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Part Three
by Lyta Skywalker-Antilles

The Hoth System was very quiet, nothing going on in the Unknown Regions of space. That quiet was suddenly broke by the revision to normal space of an X-Wing fighter wing pair. Captain Tycho Celchu glanced back, verifying the position of his wingmate, Lieutenant Lyta Skywalker, nodding in approval at her location, he keyed his communit, "Hoth Control, this is Captain Tycho Celchu and Lieutenant Lyta Skywalker incoming from Commenor, requesting landing clearance and vector," he informed the controller on Hoth.

"Captain Celchu, please transmit your security codes and have Lieutenant Skywalker do the same," came the reply in a light female voice.

"Copy control, transmitting," he told control, before keying his communit over to his private frequency shared with Jaded, "Jaded, they want our codes, transmit on Frequency 2 alpha," he told his partner and friend.

Jaded reached out and triggered the signal to Hoth Control, "Copy that Tycho, transmitting now," she informed him. She then keyed her communit to her astromech, "Ranger, prepare to receive our landing vector," she told the green and silver R2 unit. Ranger chittered a response, which Jaded read, "I know Ranger, but I am sure the base will be safe for you, and the rest of us," she told the droid, trying to reassure him when she was not feeling all that sure of this move herself.

Tycho smiled, as Jaded tried to reassure her astromech, his friendship with her had deepened with the trials they had been through since the destruction of Alderaan. A friendship that felt he was ready to move on to the next level, while he had been Jaded?s commanding officer, there had been no way he could have pursued a relationship with her, but he felt now he was ready, he felt sure there could be so much more, something that could be great for both of them. Another hail from Hoth Control interrupted his thoughts.

"Captain Celchu, your approach vector has been sent to your astromechs, please follow them, you are cleared for landing in the North Hanger, Welcome to Hoth," she told them.

"I copy that Control, preceding on assigned vector," he responded to Hoth Control on the other end of the comm. Switching over once again to their private channel, "You heard the lady Jaded, lets take them in," he told her. Moving his snubfighter in on and settling into their entry vector, not needing to look back to see where Jaded was, knowing she would be right behind him, tucked in slightly behind and to the right tucked tightly under his port wing.

Jaded smiled, pulling on the control stick lightly, and tucking in behind Tycho and slightly to his right, "Right with you Tych," she replied, following him and landing just behind him in their assigned hanger.

There were two men awaiting their arrival in the hanger, one was of average height with wavy brown hair, a lock of it seeming to continuously fall into his eyes, the other though caught Jaded?s attention as she ran through her shutdown, he was slightly taller than the dark haired man, and blonde. However, that was not what held her attention, it was his uncanny resemblance to her father. "Ranger, finish the shut down," she told her astromech. Standing to exit the fighter, she placed her helmet down on the couch, and climbed down the ladder to the deck of the hanger, noticing the darker man once again, he caught her eyes, brown meeting green, she watched, something flaring between them, until he broke eye contact when that dark lock of hair fell over his eyes, as he moved in formation with the blonde man. Shaking her head, she moved to where Tycho was standing, taking her customary position slightly behind and to the right of the tall Alderaanian. As per their custom, Jaded remained silent as Tycho introduced them both.

Tycho stood at attention, not glancing back as Jaded took her place, "Captain Tycho Celchu and Lieutenant Lyta Skywalker reporting for duty," he told the men.

Standing at attention, Jaded picked up the surprise from both men through the Force, she stared straight ahead as the blonde man moved to stand in front of her, giving her a once over.

Luke Skywalker stood in shock, as far as he knew he had been the only Skywalker, yet here was a woman that belied that, he was struck by the young woman standing before him, "Skywalker?" he stated, as if asking for clarification of what he had just heard. "Lieutenant, any relation to Anakin Skywalker," he asked her, his voice deceptively quiet.

Jaded blinked in surprised at the question, not sure exactly what to make of the query. Taking a breath in an attempt to buy herself a minute or two, she considered just how she could answer him, she absently blocked a clumsy attempt at a Force probe, as she found the words to say, "He was my father, sir," she answered softly.

The blonde man studied her for several moments before seeming to come to a decision, "Wedge, take Captain Celchu to his billet, I would like to talk to Lieutenant Skywalker," he told the other man.

Wedge nodded, "Yes Commander Skywalker,? he responded, turning to Tycho, "Captain Celchu, I am Captain Wedge Antilles, if you will follow me, we can get you settled in," he told the taller blonde man.

Tycho looked at Jaded, concerned and puzzled by what he had just heard, as far as he knew Jaded had been an only child, and all of her family dead. He was suddenly afraid for her safety - afraid that either the Alliance had discovered who she really was or that the Imperials had managed to get one step ahead of them, and were laying a trap to catch Jaded, if not both of them. Jaded nodded to Tycho, indicating that she could handle whatever the situation was. Accepting her judgment, Tycho turned back to Wedge, "Lead the way Captain Antilles," he told Wedge as he followed the other pilot out of the hanger.

Commander Luke Skywalker waited as Wedge and Tycho left the hanger before turning his attention back to Jaded, "At ease Lieutenant, I don't bite," he told her, waiting until she had dropped to a Parade Rest stance with her hands clasped behind her in the small of her back, before continuing. "I need to clarify some information, what type of work does your father do?"

Jaded was as perplexed as Luke was, as far as she had ever known she was an only child, and her father had also been an only child, and everyone else in her family was dead, "My father was a pilot and Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars," she told him.

Luke paused, thinking for a moment, considering what Jaded had just told him before speaking again, "You speak as if your father were dead, what happened to him?"

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before answering, Jaded considered what her next words should be, "He was killed by a Dark Jedi during the Purges," she stated.

Watching her, Luke gauged her reaction before continuing his line of questioning, "Is Skywalker your real name," he asked her, finally cornering her on what was really bothering him.

Jaded had just spent three days in hyperspace, and was tired, she hadn't had anything other than a ration bar since they had left Commenor, and was at the end of her physical as well as her emotional endurance, and her patience snapped, "I could ask the same Commander. I was born Lyta Skywalker to Anakin and Padme` Skywalker, they both died when I was five years old and I was raised from that point on by a handmaiden, running from world to world. Is there anything else you would like to know about me SIR!" she finished taking a step back.

Luke was taken aback by her display, "Lieutenant, I could very well bust you out for that outburst, but you are a good pilot and I need good pilots. Therefore, I am going to overlook this little outburst. As for the validity of who I am, I am Commander Luke Skywalker, and aside from commanding Rogue Squadron, of which you are now a member, it would appear from the information you have given me, that you are my sister, when as far as I knew I was an only child," he told her sharply, letting his words sink in. "Now, I will show you to where you will be bunking, I apologize, but it will be with Captain Celchu, as we are short on space, we tend to bunk wing pairs together, however we were unaware that you were a woman. We will address this situation a bit later, when we both have had a chance to digest this shocking information," he finished, turning and heading out of the hanger.

"Yes sir," she replied softly, wondering just how deep a hole she had just dug herself into with her Commanding Officer - she followed him out of the hanger.

Jaded sat at the computer terminal staring blankly at the screen amazed at the information she had been reading when the door to the quarters she was sharing with Tycho opened and Tycho entered. She stood, stretched her back and shoulder, and smiling at her friend, "Tycho, where did you get off to," she asked him, moving to the couch that was crammed into the small living area.

Tycho watched with rapt attention, his blue eyes darkening as Jaded sinuously stretched before crossing the few steps across the small room, joining Jaded on the couch, "I was talking to Wedge and comparing notes; however enough about Wedge and me, tell me what happened after we left," he queried her.

Jaded smiled grimly, "Well," she paused, "from all appearances and the information I have been able to glean from Alliance computers, it would seem that Commander Skywalker is my brother," she explained to him, still somewhat in shock over the events of the day.

Tycho looked thoughtfully at his friend for several moments before responding, "Does he know," he asked quietly, dreading her reply, fearing that the Alliance might hold her accountable for Vader's crimes.

Jaded shook her head rapidly, "I don't believe so, and I'm not about to tell him," she told Tycho sensing his unease, but before she could continue, the communit on the desk chimed, interrupting their conversation. Standing, she strode back to the desk, and keyed in the comm, "Skywalker," she said answering the comm.

Luke's disembodied voice filled the still air of the room suddenly charging it and filling her gut with ice water - sending tendrils of fear and apprehension down her spine, "Lieutenant, I would appreciate it if you would join me in my quarters for dinner; I would like to discuss these recent revelations."

Jaded pursed her lips in concentration and considered for a moment, "Do you have a problem if Captain Celchu accompanies me," she asked cautiously.

"No Lieutenant, I do not have a problem with that, in fact, I was going to recommend that the Captain accompany you - I will expect you in thirty minutes."

Jaded sneaked a glance at Tycho out of the corner of her eye: Tycho slowly nodded his agreement, "Very well Commander - we will be there," she responded.

Luke's smile could be heard in the word of his reply, "Very good - and one more thing," Luke paused as though he were thinking as to how he wanted to phrase his next words, "When we aren't on duty, please call me Luke, Lyta."

At the sound of someone - anyone - calling her by her given name, a light blush colored her cheeks especially considering that Luke was a superior officer, Jaded nodded, relief flooding her system, "Thank you Comman-- Uh? Luke, most people call me Jaded though," she explained to him.

"Very well-- Jaded, I will see you and Captain Celchu in half an hour," Luke concluded as he signed off leaving silence filling the air.

Jaded stared at the silent communications device - slowly turning she looked at Tycho, "Well, I guess we should get ready," she stated, confusion coloring her tone as she wondered what Luke wanted to see them about.

Tycho nodded thoughtfully, "Yes - starting with just what and how much we are going to tell him." Tycho paused before slowly continuing with his train of thought, considering his next words carefully, "Is there any chance," he began, "that either Luke or Wedge could be spies or that they suspect something," Tycho asked her.

Jaded slowly shook her head sending her red-gold braid swinging, "I don't believe so," she said in a measured tone, "While you were gone, I sliced the Alliance mainframe here, from what I found, Luke's story checks out - better than mine in fact - he was raised by Owen and Beru Lars on Tatooine, Owen Lars was my father's stepbrother, and I know my mother trusted him. Therefore, I am certain, he is who he says he is. As for Wedge, well, you have spent more time with him than I have," she said firmly, her mind far away from the cold wastes of Hoth. "I am not going to tell him anything he can't find out for himself in the traditional manner, and won't acknowledge anything if he does know - or suspect."

Jaded and Tycho stood anxiously outside the entry door to Luke Skywalker's quarters, both were dressed similarly in heavy black pants, black sweaters, and jackets. Taking a deep breath, Jaded reached out and tentatively touched the chime announcing their presence; after a few moments the door slid open to reveal Captain Antilles, dressed in heavy khaki pants, light colored sweater and a worn nerf leather jacket - Jaded's breath caught in her throat at the sight of the handsome young man.

Wedge stopped mid-thought at the sight of the auburn haired woman standing before him, the black of her clothing in stark contrast to her pale complexion. Just as quickly as the feelings of attraction began to form, he quashed them down, this woman, as lovely as she was, was his subordinate, and his Commanding Officer's sister, and therefore was completely off limits to him. Taking a deep breath he smiled slightly and stepped back, indicating they should enter, "Please come in Tycho, Lyta. Luke will be along shortly, he had to get one of his droids out of the hair of one of our freighter pilots," he told them, motioning them to the small table and chairs in the galley area of the rooms.

Sensing Wedge's attraction and sudden withdrawal, Jaded clamped down on her own emotions, "Thank you Captain," she told him, following Wedge into the room, "It's Jaded, by the way."

Curiously, Tycho watched the exchange trying to figure out what he had just witnessed as he followed Wedge and Jaded into Luke's quarters.

Self-consciously, Wedge escorted Jaded to the table in the small eating area off to one side the living space which he had motioned to earlier; smiling, he pulled a chair out for her, "Please, then call me Wedge, Jaded." Tycho trailed Wedge and Jaded at a close distance, keeping a watchful eye out for anything that may threaten Jaded - including the dark haired pilot.

Jaded nodded shyly taking the offered seat, "Thank you Wedge," she said, blushing lightly at the treatment she was receiving from the handsome pilot.

Tycho quickly and smoothly moved to the seat on Jaded's right, giving Wedge a tight smile - they had hit it off earlier that day, but now Tycho was feeling something he had not felt in a long time, jealousy. "Thank you Wedge," he said quietly, trying to hide the twinge of jealousy he felt at the attention Wedge was paying Jaded.

Jaded sensed something coming from Tycho, but could not read him well, she glanced over at him questioningly - Tycho shook his head slightly, indicating nothing was wrong.

Wedge watched the two pilots, wondering about their exact relationship - he felt that Tycho was too professional to have gotten involved with Jaded, while he had been her commanding officer. However, when he met Tycho's eyes, he sensed hostility from the pilot.

Tension was beginning to form in the room that was broken by the entry of Luke Skywalker accompanied by an oddly familiar gold toned protocol droid, and blue and silver astromech, Jaded turned quickly, hiding her shock at the sight of C-3PO.

Luke nodded to Wedge as the Corellian took the seat to Jaded's left, leaving the seat across from Jaded for Luke, "Jaded, Tycho, I am glad you could make it - I see you have both now met Wedge, the Rogues Second and one of my best friends," he said them as he took the vacant chair. He introduced the two droids that had come in with him, "This is C-3PO and R2-D2, my droids,"

C-3PO walked up to the table, his servomotors whirring, "Hello, I am C-3PO, Human Cyborg Relations and at your service, madam, sir," he told the new pilots.

Flushing lightly, Jaded responded to the droid, "Thank you C-3PO." Turning back to Luke, "I want to thank you for this, but I just don?t understand how this happened. I mean--" she stopped, not sure with how to proceed with the discussion.

Luke nodded, "I understand, I am a bit confused myself - so let me start by telling you about myself and what I know, then we can attempt to figure it out from there," he told her. Taking a deep breath, he began, "I am twenty three years old, and am the son of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. No one has ever told me who my mother was, and until three years ago, I thought my father was a navigator on a spice freighter, and that he had died when the ship was attacked during the Clone Wars. However, three years ago, I met a Jedi Knight by the name of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he told me that my father had been a Jedi Knight and pilot during the Clone Wars, and was killed by Obi-Wan's apprentice Darth Vader during the purges. I was told nothing about having a sister, and was raised by Owen and Beru Lars, whom I called my Uncle and Aunt," he told the story to those seated there, parts of which Wedge had not heard before.

Jaded listened to Luke's story, her heart wrenching at hearing news concerning the deaths of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru - she remembered Owen as a hard but kind man and Beru as a tender and gentle woman. She remained lost in thought for several minutes, before taking a deep breath and burying her memories once more, "You probably weren?t told about our mother, because their marriage was not sanctioned. At the time the Jedi Council felt that attachments, to family, spouses, etc., were a distraction to Jedi," she explained. "I was born during the Clone Wars, both Anakin and Padme` were fighting on the side of the Republic against the Separatists - Anakin as a Jedi and Padme` as a senator. I spent the first five years of my life in the care of handmaidens, they were on Naboo for my fifth birthday, and I never saw them again after that day. Sabe` took me and we ran from planet to planet hiding until we returned Coruscant when I was fifteen. I had inherited my father's love to fly, so I joined the Imperial Navy, against the wishes of Sabe`, and here I am now," she finished quietly, choosing to not go over her time as an Imp, which were very dark to her.

Luke considered Jaded's words, chewing on them for several seconds, "I got most of that from your records, as well as some very dark things, though most of it was very difficult to find." Luke stopped, looked to his Second in command and continued, "I also noted that the Imperial Navy lists you as MIA and presumed dead."

Jaded and Tycho both chuckled and exchanged knowing looks, "Yes, you should be aware that I am somewhat of an accomplished slicer, and altered mine, Tych's, and the rest of the squadrons' records so they wouldn't be looking for us - we escaped with several of their most advanced ships. We couldn't afford to have them looking for us, now could we," she told them with a wry smile.

Tycho looked at Luke, "Listen Commander Skywalker, I know this is hard to swallow, but Jaded is how she claims to be - you however, I have doubts about?" he stopped feeling Jaded's light touch on his arm.

"It's ok Tych, I can handle this," Jaded told him quietly. "Luke, this is just as hard for me to accept as it is for you; I don't understand how, or why, but for whatever reason, neither of us were told about the existence of the other - I believe to keep us safe from the Empire," she said, letting her words sink in. "I, however, was able to extract a bit more information on you from the Alliance computer, and what tells me this is not a hoax is your guardians - Owen and Beru Lars - Owen was Anakin's step-brother," she finished softly.

Luke looked at Jaded for a moment, before glancing at the only person who had not spoken up during the discussion, "Wedge, what do you think of all of this," he asked the dark haired man sitting next to him.

Wedge slowly turned his gaze to Luke then let it fall on Tycho and Jaded choosing his words carefully, "This is all interesting and amazing - from what I've seen thus far, I see no reason to not believe Jaded, however this could be a trap set by the Imps to catch either of you. I have to say that the two of you have only two choices, trust or not, but my gut tells me to trust," he stated lightly, his dark brown eyes never leaving Jaded's deep green ones.

Luke looked thoughtful, considering everything that had been reveled, trying to make a decision on which path he should take - finally he nodded, "Wedge is right, I am going to trust my new found sister," he told them, "Now it is time to eat." He smiled, indicating the food sitting on the counter in the galley set there by C-3PO.

Continued in Part Four