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Part Four
by Lyta Skywalker-Antilles

Jaded and Tycho had just finished their evening meal, and were sitting in the pilotís lounge with several other members of Rogue Squadron discussing some of the tactics they used when fighting against Imperial fighters, when Han Solo came rushing into the room. "Any of you seen Commander Skywalker," he asked, the look of concern dark in his eyes.

Jaded glanced up from her discussion at hand, worry filling her at the question, concern coloring her tone, "No Captain, last we heard he was on patrol," she told Solo.

Solo nodded grimly, turning he left the lounge at a brisk pace, and moved in the direction of the hanger near the South entrance to see if Luke had checked in through that entrance.

Jaded was suddenly filled with concerned for Luke, standing quickly, she rapidly moved to followed Han from the lounge and was followed closely by both Tycho and Wedge; Jaded saw the Corellian smuggler take a turn at the end of the corridor and quickened her pace to catch up to him before he could get to far ahead of her.

Solo made his way directly to the deck officer, "Has Commander Skywalker reported in yet," he asked, his voice dangerously quiet.

The deck officer swallowed - seeing Jaded and the other two Rogues approach, "No sir, however, it is possible he could have forgotten to check inÖ" he started.

Solo cut the deck officer off sharply, "Not likely," he snarled, turning as he saw the three Rogues approaching briskly. "Iíll take quadrant 37," he snapped shortly at the deck officer as he hurriedly moved toward the pens that housed the tauntuans, hearing the Rogues calling out their quadrants as they moved to the ready room to get their gear.

"Iíll take quadrant 42," Jaded told the deck officer as she made her way past him to the Rogueís ready room to get her cold weather gear, not waiting for Tycho and Wedge to follow her.

"Iíll take 41," Tycho informed the deck officer, as he moved to follow Jaded to the ready room, not willing to let her go out in Hothís brutal evening alone.

As Wedge watched Jaded and Tycho move to the ready room, he walked up to the deck officer, "Make sure those speeders are ready by morning, we are going to need them," he told the young lieutenant, "Iíll be in quadrant 43," he finished and turned, following Tycho and Jaded to the ready room.

Jaded moved methodically through her assigned quadrant, gridding the search area, to make sure she hit every sector. She reached out with all of her senses, both physical and through the Force, trying to locate Luke, so she could get him back to base. She had reached out to the very edge of her Force sense, when she felt it, not the bright light that was her brother, but the dark, simmering hatred that could only be their father. Jaded quickly pulled back into herself, not touching that cold darkness, hoping that he had not felt her, it was then that she finally heard the insistent beeping of her comm, "Skywalker," she said, as she activated the small unit at her neck.

"Jaded," came the quiet question in the elegant tones of Tycho, "Have you anything to report," he asked her, his tone betraying the worry he felt for both Commander Skywalker and for his friend.

She looked around realizing that she had apparently covered more ground than she had expected, "No, nothing," she said quietly, dismayed that one just found could be lost.

Tycho sighed exhaustedly at her report, "All right, it is time to head back, Wedge and I havenít found anything either, and we will meet you in the hanger," he told her, his voice quiet but firm.

"I am sorry Tycho, but I canít do that," she said, her voice tight, "Not until I know that Luke is alright," she told Tycho, her voice carrying her defiance over the comm.

"Jaded, this is Wedge, do not make me order you back," came the firm tone of the Rogueís second in command, Captain Wedge Antilles. "If anyone can survive out here it is Luke, and you have to trust the Force in this, he will be alright," he told her softy, his voice echoing his concern not just for his best friend lost in the vast waste of Hoth, but for her as well.

"Jaded, please, just go back to the base, there isnít anything we can do out here, except to possibly die," he told her, his tone firm, "Luke is well equipped to handle this situation, so please letís go back."

Jaded sighed, her heart was heavy, but she knew that Tycho and Wedge were right, and she could do nothing more out here - it was time for them all to return to base, before they suffered the same fate that had taken Luke. Finally, as she made her decision the pain of loss threatened to overwhelm her - she turned her tauntaun back, and headed in the direction of the base. "I am inbound, Captains," Jaded finally told Tycho and Wedge softly, her voice shaking as she spoke into the comm, as she fought back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. It was then that Jaded reached out once more to the Force, heedless of the danger she was putting herself, Luke, and the others in, more to the Force, as she tried to find the bright light within the Force that was her brother, but wherever he was, she could not sense him - either he was too far away, or she was not strong enough. Burying the pain she felt at the loss of someone she had just recently known, she pushed her tauntaun as hard as she dared, and trotted through the hanger doors several minutes before they were scheduled to close. Jaded dismounted and led the tauntaun to the handlers, giving the creature an affectionate pat before turning and walking over to the deck officer, where she gave her report. Finally, exhausted both physically and emotionally, she turned and made her way over to the Rogueís ready room. Glancing up, she saw Tycho waiting for her at the door, his expression one of concern.

Tycho gazed in appreciation at the grace in Jadedís movements as she approached him and entered the ready room. Making sure everyone was cleared out of the area - he followed her in - looking around to make sure there was no one else in the ready room, all the while keeping a polite distance from her as she changed from her cold weather gear into her day uniform. Finally, when he saw that she had finished, he approached the bench she was sitting on quietly, sliding an arm around her shoulders as he pulled her against his side. "Jaded, I know he will make it," he started, not really knowing what else to say to this woman who had been a rock at the worst time in his life.

Jaded allowed Tycho to pull her against his strong frame - fighting to relax in his strong arms finally feeling safe in what seemed like the first time in her life. As the hanger doors slammed down - sealing the base against Hothís frigid night - Jaded jumped visibly, as it had also sealed the fate of her brother. She turned her face to Tycho, the pain, and fear evident in her jade green eyes. "I know Tych I know, but I just canít lose him, I just found him," she told him, her voice shaking as the emotions buried her entire life, finally broke through her resolve - not just the pain of possibly losing Luke, but also the pain of tortures that no one would ever know. Jaded turned her face and buried it against Tychoís shoulder, where the tears of a lifetime fell in great soul racking sobs. She cried for her childhood lost in darkness, for a family lost to the darkness, for the pain inflicted on her by others with whom she had just sought equality, she cried mostly for the brother she had never known, and now she feared had lost.

"Tycho was shocked by Jadedís reaction - she had been his rock when his world had been destroyed - he had never known her to be weak, even in the path of the worst torture, to see her this distraught wrenched at his heart. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, Tycho gave into the need to protect this woman pulling her close to him letting her cry, knowing somehow that she was crying for more than just the fear she had lost her brother, but for injuries, both physical and emotional that no one knew. Everything that had happened her, had shaped her, and had tried her -heart and soul - all the darkness of her life had finally cumulated into these tears. She was no longer the excellent pilot Tycho had known for 6 years, no longer the daughter of a Sith Lord, she was just Jaded, a frail, quiet human woman who had been denied love her entire life. After several minutes, her sobs subsided, and her breathing evened out. Reaching down with a gentle touch, Tycho cradled her chin in his long fingers tilting her face up to his looking deeply into her eyes. He used his thumb to brush her tears away, lightly caressing her cheek before slowly bending his head to hers and lightly brushing his lips across hers.

Jaded was shocked at the touch of Tychoís lips against hers, almost as shocked as she was at her intense reaction to the feather light touch. She was swept away by the intensity of the feelings she had for this man - feelings much deeper than she had admitted to anyone, even to herself. Jaded instinctually moved closer to Tycho, wanting to deepen his kiss, wanting to feel his male body pressed against hers, her hands slid up Tychoís shoulders to his neck, fingers curling into the short blonde hair.

Tycho had reacted before thinking when he kissed Jaded, he sighed against her soft lips as she responded to the light touch - he deepened the kiss, pulling her tighter to him, needing to feel her body against his, as much as she needed to feel his, as his tongue caressed her lips seeking entrance. They were pulled out of their embrace by the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Jaded jumped, attempting to pull away from Tycho, but he held her close to him, as they turned to see Wedge standing in the door, "Iím sorry to interrupt the two of you, but I just wanted to see how Jaded was doing," he said, his face turning a deep crimson.

Tycho stood, pulling Jaded with him, "She is as well as can be expected, Wedge, now if you will excuse usÖ" he said, moving with Jaded tucked in under his arm towards the door.

Wedge made no move to get out of Tychoís way, he had no clue as to what was going on between the two new Rogue pilots, but he had every intention of finding out. Ignoring Tycho completely, his brown eyes met Jadedís green, "Jaded, are you alright," he asked her softly, as if nothing Tycho had said mattered to him.

Jaded stopped, pulling slightly away from Tycho and met Wedgeís gaze, "I am fine Wedge, just tired," she told him. Her knees were threatening to collapse from beneath her causing her to lean heavily on Tycho, "Tych, can you assist me to my quarters," she asked quietly as they moved around the dark haired Corellian pilot, and out of the ready room.

As Wedge stepped aside to let Jaded and Tycho to pass, he felt something in his gut wrench at the mere thought of the two of them together, something he had not felt in a long time, if ever, something he had no name for. "Tycho, can I assist you," he asked hesitantly, not knowing why, as it was apparent that Jaded had accepted Tychoís advances.

The tension between the two male pilots was palpable, causing Jaded to stop short and pull away from Tycho, as she called on her remaining reserves to remain upright as she turned to face Wedge. "I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself," she told him shortly, "So why donít you and Tycho go about whatever duties need your attention and leave me to get some rest," she finished, her firm voice hiding the physical and emotional exhaustion she felt. Jaded turned back in the direction she and Tycho had been heading, but only got a couple of steps before her legs went out from under her, causing her to collapse on the cold ice floor of the corridor.

Tycho was about to argue the fact that Jaded was not keeping him from any duties, when she suddenly started to collapse to the floor. Moving quickly, as well as being the closest, he managed to reach her before she could hit the floor, picking her up in his arms, he moved down the corridor in the direction of Jadedís quarters.

Wedge watched as everything unfolded before him, "Tycho, we need to get her to the medical center," he told the tall Alderaanian.

Tycho shook his head, "No, she just needs rest, she exhausted herself on the search for Commander Skywalker, as well as her own patrols, then the emotional exhaustion that stemmed from Commander Skywalkerís disapearance, she just needs rest," he informed the dark haired Corellian pilot.

Wedge watched in dismay as Tycho ignored his suggestion, and carried Jaded down the corridor to her quarters, the Alderaanian seemed to be heedless of the fact that the young auburn haired woman obviously needed medical treatment. Even though he did not know what their relationship was, it suddenly occurred to him that it really was not any of his business what their relationship was. Wedge was still puzzled by his feelings as he turned and made his way to talk to the deck officer, and the mechanics about those snow speeders. They would need those in the morning if they were to have a chance at finding Commander Skywalker.

Jaded came around almost immediately, her head pillowed against Tychoís shoulder as he moved with her down the corridor to her quarters, "What happened," she asked quietly, not fighting the strong arms that held her.

Tycho glanced down at Jaded, stopping to look deeply into her eyes, crystal blue meeting jade green, in what for some would have been a battle of wills, but Jaded stayed where she was, laying her head against his shoulder. "You collapsed," he explained softly, worry for her masking his handsome features. Tycho moved forward again, approaching the door to Jadedís quarters, turning slightly he entered the code for the lock, and strode into the common room they shared, making his way over to his bed, and laying her down on the cushions before sitting on next to her on the edge of the bed. Tycho studied her features for several moments before reaching out and lightly brushing a stray hair from her face. "You scared me love, I thought something horrible had happened again," he told her, his voice shaking at his fear for her.

Jaded smiled softly, her fingers lightly tracing Tychoís cheek, "I am sorry Tych, it was all just too much for me - with Luke missing and then everything elseÖ" she broke off, tears once again welling up in her eyes.

Tycho reached out and pulled Jaded into his arms, his fingers tangling through her hair as he pulled her lips to his once again, picking up where he left off when they were interrupted. His tongue lightly caressing her lips seeking entrance to the soft depths of her mouth as his hands moved with a mind of their own, lightly caressing her back, sliding under the sweater she wore to caress the skin there.

Jaded was surprised with the intensity of her feelings, her lips parted to allow the kiss to deepen, as a wave of pleasure washed over her with every touch of Tychoís hands as they found their way under her sweater and flesh touched flesh. Jaded arched her back, pressing herself closer to Tycho, wanting - needing - to feel more of him.

Tycho groaned softly into Jadedís mouth as he felt her press herself against him, he slipped his hands from her back around her sides, lightly caressing the skin and finally moved them between the two of them - sliding up, moving the sweater up to remove that barrier from between them. His hands lingered over the lace bra Jaded was wearing, caressing her breasts through the thin material.

Jaded was lost in Tychoís touch, her breath coming in short gasps as the flames of her desire for this man licked through her body, as his hands began caressing her breasts through the light material of her lace undertunic. Suddenly Jaded was filled with terror, as memories she had suppressed for six years rushed to the surface and broke through, memories of horrors that no human should ever be subjected to. Screaming, Jaded pulled away from Tycho, moving back to the corner of the bed in an attempt to get as far away from him as she could. "Stay awayÖ" she cried, her voice plaintive, "Please donítÖ" she begged, as if seeing someone other than Tycho there.

Tycho was shocked and terrified at the absolute panic he saw on Jadedís face - the sheer terror in her jade green eyes: he moved slowly, cautiously, so as not to frighten her more, and sat beside her as she relived whatever terror she had lived through to do this to her. Gently, he reached out and took her hand slowly pulling her unresponsive body back into his arms cradling her head against his shoulder. Not knowing what terror she was reliving, just holding her close to him, letting her feel his warmth, opening up his heart to her and letting her feel the love he felt for her. "JadedÖ" he spoke softly, "Itís me Jaded, Tych," he told her gently, holding her tightly against whatever demons with which she was currently doing battle.

Jaded realized in that instant that she was no longer on the Razer, that she was with Tycho, not in that ready room where her life had been nearly destroyed six years earlier. She realized that she was being held in Tychoís strong embrace, not by ropes set in place to hold her while the men there raped her, "I am sorry Tych, so sorry. I had thought that part of my life was behind me, over," she said quietly, her voice muffled by the material of Tychoís sweater, as she buried her face against Tychoís chest.

"Jaded, what is it, what is wrong, what happened to you that caused this," he asked, his voice tight as he tried to keep it veiled against the fury of what he feared had happened to her.

Taking a shaky breath, Jaded pulled slightly away from Tycho, leaving his arms to rest lightly around her, and laid just her forehead against his chest. "The day you found me on the RazerÖ" she stopped, taking a breath and began again, "The day you got me outÖ" she tried again. Taking a deep, shaky breath, she suddenly pulled completely away from Tycho and stood, walking over to her desk, where she reached into the bottom drawer and pulled a bottle of very old - and specially aged Whyrenís Special Reserve. She poured a liberal amount into a glass, turning she offered it to Tycho before pouring one of her own and downing it in one swallow. She knew she was just stalling, but she needed time to get the words in her head straight, to determine what and how much to tell Tycho of what happened that fateful day six years before.

Tycho took the glass of Whyrenís from her hand and sat it on the table before moving to actually take her hand. He sat down on the edge of the desk and pulled her back to him. "You can tell me anything Jaded, I know who and what you are," he told her softly as he pulled her back against his chest, taking in the clean scent of her hair, "There is nothing you could tell me that would make me care one wit less for you than I do, no matter what it is," he murmured softly, lightly kissing her on top of her head.

Jaded took a breath, and picking up the glass Tycho had set down downed the amber liquid, ignoring the burning sensation as it slid down her throat. She let Tycho coddle her for a moment before pulling away from him, relishing the feel of a man so close to her, something she had never been allowed until now. "Donít bet on that Tych, you donít know what has happened," she told him, her eyes dark with grief as the memory of that day came flooding back to her. "I had just returned from patrol, a patrol that had been meant to keep me away from other squadron and ship commanders - so no one would know that the Razerís ace pilot was a woman. Apparently, during the meeting they had planned to take care of the upstart within their midst and teach me a much needed lesson," she began, her voice quiet as the memories started rolling out.

Six years earlier

Jaded made her way from the hanger to the ready room, tired and angry that she had been sent on that Sith cursed patrol, she had been hoping to meet some of the other squadron and ship commanders during this meeting, in hopes of getting out of this Sith forsaken place. Had she not been so caught up in her anger and disappointment over missing the other commanders, she might have picked up on the fourteen men who were coming down the corridor to the ready room, with every intention of teaching the upstart female pilot a lesson for her audacity at flying better than any of them. Jaded turned around as the door to the ready room slid shut, and thinking it was the next squadron going out, she turned back to putting away her gear, when suddenly she was slammed against the bulkhead, her head ringing from the impact. She pulled the Force in around her, and prepared for the beating she knew would come. What she got was far worse than anything she had ever imagined was.

"Well well well Skywalker, it is time to teach you a lesson on how a woman should behave in the Imperial Navy," the man holding her hissed as he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her back away from the bulkhead, twisting her arm painfully behind her. It was then that she knew that all fourteen of them had the same intention - she could feel the anger and hatred in all of them. She started to fight, pulling against her attackers kicking out at anyone who approached her - but there were too many of them. They grabbed her legs first, then her arms, pulling her over to where two of the benches were close together. They had come prepared for her, she could see what they were planning in their minds, and she fought harder her only intention to get away to the door that led to the hanger. They threw her down on one of the benches - knocking the breath out of her, four of them held her down as the others pulled ropes from the utility pockets within their uniforms. They tied Jadedís hands to the one bench, over her head, pulled her legs apart, spread eagle, and tied them each to individual benches. Another one pulled a knife from one of his pockets and slit the flight suit Jaded was wearing, it hit the floor followed by her undergarments as they hovered over her staring at her body, naked hunger in their eyes.

The first one to approach her was her commanding officer, a Lieutenant Commander she had served with for three years. There was a look of hatred and evil in his eyes as he moved over her, "Well Skywalker, I think this time you will learn your lesson, and stay at home where you belong," he sneered at her, as he knelt down and penetrated her hard, his cock, though not large, still tearing the walls of her vagina as he thrust himself within her until he went rigid as he got off within her virgin body. "Ah, a virgin too, much more the pleasure," he crooned, as he got up off her, leaving the way for the next man.

Jaded screamed as the first man thrust into her, tearing tissue that had never been touched, as she had been a virgin at the time, over and over each man took a turn at her, thrusting himself into her time and time again. The muscles and tissues that surround her vagina were stretched and torn as she was violated time and time again, until everything just became a haze of pain and agony. Jaded felt the ropes being cut, she barely caught the torn flightsuit as it was thrown at her, torn and hardly wearable. She pulled it over her naked body, stuffing the torn undertunic and pants into a pocket as they all left the ready room, immensely pleased with themselves.

Refusing to allow the tears from behind her eyes, Jaded got up, pulled the tattered and torn flightsuit on, wincing at screams her muscles were giving with each movement and moved over to the corner of the ready room, and sat there, trying to pull herself together enough to head to her quarters, shower, and change. She did not hear the door open, nor did she hear the young man speak to her - she just saw a hand before her eyes, offering her a chance.


Tycho continued to sit on the edge of the desk, Jadedís words filling him with anger and hatred that he had not even felt when Alderaan had been destroyed, an anger and hatred for people who could do such a thing to someone so beautiful and talented as Jaded was. How could a fighter pilot stoop to participate in a gang rape of a woman just because she was his equal or better in the cockpit? The mere thought of something like that happening to Jaded nearly sent Tycho into a blind rage. Knowing that he could not punish the people who hurt Jaded, Tycho reached out blindly and pulled Jaded back into his arms, holding her close to him, yet with enough slack that she could pull away if she felt threatened. "Jaded, I donít know what to say," he whispered against her hair, words failing him just when he thought she needed them.

Jaded shuddered, reliving that day for the hundredth time in the years since it happened, but also knowing that this time the wounds were finally beginning to heal, and that the pain would now begin to fade away, finally leaving her soul with just a scar. She turned around in Tychoís arms, laying her head against his shoulder, and reveling in the feel of him near her, something she had never been able to do before this. "It is in the past Tycho," she told him as she sensed his anger. "I will understand if you donít want to be near me," she spoke softly, afraid that Tycho would blame her and leave, wanting nothing more to do with her - afraid that she would lose the only thing in her life that she truly wanted.

Tycho was startled by her words, he moved his hands up Jadedís arms to her shoulders, finally cupping her face in his hands, he gently forced her face up to his, almost drowning in the jade green pools that were her eyes. "Jaded," he began, taking a deep breath to get himself under more control, "you had nothing to do with what they did to you. They are the ones that were wrong love, not you," he told her softly, emphasizing his words with a light kiss on her cheeks and eyelids. He returned his clear crystal blue eyes to her jade green ones, "I love you Jaded, and now I love you even more than I ever thought possible," he stated firmly, finally admitting his feelings to her and to himself. Taking a deep breath, "If you will let me have the honor, I would like to show you what your first time should have been like," he whispered, his voice barely audible to even Jaded just inches from him, not even daring to hope that she would be able to put that horror behind her this quickly.

Jaded looked deeply into Tychoís crystal blue eyes, wanting to lose herself within their depths, as she searched his words for lies, only to find the truth in what he said to her. Jaded had always known that she was in love with Tycho, she had just always known that he was off limits to her - first it had been his fiancť, then he was grieving her death and was Jadedís commanding officer - however, now that was all in the past. Reaching up, Jaded traced the line of Tychoís jaw before leaning in and lightly brushing her lips across his, "I would like that Tycho," she said huskily, "I think I would like that very much," she told him quietly, closer to his body, feeling the firm muscle beneath her hands.

Tycho could not believe his ears, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him, feeling the very feminine curves of her body pressed against his. He deepened the kiss slowly, taking his time, to explore her lips and mouth with his tongue, teasing lightly across Jadedís lips parted, allowing it to plunge into her sweet depths, dueling with her tongue.

Tycho and Jaded kissed for several moments, their tongues twining, caressing, dueling, until after long moments Tycho finally broke the kiss, moving so that he could look into Jadedís eyes, beautiful eyes darkened to a deep emerald by desire. "Are you sure Jaded," he asked her softly, wanting to make sure, she was ready to move on with their relationship. He smiled when she nodded gently, "If you feel you need or just want to stop, tell me and I will. There isnít a point in which I will not or cannot stop myself," he assured her, his blue eyes carrying the truth of what he said, darkened almost sapphire with desire for the beautiful woman in his arms.

Jaded smiled, softly, sinuously, "I am sure Tycho, this is what I want," she told him, as she took his hand from her shoulder and moved it to cup her breast as she pressed against him showing him that she really wanted him.

Tycho growled low in his throat as the mere feel of her under his hands caused the desire for this woman to leap from a burning ember into raging flames. He roughly pulled Jaded tight against him before forcing himself to slow down and be gentle with her, easing her past the terror of those past violations. He pulled his hand away from her breast, and slid it up her neck to her face, memorizing every detail of this wonderful, beautiful woman. His fingers tracing along the line of her face and neck before finally sliding back into that gorgeous mane of auburn hair, as he pulled her face to his, and his lips once again taking possession of hers.

Jadedís fingers slowly drifted down over Tychoís shoulders and down his arms, until she came to the hem of the sweater he was wearing, slowly she slipped her hands under his sweater and lightly caressed the skin on his sides as her hands traveled around to his back, and she traced the muscles just beneath the skin. "TychoÖ" she whispered against his lips, his name a statement and a plea.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Tycho looked down into the endless emerald pools that were Jadedís eyes and saw only his desire reflected there. Moving swiftly - before either of then could start thinking again - Tycho bent over, his hands sliding under her knees, he picked Jaded up and moved through the door separating her sleeping area from the common area and his sleeping area. He moved carefully around the clutter in the room, to the side of Jadedís bed away from the wall, where he gently laid her down on the soft surface. Keeping his eyes locked with hers, Tycho very slowly knelt down next to the bed, and removed Jadedís boots. Smiling as he moved his hands up her legs in a light caress to the fastener on her pants, which he slowly unclasped, his eyes never leaving Jadedís.

Jaded sucked in a sharp breath, as Tycho moved her pants down over her hips and legs, her fear of the past and her desire for Tycho warring with each other in her soul. Jadedís desire won that battle as Tycho moved to pull her sweater over her head, leaving her in just the thin material of her undergarments. Feeling totally secure for the first time in her life, Jaded reached up, twining her fingers in Tychoís hair and pulled him down to her, her hand sliding under his sweater and sliding it up moving to pull it over his head, wanting to feel the warmth of his skin next to hers.

Tycho smiled down at Jaded, moving so that he could take the sweater off, he threw the garment on the floor before moving once again to take Jadedís lips with his own. His hands had a mind of their own, as they caressed the skin bared to him, finally he pulled away from Jaded, his eyes almost sapphire with desire, "Jaded," he gasped, his voice broken and husky with need as he pulled the last barriers to this wonderful woman away. Tycho held himself raised above Jaded, his eyes drinking in the flawless, pale skin, "Force Jaded," was forced from his lips, as looked at the beauty of the woman before him.

Jaded reached up, her hands exploring the lines of Tychoís chest and stomach, sliding lightly across his warm soft skin in increasingly larger circles, as they made their way down to the fastener on Tychoís pants. As she began fumbling with the fastener, one of Tychoís hands enclosed both of hers, Jaded looked questioningly at Tycho, "Why," she asked, her voice broken with fear that Tycho no longer wanted her.

Tycho looked deeply into Jadedís eyes, wanting, no needing, to lose himself in those endless emerald pools drowning in pleasure. "Slowly," he spoke, a voice so ragged with desire it was barely recognizable as his own, "I want this to be special for you, special and slow - tender," he finally managed to tear from his throat past the fires of desire burning in his body and soul. He kissed each of Jadedís fingertips in turn, smiling softly at her response to his light touches. "You have no clue how much I want you Jaded, have always wanted you Jaded," he whispered, as he picked up on her fear and uncertainty. Taking her right hand in his, he slowly moved it down and placed it against the front of his pants, over what was now a very visible bulge straining for release from they confinement of those pants. Tycho barely managed to bite back a ragged sigh at the feel of Jadedís touch - a touch he so wanted and so needed. "Jaded, this is what you do to me, Sith, just watching you work on reports somehow manages to do this to me," he told her, his voice ragged as he tried to control the wave of passion that he felt for Jaded.

Jaded groaned, a low, animal sound deep in her throat as she felt the hardened flesh through Tychoís pants, she wanted, needed, to feel that flesh under her hands, she whimpered as he pulled her hand away. "TychoÖ" she begged, wanting to touch more of him, needing to feel his warm, firm, flesh under her hands, wanting to taste him. Her breath torn from her throat in a ragged gasp, as Tycho breaking eye contact moved down Jadedís neck, kissing and nipping lightly at the skin, sending electric shocks of pleasure throughout Jadedís body until he came to her breasts and his warm moist lips surrounded one of her nipples. His tongue circling the hardened flesh of her nipple, causing waves of desire to flow across her body as he sucked the puckered flesh, softly at first, then harder, pulling it between his teeth and lightly nibbling on it. Her breath stuck in her throat as Tycho pulled back and blew softly across the damp flesh, before moving to the other nipple and giving it the same treatment.

Jaded arched her back, pressing herself into that gentle touch, wanting more of it, needing to feel everything she could with this man. A sharp cry of pleasure was drawn from her throat as she felt Tychoís fingers find their way down her stomach, sliding softly between her legs, to find the lips of her vagina, his fingers slipping between the wet folds of skin and finding the nub that was Jadedís center of pleasure. Jadedís body arched into that touch, each light stroke bringing her close to the edge of an abyss she had never known existed, each stroke of his strong fingers pulling soft whimpers from her throat.

Tycho smiled against Jadedís skin, as he kissed and nibbled down her body, following the path his fingers had just taken, settling himself between her legs, his member begging for release, begging to be buried within Jadedís moist depths. Slowly, he kissed the inside of her right thigh, trailing his tongue across the surface of her pussy as he moved and kissed the inside of her left thigh, before moving and easing his tongue between the very wet folds of skin surrounding her center. Moving his fingers away, he heard Jadedís whimpers, at the sudden sensations he was creating, her little sounds adding to his own arousal. His tongue flicked out over Jadedís clit, again and again, pushing them both closer to the edge of their limits.

A whimper of pure pleasure was ripped from Jadedís throat as Tychoís tongue flicked across her clit, sending a wave of sensation throughout her body, her fingers curling into the sheets of the bed, as Tycho pushed her closer to the edge of that wonderful abyss. She wanted to reach it, but at the same time, she wanted the sensations to continue. Suddenly, she was there, her entire body taunt as her climax washed over her like an ocean wave, sudden and wonderful feeling that sent her over the edge into that abyss.

Tycho smiled against Jaded as he felt her climax under the ministrations of his hands and tongue, he slid one finger into her tight depths, feeling her muscles constrict around him. He moved then, standing at the foot of the bed, and pulling his pants and boxers off, he moved back over Jaded, meeting her eyes once again as he settled between her legs, his hard throbbing penis positioned to enter her hot, tight, wet depths. He looked at her, afraid of hurting her, afraid of causing her pain - physical or emotional.

Jaded looked into Tychoís eyes, her body wanting, needing to be filled with his, she took the initiative, raising her hips, she felt him slid into her, there was a sharp pain as he entered her slowly.

Tychoís world felt as if it had ended as he slid slowly into Jaded, feeling her wet tightness close around him as he moved to bury himself as deeply as he could within her depths. He heard Jadedís sharp intake of breath and stopped, looking at her closely, "Jaded," he spoke softly, more a question than a statement of her name.

Jaded opened her eyes, green meeting blue once again, "Iím ok Tycho," she replied softly, moving her hips against his, the friction starting to raise her to an even higher abyss.

Tycho whimpered as Jaded moved against him, seeing in her eyes his need for her reflected there, he moved once again, ever so slowly within her, drawing almost all the way out before sliding back in. Repeating his movement, slowly thrusting into and out of her as he brought them both to heights he had never known.

Jaded whimpered, her breath catching in her throat with each movement of Tycho inside of her, each thrust taking her higher, the tension and need building with each movement, Jaded raising her hips to meet Tychoís.

Tycho couldnít believe the height of passion he felt for Jaded, her response to his touch was beyond anything he had ever imagined, he felt his climax coming and slowed down, trying to hold out until Jaded reached hers. Suddenly he felt her muscles constrict around him, sending him over the edge as he thrust into her once more, pouring himself inside her body before collapsing on top of her, exhausted, spent.

Jaded felt as if every bone and muscle in her body had melted, leaving nothing but jelly, finally getting something back, she turned her head and looked at the blonde head resting against her shoulder. She reached out with her left and touched the person there, afraid that he would disappear into a puff of smoke, "Tycho, I love you," she told him quietly.

Tycho smiled Jadedís words warming his heart - raising himself up onto his elbows he looked those twin jade green pools that were her eyes, "I love you too Jaded. I have for such a long time," he whispered softly, bending his head down to trace her lips with his tongue and kissing her lightly before rolling over onto his side and pulling Jaded back against him. "We should get some sleep, we have to be on patrol in a few hours, looking for Luke again," he told her as he rested his head against hers, kissing her pale shoulder lightly.

Jaded smiled, totally satiated, as she snuggled back against Tycho, feeling the different contours of his body against hers. Exhaustion over coming her desire to stay awake in his arms, "Yes," she replied, "We need to sleep, so we donít miss anything on patrol tomorrow," she told him softly, knowing they had to find Luke, no matter what, as she drifted off to sleep in Tychoís arms.

To be ContinuedÖ

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