that Anakin had suffered.

Anakin made the further decision to not train Jaded at all, fearing the coming darkness felt by all the Jedi through the Force. He even resisted telling his closest confidant, Chancellor Palpatine of his daughterís Force potential. When the Clone Wars began, entrusted with Jaded's security, Dorme, the Chief of Security for Senator Amidala took Jaded into hiding. Jaded never again saw Anakin Skywalker or Padme Amidala again -- though she felt the fall of Anakin from the light, she never knew of the birth of her brother and sister Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

A year after the fall of Anakin Skywalker to the Darkside -- after he had become Lord Darth Vader -- stormtroopers found Jaded in her hiding place. Dorme was killed in the attack and Jaded was taken to the new Lord of the Sith. Jaded could sense the presence of her father though he was hidden within the metal of his shell and the darkness of the Darkside of the Force. Vader took Jaded to Coruscant where raised within the Imperial Court, she was known as Lady Jaded Vader.

10 Years Later

Jaded stood silently in the Imperial Throne room, two steps behind and one to the left of Lord Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, listening quietly to the conversation between the two men before her, a conversation that would change her life forever.

The old man sitting on the throne, Emperor Palpatine glared at the two people standing before him, his anger apparent in the glare. "Lord Vader, I hope you are able to explain your actions to me in an adequate manner," Palpatine began, "I will not have one of my Hands in the Academy, especially not a woman," he said firmly, his distaste at the fact that Jaded was a sixteen year old woman apparent in his sneer.

Lord Vader bowed his head in silence choosing his next words very carefully for they very well could mean his life. "My Master, as you have seen repeatedly, Jaded is unable to achieve all that we hoped through the Force. I believe she will be of more use to us in the military as a pilot than as one of your esteemed Hands," Vader finally replied.

Palpatine sat silent for a long time. Jaded wanted to plead her case to her master, but knew better than to speak unless a question was directed to her -- ten years of punishment for speaking her mind had taught her better.

Palpatine turned his gaze to Jaded, she could feel the pressure of his Force probe, out of instinct she blocked the probe, without actually calling on the Force, a thing that few Force Sensitives could do -- this gives the indication that the person has no Force sense at all. "Lady Vader, what are your feelings on this?"

Taking a deep breath, Jaded took one step forward and spoke the words she had been rehearsing for days now, since she had become aware of this possible audience. "My Master, it is my wish to serve you and this great Empire you have built in the best way that I am able to. As I am not able to serve you as an esteemed Hand, I would hope that you would see me as serving you as a pilot within your Navy doing your service," she spoke quietly and firmly.

Palpatine chuckled, a dark and menacing sound. "Very well said young Jaded, I will allow you to serve my Empire as a pilot. Though I will have NO favorites played, you will serve as Lyta Skywalker; no one is to know your identity. I also want regular reports on the status of our military. Should anyone find out your true identity, your punishment will be severe," he told them, turning the throne away from them, ending the interview.

Jaded waited until Vader turned and left before turning herself followed him out of the throne room. Jaded followed Vader through the palace -- staying a respectful distance behind him, to the quarters they shared when on Coruscant, though they were hers alone when Vader was off planet or when he was not needed near by and stayed at his palace in the mountains.

Chapter 2

5 Years Later

Lieutenant Lyta Skywalker made her way down the corridor to the Pilotís Ready Room. It seemed that things were beginning to follow the same pattern as they had at the Academy, she was once again almost constantly on patrol, pulling the worst patrols her commanding officer could manage to find for her, all because she managed to out fly the male pilots.

As Jaded entered the Ready Room, her danger sense kicked in, sending her into a defensive posture, she was moving before the door even closed, catching the man to the right side of the door with a round house kick to the stomach, she smiled as he went down clutching his stomach. Her pleasure was short lived as the man next to him caught her foot, flipping her over onto her back, before she could move she was amidst kicking boots and swinging blaster butts.

3 Years Later

Lieutenant Commander Tycho Celchu made his way through the corridors of the Victory Class Star Destroyer Razer towards the Pilotís Ready Room on his way back to his ship, still trying to figure out why people were the way they were. The commanding officer of one of the TIE squadrons attached to the Razer approached Tycho, offering him a chance to Ďteach an upstart woman a lessoní. Tycho had just walked away from the man disgusted, but also understanding that reporting the incident would only get the woman in more trouble with her commander.

Tychoís attention came back to the present when a large group of men came out of the Ready Room; concerned, Tycho entered the small room cautiously. Looking around, he saw a young red headed lieutenant sitting in the corner, her flight suit torn and bruises showing on her skin under the tears. Walking over to the young woman, having determined this was the woman they were going to teach a lesson too, he held out his hand to assist her in getting up. "Lieutenant?"

Jaded looked at the hand before her, but her mind was at the end of her last patrol. Jaded sat in the Ready Room after returning from her patrol, eight years had taught her the hard way not to complain about patrols, so she just pulled them when they were handed to her and said nothing. She knew there had been a command level briefing earlier, and had been hoping to meet some of the other commanders in hopes of finally finding a home. Her mind wondering that she did not sense the group of men approaching the Ready Room, they were on her before she had a chance to react, she fought to the best of her ability, but that was futile, she expected a beating, but she did not expect what was to come.

When they finished and left, Jaded moved to the corner of the Ready Room, collecting herself, her flight suit torn, her body bruised and battered. She didnít hear the Lieutenant Commander enter the room, she glanced at the hand before her, "If you are looking for a fight, you came to the wrong place," she said quietly, no longer caring what would come of her.

Tycho knelt beside the young Lieutenant, "No fight, just trying to help a fellow pilot," he told her softly moving to assist her to her feet. "You want to tell me what happened here," he asked her quietly.

Jaded pulled back, leaning her head back against the wall and trying to get a handle on the pain. At the same time, she tentatively reached out to the Force to see if any of her tormentors were nearby and to gauge the young man kneeling beside her. Finally deciding that he could be trusted, she pulled her feet under her and stood, wincing as her muscles cried out in pain at more abuse. Looking at the blonde man, she noticed his rank insignia, "I apologize Lieutenant Commander, I didnít realize," she stammered before recovering what little composure she had left, "Lieutenant Lyta Skywalker reporting sir, though if you will forgive the insubordination, I am going to sit back down," she introduced herself as she made her way over to the small table in the center of the room and sat down.

Tycho chuckled, "At ease Lieutenant. Lieutenant Commander Tycho Celchu at your service," he said quietly introducing himself. "So what exactly do to deserve you getting almost killed outside of a TIE fighter," he asked her as he sat down across from her.

Jaded considered her answer for a moment, "I am my fatherís daughter, I am able to out fly the entire lot of them," she stated matter of factly.

Tycho looked thoughtful for a moment, "Skywalker? You are Anakin Skywalkerís daughter?"

It was Jadedís turn to chuckle, she hadnít had anyone that amazed by her name, since she had left the Imperial Court, "Yes, he was my father," she told him softly, thinking of things she hadnít considered in almost twenty years.

Tycho shook his head, "If you are half the pilot your father was, any squadron commander in his right mind would want you in his squad."

Jaded smiled sadly, "Were I but the son of Anakin Skywalker, yes they would, but I am his daughter, and that makes me nothing in their eyes, no matter how well I fly."

Tycho understood - only the Empire's hatred of non-humans surpassed its disregard for the women within its ranks. "You just need to find the right commander," he told her, the wheels in his mind turning quickly with an idea. Tychoís command consisted of himself and nine other pilots, excellent and very open-minded pilots, but his squadron was still two pilots short.

While Tycho sat thinking, Jaded worked at beginning to find a way to deal with the coming confrontation with her squadron mate, a confrontation that no matter the outcome, would cost her life. Tycho interrupted her thoughts.

"Jaded, how long have you been assigned here," he asked her quietly.

Startled, Jaded thought for a moment, "Three years," she finally said.

Smiling, his plan finalized, "Way beyond the norm of eighteen months. I think it is time that you were transferred to a new squadron," he told her firmly.

Continued in Part Two