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Part Six
by Lyta "Jaded" Skywalker

Captain Lyta Skywalker awoke, her mind and body still fogged from sleep she felt the presence of a warm body next to hers. Sighing softly thinking that the past five weeks had been nothing but a nightmare she rolled over, intending to wrap her arms around her lover, Captain Tycho Celchu. What she found was disconcerting to say the least, positively humiliating was more along the lines of what she was feeling as she looked on the sleeping face not of her lover, but Commander Wedge Antilles, her Commanding Officer. It was in the moments after realizing who she was with, that Jaded looked around, and wondered how they had gotten from Tycho’s sleeping quarters, to Wedge’s - it was at this moment that the memories from the night before came flooding down onto her. Closing her eyes, Jaded drew a ragged breath, not wanting to believe the fact that she had slept with her CO, especially considering the circumstances in which she currently found herself. She slowly moved to the edge of the bunk, reaching down and picking up her clothes, she stood turning to slip out the door of Wedge’s sleeping quarters and into Tycho’s to dress when a commotion behind her drew her attention back to the bed.

Not really one for wooing the ladies, Wedge Antilles was not known for frequent visitors to his bed, so the unexpected feel of someone leaving his bed was enough to snap him out of the light sleep he had been in. Opening his eyes slowly in an attempt to catch whomever it was that was trying to get one over on the Commander, Wedge saw Jaded, her clothes tucked up under her arm, moving quietly towards the door. Wedge suddenly realized what had happened the evening before and was mortified by the fact that he had just slept not just with a close friend’s lover, but with his current XO for the Rogues - turning crimson from head to toe, Wedge jumped up and pulled the blanket off the bed with him, attempting to wrap it tightly around himself as he moved away from the offending piece of furniture when the sheets conspired to wrap themselves around his bare legs tripping him up and landing him squarely on the floor. "Sithspit," he cursed loudly as he finally got to his feet - turning around he saw Jaded staring at him and turned an even deeper shade of crimson than he already was. "Jaded…" he began, stumbling over the words fighting their way out of him. "Oh Sith… Jaded… I am so sorry…" he stammered as he backed against the back wall in his quarters, still trying to find the right words to that could take back what had happened the previous evening. "Jaded… please… forgive me," he finally managed to get out, his eyes pleading for her to forgive him.

Jaded watched as Wedge tried to pull himself together, the humor of the situation somehow eluding her as she watched her friend attempting to find the words that would change what had already happened. "Wedge, give me a bit to try and figure out exactly what happened, though I am fairly sure that we can both share equal blame in the circumstances to which we find ourselves," she told him quietly as she turned and walked out of the room. Jaded made her way over to Tycho’s sleeping quarters not really paying attention or noticing the boxes littering the outer office area, she walked through the door and glanced around expecting to see Tycho’s personal belongings - instead, she found her own littering the shelves around the room. She dropped her clothes on the bed, now covered with her personal quilt and comforter and ran to the closet, throwing the doors open and seeing just what she feared, Tycho’s belongings were gone. It was at this moment that everything sank into her mind, to the Alliance Tycho was gone - they would never send anyone to find him, closing her eyes, she suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs as her world shattered around her.

Wedge was pulling on a pair of sleep pants in anticipation that he would not be the first into the shower when he heard Jaded screaming from Tycho’s sleeping quarters, pulling the pants the rest of the way up his hips. He made his way out into the common area noticing the boxes scattered around the room, though not really registering what he was seeing. Wedge finally made his way into Tycho’s sleeping quarters and saw Jaded standing in the middle of the room, a pillow different from the one she had clutched the previous evening in her hands. "Jaded, what is it," he asked her as he walked across the room - approaching her quietly.

Jaded looked up at Wedge’s words, "They aren’t going to let us go after him, are they," she asked her voice barely more than a whisper as the tears once again spilled down her cheeks.

Wedge suddenly realized what was wrong in the room as he looked around for something of Tycho’s to cover Jaded with - everything that had said this room belonged to Captain Tycho Celchu, 2nd in command of Rogue squadron and lover of Captain Lyta Skywalker, was gone. Replaced by things that belonged to Wedge’s new 2nd in Command, that same Captain Lyta Skywalker. Taking note of a robe hanging on the wall, Wedge walked over and picked it up, handing it to Jaded for her to put on, turning his back as she put down the pillow she was holding in order to cover herself with the robe.

Jaded took the robe from Wedge’s hand and looked closely at it, she saw that it was a Tybanium silk number she had bought on shore leave about eight months ago and had been planning to wear for Tycho when they got back from this last mission - a mission that had ended with him being captured. She watched as Wedge turned his back, giving her some privacy shaking her head she put the robe on and cinching the sash at the waist. Taking a shaky breath, Jaded pulled her emotions under some semblance of control before speaking again. "I’m decent Wedge, you can turn around now," she told him, sitting down on the edge of the bed, and trying hard to grasp how much things had changed in the past five weeks.

Wedge turned around, facing Jaded still mortified at what had happened the previous evening, but understanding that he had to deal with what was happening right now. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down next to Jaded, taking her left hand in his as he turned to face her. "Jaded…" he began, not really knowing exactly where to go with what he had to say, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself as he formed the words to tell his best friend before him, the no, they would not be going after her lover and his best friend. "Jaded, I have gone over this matter with Admiral Ackbar and General Salm, and they both feel that attempting a rescue of Tych would result in unnecessary casualties," he told her, his tone as soft and gentle as he knew how to make it. "It is because of this that they have made the determination not to mount a rescue of Tycho. I wish I had something better to tell you, but I do not, I am so sorry Jaded," he whispered, wishing there was some way that he could not hurt her.

Jaded closed her eyes tightly wanting to deny Wedge’s words and finally fighting back the pain as it shot through her heart upon hearing those words - closing down the emotions that would only cause her pain. "I know you did everything you could Wedge, it’s not your fault," she responded, her eyes opening to look at him. "Tych and I knew the risks when we took the assignment, and even though I know he is alive, I can feel him, I understand the logic that the Alliance is using," she said calmly, her tone quiet. Taking a deep breath she met Wedge’s eyes, "Last night wasn’t your fault, it was no one’s fault," she told him softly, her eyes begging him to not blame himself.

Taking a deep breath, Wedge stood up - glancing around the room that until that day had belonged to one of his best friends, Tycho Celchu. "I am to blame Jaded, I knew better - I should have controlled myself, and not taken advantage of you while you were so distraught," he replied softly, his voice tight with emotions - his back to her, he refused to meet her eyes. "We should probably discuss this some other time though, because right now, I should make some calls to get Tych’s stuff back in here," he told her, turning he left the room.

Jaded watched Wedge leave, sensing that she should push this issue until he came to grips with what had happened, while at the same time, she wondered if it would not be better for him to let it drop, and just forget that it had ever happened.


Two Years later

Jaded sat at what felt like the millionth meeting for yet another parade on yet another planet for the Hero of the Alliance, Wedge Antilles. When the Rogues had been disbanded, she had been assigned as Wedge’s personal aide and bodyguard, a role she was careful to fulfill to the best of her abilities.

"Captain, I must disagree with you, I assure you that Commander Antilles will be completely safe in an open air vehicle. This is Raltiir we are talking about, not some Imperial sympathetic world. Raltiir has supported the Alliance since almost the beginning of the Rebellion," stated the heavyset governor of Raltiir, his face turning red as he argued his point.

Taking a deep breath, Jaded considered her words very carefully - trying to find a way to get her point across without offending the Governor and council of Raltiir. After several seconds, she decided that was an impossible task, especially for the daughter of Darth Vader and former Rogue. "Governor Triste, I am sure that you have taken every precaution to ensure Commander Antilles’ safety, however, it is my job to make sure nothing happens to him while we are on this tour. Therefore, I am not prepared to allow him to travel in an open air speeder through a parade, where I have no control of the people present," she replied, her voice as tightly controlled as her anger.

The individual in question had about reached his limit with the sparring between his aide and the governor. "Captain Skywalker, sit down please," he said quietly, his tone carrying an authority that Jaded would recognize. "Governor, I am sure you understand my aide’s reaction to the idea, as I have been targeted on several occasions during this tour," he informed the red-faced man as Jaded took her seat once again next to his.

Governor Triste was used to dealing with diplomats and government officials - not warriors and these two people were warriors. These two perplexed him, they did not act like a liaison and his aide, they acted more like military officers within the same hierarchy, this Commander Antilles actually being the one in command, and the other, Captain Skywalker following his lead. Taking this information to heart, the governor turned his attention to Wedge. "Commander, I understand the fact that you are a tempting target to any would be assassin…" he began.

Jaded reached out and taking the Governor’s arm - redirecting his attention to her, "Good, then you will have no trouble in implementing the security precautions I have laid out," she said sharply interrupting his words before he could go any further. She opened her mouth to speak again, when a light hand on her arm stopped her.

Wedge looked at Jaded softly, "Governor, Captain Skywalker is in charge of my security, so I would ask that you make your provisions with her in this matter," he began, stopping long enough for the words to sink into each of the two antagonists. "However, I have to agree with the governor here Captain, we are on Raltiir, which is a firm New Republic World, therefore, I believe we should allow the open speeder, in effort to show we are here for them, and as to not insult the populace," he told Jaded, his voice quiet, but his tone carrying his authority over Jaded.

Jaded stopped, her eyes meeting Wedge’s questioningly, "Yes Sir, I understand Sir," she responded, her voice quiet and cool at his public reprimand of her. Jaded turned her attention back to Triste, "Governor, I will approve an open air speeder with the following provisions. I will be riding with Commander Antilles, and there will be a plain clothes New Republic Security team in the crowd, throughout the parade route," she stated, her voice low and dangerous. "I know Raltiir is a New Republic planet, however, I have a bad feeling about this meet and greet, and I have every intention of taking every precaution I am able," she stated flatly.

Triste looked between them, trying to see if there was anywhere else he could go with his argument. "As you wish Captain, as long as the people of Raltiir are able to see the Hero of the Rebellion, I believe that will alleviate any insult that might be accrued by someone else riding with him," he stated, his tone carrying his insult to Jaded.

Jaded moved before the words were silent in the air, grabbing the governor by the collar of his shirt, "Listen very closely Governor - I have fought with this man for the past five years and he is not only my charge, but my best friend. Therefore, before you go putting his life on the line for your glory, you remember this - it is my job and my pleasure to keep him alive at all costs, including cost of my own life and yours governor. Am I clear Governor," she asked, her voice tight and low.

Wedge sat quietly and watched with hawk eyes as Jaded grabbed the Governor, giving Jaded a slight - imperceptible - nod when their eyes met as she began speaking to the Governor. "Captain, you can let go of the Governor now," he told Jaded quietly, laying a light hand on her arm as she finished speaking. "Governor, if Captain Skywalker feels my safety is at question here, than I have good reason to trust her. Beyond the fact that she is a well-trained Force Adept and able to notice things that we are not, she is a seasoned veteran, one that I have flown with for years, and I trust her situational awareness. Therefore, I believe that this incident should be forgotten, and the plans finalized with Captain Skywalker’s team," Wedge stated sharply, as he and Jaded turned in the direction of the door. "Oh and Governor, I doubt that the citizens of Raltiir will be insulted by having another hero of the Rebellion riding along in the same speeder as myself," he informed the governor as they left the office. Once in the corridor, Wedge turned to Jaded, "Now, Jaded, care to tell me what that was all about," he asked, his voice much softer than it had been earlier.

Jaded closed her eyes, trying to pinpoint what was disturbing her, "I don’t know Wedge, my danger sense is flaring off the scale, and I can’t put my finger on it," she replied, her voice quiet as she tried to pinpoint what was wrong.

Wedge looked considerate for several seconds, "I trust you Jaded, always have and always will, so if you feel extra precautions are needed, I will make sure the governor takes them," he reassured her.

Jaded sighed softly, fighting to get a handle on the elusive feeling of foreboding she had, but still not able to grasp the significance behind the feeling. "Thank you Wedge, I just wish I could give you something more than just a bad feeling, but I just don’t have it," she responded quietly - her voice barely above that of a whisper.


Parade Day

Jaded sat in the speeder her eyes closed lightly as she used the Force to scan the mood of the crowd turned out for the parade. Standing beside her was the Hero of the Rebellion, Commander Wedge Antilles, her Commanding Officer, best friend and charge for this mission. She was listening to his comments as they rode through the streets of Raltiir, him standing and waving to the people gathered along the streets of the parade route, her sitting and scanning the crowd, with the Force and other senses in an effort to prevent any attempt on Wedge’s life. "Wedge you know you enjoyed kissing those Quarren babies on Mon Calamari, you just refuse to admit it," she stated in response to his latest complaint at having to kiss babies during these events.

Wedge never glanced down at his friend as she spoke, keeping his eyes on the crowd as well, though his situational awareness on the ground was nowhere near that of Jaded’s he still was trying to work in his own best interests by staying alive. However, it took every ounce of self-control to not laugh at Jaded’s ludicrous comment. "Jaded, I’ll have you know that I do not like children of any race, I was one and know what I was like. Therefore, I am quite sure that I could not stand kissing another Quarren infant, and if you think…" his words broke sharply as he hit the seat of the speeder.

Jaded was already in motion, as she suddenly sensed a murderous intent in the crowd nearby as they passed a less crowded area of the parade route. Jaded swung out with her leg, sweeping Wedge’s legs out from under him just as a blaster shot sounded out from her side of the speeder. "Get him out of here, and under cover NOW," she ordered the driver as she swung up and over the side of the open speeder blaster in hand. Jaded recognized the Force signature of the person who fired the blaster as a female, and it was a familiar signature as well as though she knew the person or someone in their family, though she could not put her finger on it. "I need a security detail to sector 27 Alpha immediately," she called over her comm as she moved through the crowd. "We are looking for a Raltiirian female, about 24, other details to come," she stated sharply as she finally spotted her prey. She was already moving before she realized who it was she was after, moving around the shooter, Jaded stopped in front of the woman, blaster drawn and in her face. "Colleen, do not make me shoot you," Jaded stated icily as she came face to face with the youngest of the Klivian children.

Colleen Klivian stared at Jaded, she had hoped to get both of the traitors, but it seemed she had failed and only gotten one of them. "You wouldn’t shoot me Skywalker, you are too noble in your cause," she said flatly, moving in a direction away from Jaded. "Besides, if you did it would only show the truth in what I have been trying to tell Hobbie and Leda for years now, that you are nothing more than outlaws, out to destroy the harmony of the Empire," she told Jaded chuckling as she moved away.

Jaded smiled, a cold reptilian smile that you might see on Wes Janson just as he was about to vape someone who deserved to know the hard cold vacuum of space as she pulled the trigger on the stun setting of her blaster, "I never said I would kill you Colleen, just stun you," she replied quietly as the young woman crumpled to the ground before her. Jaded glanced around as the security detail arrived, "Get a repulsor gurney in here and get her out of her, I want to question her myself when she comes too. First though, get me a speeder here, so I can check on Wedge," she stated quietly. If you hurt him sithspawn, I will make sure you pay for that dearly, Jaded thought as she climbed into a waiting speeder and was taken to the hospital where Wedge had been taken.

Wedge Antilles sat on the exam table at the hospital as a med tech quietly placed a Bacta patch on his arm where the blaster bolt fired from the crowd had clipped him. He had not clue as to where Jaded had gotten to - the last thing he saw before the driver sped away was her leaping out of the speeder in pursuit of the person who had shot at him, after she had pushed him all the way into the floorboard of same speeder. Well it seems like her bad feeling had merit, he thought to himself as the tech worked on his arm. Wedge glanced up as he heard a commotion just outside the door of the room he was in and saw Jaded enter followed by Governor Triste. "Jaded did you manage to apprehend the person who fired at us," he asked as Jaded walked over to his side and examined the wound as the tech finished putting the bacta patch on it and secured it to Wedge’s arm.

Jaded inspected Wedge’s arm closely after the med tech had left the room, though she had been aware of the fact that he had been hit, she had not been aware of how badly he had been injured. After reassuring herself that Wedge would be fine, and had suffered no permanent damage, Jaded walked around and faced both Wedge and Triste: "Yes Commander, we did apprehend the suspect, although you are not going to believe who it is. However, it has been brought to my attention that Governor Triste is reluctant to release her for a New Republic trial," she responded her voice icy as she glared at Triste.

Wedge turned his attention to Triste, his mind turning the information over trying to disseminate what Jaded had told him. "First off, Governor Triste, what reason do you have to not release the suspect to New Republic Security," Wedge asked, his voice carrying the hard steel edge of a veteran Commander.

Triste looked from Wedge to Jaded and back again, "Commander Antilles, the suspect is from one of our most prestigious families, and we cannot just turn her over to the New Republic without first seeing if there is any information which she can give us to help further her case, as well as the opportunity for her family to offer her legal council," Triste told them, his nervousness showing in both his stance and his words.

Jaded sighed heavily an exasperated sound to those who knew her, "Commander, what the Governor is neglecting to tell you is who the suspect is," Jaded began, ignoring the glare Triste was giving her. "Wedge, it’s Colleen Klivian, Hobbie and Leda’s youngest sister," Jaded finished taking in the look of shock on Wedge’s face.

Wedge sat back, considering his options in this case, after several long moments, he turned to Triste, "Turn Ms. Klivian over to me then, I will address the situation personally and as two members of her family are personal friends of mine, I believe we can do what is in both her best interests and those of the New Republic," he told the governor, his tone giving no leeway for negotiation.

Jaded glanced down as her chime sounded, looking apologetically at Wedge, she moved to a corner of the room to answer it as Triste began to argue with Wedge. "Captain Skywalker here," Jaded replied to silence the insistent chiming of her comlink - annoyed that the person had disregarded her orders that she not be disturbed.

"Captain Skywalker, I have Lieutenant Klivian here to speak to Commander Antilles," came the reply from a light spoken young communications officer on board the Echoes of Endor, the ship assigned to Wedge and Jaded during their tour.

Jaded took a deep breath, "Ensign, to which Lieutenant Klivian are you referring," she asked, as she closed her eyes in an attempt to allow her annoyance to dissipate into the Force.

"I am sorry Ma’am, Lieutenant Leda Klivian Ma’am," came the reply from what appeared to be a very flustered comm officer.

"Please have her escorted down Ensign, I will speak with her here," Jaded replied quietly ending the communication as she turned her attention back to Wedge and Triste. "Commander," she said softly, as she approached the two men, "Lieutenant Leda Klivian is on her way, are you up to speaking with her," she asked Wedge as she walked back to his side.

Wedge was considering his options when the door opened admitting two New Republic Security personnel and a slight young woman with blonde hair. "Captain, if you could please meet Lieutenant Klivian, I will speak with Ms. Klivian here, and see if we cannot resolve this issue. After which I would like to speak with the Lieutenant," he informed Jaded as he indicated to the governor and security people they should leave.

Jaded nodded, and turned, taking Triste by the arm as he started to protest, "I will be just outside the door Commander," she stated quietly as she escorted Triste out of the room. "Governor, we will handle everything from here, I believe Lieutenant Leda Klivian will be able to speak in the best interests of her sister," she said quietly, her voice tight with apprehension of not just speaking to the oldest Klivian child but of leaving Wedge alone with the youngest, who had just tried to kill him.

Colleen watched as the Captain who had captured her, departed the room, accompanied by the governor and security personnel. Suddenly she found herself alone with the man she had hoped to kill, "So Commander, now that you have the upper hand, you must feel all high and mighty," she stated coolly as she turned to face Wedge.

Wedge stood quietly considering the young woman standing before him for several moments - trying to find a non-hostile approach to what was to happen; finally, after long moments of consideration - as if finding no correct answer - he turned and paced away from Colleen, turning back to face her from across the room, "No, Ms. Klivian, I do not feel as superior as you might think I should right now, I am looking at the youngest sister of one of my closest friends, who just tried to kill me and am trying to figure out why," he said quietly, his voice calm.

Colleen carefully considered Wedge’s words denying that what he had said was having more of an impact on her than she wanted to admit even to herself. I did this for Derek, he will understand once he is free of their brain washing, she thought to herself, her emotions once again cooling towards this man before her. "You can attempt to placate me all you would like Commander Antilles, however, I know you are nothing more than Rebel Scum, even if my brother has been blinded to that fact. Unfortunately, that makes you the scum that has turned the heart of a loyal son of Raltiir against the rightful Empire. It is you who should be on trial for treason and the murder of Emperor Palpatine, the rightful ruler of the Empire, not me for trying to avenge his death, and Derek will see that eventually," Colleen told him, her voice becoming more hostile as she spoke.

Jaded watched as Triste left the corridor outside of Wedge’s quarters, glad to finally be rid of him, even if it were for just a few hours. She turned and greeted an older woman who approached her from the other corridor, "Lieutenant Klivian, I am glad you were able to make it," she said quietly, as she greeted the older of the Klivian siblings.

Leda smiled as she approached her old friend, "Thank you Jaded, I am glad I was on leave to get over here when mother called," she said as she stopped outside the door, "So, how is Wedge," she asked, concern coloring her normally cheerful voice.

Jaded glanced at the closed door, "Wedge will be fine, he was just winged, Colleen, however, that is another matter," she said softly, still apprehensive of what was going on behind that door.

Leda nodded, "I understand," she said softly, "Is there any chance that she will not be tried," she asked, concerned about the affect on her family as well as the affect on her brother and the New Republic.

Jaded shook her head slightly, "No, I am afraid that unless she recants what she has done, and Wedge is willing to forget about it, there would be no way," she replied sorrowfully.

Leda glanced at her feet, letting Jaded’s words sink in, "I am worried about what will happen when this gets back to Derek, Colleen has always been a favorite of his," she replied quietly.

Jaded opened her mouth to speak when they were interrupted by a commotion at the end of the corridor. Turning that direction, she saw the two members of Security who were assigned to protect herself and Wedge trying to stop another Lieutenant from proceeding down. "You go in and talk to Wedge and Colleen, I will see what this is all about," she told the older woman softly, her tone brooking no argument from the junior officer.

Lieutenant Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian was arguing with the security officer when Jaded approached them. "Jaded, tell these knot heads to let me pass," he pleaded, his voice almost panicky, "I know Wedge has been hurt, I just need to make sure he is alright," he said, as he waited for her to pass him through the check point.

Jaded sighed silently, "Let Lieutenant Klivian pass," she instructed the men standing between her and Hobbie, before turning her attention back to Hobbie, "Wedge will be fine, he just has a flesh wound, however, there is more to this than that," she told him quietly as they made there way down the corridor and back to Wedge’s room.

Hobbie seemed to visibly relax at Jaded’s words, "I am so glad Wedge is alright Jaded, Wes was terrified, but they wouldn’t let him take any leave, and then they told me I had to come, I just don’t understand Jaded," he said, his words jumbled together as he spoke.

Jaded came to a stop, laying a hand on Hobbie’s arm and turning his attention to her, "Hobbs, Wedge is fine, the reason you were called has to do with the person who shot at him," she began, attempting to find the correct words to tell him that his sister had just made an attempt on the life of two of his best friends.

Hobbie looked at his friend, confusion coloring his features, "What is it Jaded, I don’t understand," he asked in an attempt to make sense of what Jaded was trying to tell him.

Jaded closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, making her decision to just blurt things out, "Hobbie, Colleen tried to kill Wedge," she said quietly, her voice soft and remorseful.

Hobbie stared at Jaded for several long moments before everything seemed to click together in his head, "Colleen," he asked, his voice a mere whisper as he turned to glance around.

Jaded met Hobbie’s gaze - not flinching from his intense stare, "Yes Hobbs, it was Colleen," she responded softly, letting her voice carry the sympathy she felt for her friend.

Hobbie was in shock at the news Jaded had just given him, his baby sister had just tried to kill two of his closest friends, and he had no idea of why, "Where is she Jaded," he asked, his eyes begging for the answer, "I have to talk to her."

Jaded considered Hobbie’s request for several moments, "She is in with Wedge and Leda, they are talking to her now," she replied, indicating the door to Wedge’s room.

It was at that moment they heard a blaster shot fired from behind the door, Jaded was in motion before Hobbie even had a chance to respond. They both hit the door a full speed, the door opening before them to reveal the scene, Leda stood near the door over the body of her youngest sibling Colleen, Wedge was getting up from where he had been pushed down during the scuffle. Hobbie knelt next to his younger sister, taking her in his arms as he stood and faced Leda, "What happened Leda," he asked softly, though he felt he already knew the answer to that question.

Leda looked at her brother, finally meeting his eyes, "She grabbed my blaster, and tried to kill Wedge, I held the blaster, and pushed Wedge down, trying to keep her from hurting him or anyone else. The blaster just went off," she whispered, looking at the offending weapon in her hand, and dropping it on the floor, Leda leaned against the wall, and slowly slid down it into a sitting position, tears streaming down her face.

Hobbie walked slowly, carrying the body of his youngest sister, as the only boy, he was close to all of his sisters, however, he had a particular fondness for both Leda and Colleen, the oldest and youngest. Gently, he laid Colleen’s body down on the bed in the center of the room, and turning back, he walked over and knelt next to Leda, taking his sobbing sister into his arms and pulling her close.

Jaded and Wedge watched the scene before them silently until the security team entered the room, they all gave statements to the security team, and after many hours of answering questions were allowed to leave, Leda and Hobbie to their family home, where they took their sister Colleen, Wedge had agreed that there would be no need to sully her name because of what had happened, the young woman had paid the ultimate price for her loyalty to the Empire, her life. Jaded and Wedge found themselves back in the suite they were expected to share with nothing to do except wait for a call to return to the Fleet, which was expected to arrive at any time. When the call came, it was something they had never expected.

Jaded made her way over to the commstation in the suite she shared with Wedge, entering her code, she accepted the incoming transmission from New Republic Starfighter Command. "Captain Skywalker," she replied after the communication was established.

The salmon colored head of Admiral Ackbar appeared before her on the monitor, "Captain Skywalker, I am glad to see that you are in good health," the Mon Calamari Admiral stated softly as he acknowledged Jaded’s presence.

Jaded smiled slightly, "Thank you Admiral," Jaded replied lightly, "To what do we owe this personal contact Admiral," she asked, not knowing what Command had up their collective sleeves for she and Wedge.

Ackbar looked thoughtful for several long seconds before responding, "Captain Skywalker, this communication is more for you than Commander Antilles," he began setting the stage for the news he had for her. "Captain Celchu it seems has managed to escape from the Imperial prison he was held in and made his way back to the Fleet. I think it is time that you and Commander Antilles came back, and gave him the support I believe he is going to need," Ackbar explained quietly.

Jaded looked at the monitor in shock, she had not noticed that Wedge had come in behind her, "Admiral, the Captain and I will be on the next shuttle out for Command," he answered quietly, knowing Jaded would be ecstatic to have Tycho back with them. "Antilles out," he finished, as he reached out and disconnected the communication and turned Jaded to face him.

Jaded looked up at Wedge, her eyes bright, "Did he really say what I think he said," she asked, her voice hushed for fear if she said it too loud it would be nothing more than a dream.

Wedge smiled, pulling Jaded against him in a rough hug, "Yes Jaded you heard right, Tycho is coming home," he replied, elation blocking the memories of that night two years ago, as it attempted to surface.

Jaded smiled more brightly than Wedge had seen in a very long time, if ever, "He really is finally coming home to us," she responded brightly, her voice light and cheerful.

Continued in Part Seven