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A Lieutenant's Tale
by Jaded

Lieutenant Talya Winters stood sharply at attention in the office of Colonel Wedge Antilles, Commander Rogue Squadron, and wondered exactly how she had managed to get herself into this particular mess. On the couch sprawled Lieutenant Wes Janson, her partner in this particular prank, smirking at the fact he had gotten away with something, ‘Yeah, real partner alright,’ she thought to herself as she glanced in his direction out of the corner of her eye, ‘He gets me into this mess, and leaves me hanging in the breeze when the axe falls,’ she thought as Colonel Antilles turned his attention directly to her.

Wedge Antilles stood in his office, glaring at Lieutenant Winters across his desk, finding the words to address the total lack of discipline she had displayed earlier that day, finally, after many long minutes, he moved around the desk and stood directly in front of her, "Lieutenant, you crossed a line today that very well could endanger not just your career with Rogue Squadron, but with Starfighter Command and the New Republic," he began, his voice no more than a growl. "Now – Lieutenant, and I use that rank as a temporary thing – I spared you my full wrath in the hanger today, because I do not believe in totally humiliating my pilots in front of their peers," he stated coldly, "HOWEVER, Lieutenant…" he began stepping closer to her so that he was almost in her face, "Look me in the eye Lieutenant," he demanded sensing her attention was not complete on him.

Talya snapped her eyes immediately forward, meeting Wedge’s dark brown eyes with her emerald green ones, giving him her full attention, "YES, SIR – SORRY, SIR," she responded rapidly.

Wedge nodded, stepping back, "What I am about to say will go no further than this room, IS THAT CLEAR," he bellowed, almost causing Talya to jump as he turned his attention to his aide lounging on the sofa, "JANSON, STAND UP, THIS GOES FOR YOU AS WELL," he ordered the Executive Officer of Rogue Squadron.

Wes knew full well that tone of voice, as well if not better than Talya, he quickly stood and snapped to attention, both he and Talya were surprised when Wedge broke out into a wide grin, further inspection of his face showed a glimmer in his eyes which said one thing to both pilots, revenge was coming.

Wedge turned his attention once more to Talya, "Talya," he began, his voice lowering dangerously, "I let you and Wes here get away with a lot of things, because in the long run it is good for moral, besides, we Rogues have a reputation to uphold as the most undisciplined outfit in Starfighter Command, as an elite squadron, I cannot run the Rogues the way any normal commander would run a normal squadron, we have to do things which none of them will ever do, and I cannot let Admiral Ackbar down on that count. However, you crossed the line here by using your Jedi abilities on me, do you understand that," he demanded as he glared at her.

Talya swallowed sharply and continued to return Wedge’s stare, "Yes, Sir!" she responded without hesitation.

Wedge nodded, accepting her response as honest, "Even though we have been friends for some time Lieutenant, I no longer know if I can trust you not to do something to one of my pilots, at a time when it could get them killed," he informed her, turning and taking several steps away before turning his attention back to Talya, "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD LIEUTENANT," he bellowed.

Talya stood more firmly at attention, slamming her Force shields more firmly into place over her emotions as fear radiated through her, "Yes, Sir," she responded once again.

Wedge watched Talya for several long moments before continuing, "Now the question is, do I contact Luke to deal with you, or do I handle it myself," he asked her, "Do you have an answer for that Lieutenant," he demanded as he moved closer to her once again.

Talya wanted to just crawl under a rock, ‘Great, just what I don’t need, Master Skywalker involved, I am going to kill Janson, in the slowest, most painful way imaginable, if I get out of here alive’ she thought to herself.

Wedge waited several moments for Talya’s response, when she was not forthcoming he stepped back into her face, "LIEUTENANT, I ASKED YOU A QUESTION AND I EXPECT AN ANSWER," he bellowed.

Talya snapped her attention once again back to Wedge, "Sir, Sorry Sir," she stammered, "I think you should handle it yourself, Sir," she responded to the question after a moments hesitation.

Wedge took yet another step towards Talya, "EXCUSE ME LIEUTENANT, I DO NOT BELIEVE I HEARD YOU LIEUTENANT," he stated firmly as he glared at her.

Talya brought herself up to her full 5’8" height and looked Wedge square in the eyes, "HANDLE IT YOURSELF SIR!" she responded with equal force, not knowing how much more trouble she could get herself into.

Wedge nodded at Talya, "That’s better LIEUTENANT" he replied, turning to look at Wes, "Now both of you sit down, in front of me, WHERE I CAN SEE YOU," he told them both, his voice still elevated.

Talya and Wes returned to the sofa and sat down, facing Wedge as he returned to his seat behind his desk, and leaning back propped his feet up on the desk, burying his face in his hands, his shoulders began to shake, slowly he sat forward with his hands still covering his face, shaking. Wes and Talya passed a concerned look between them as they began to worry about Wedge’s sudden behavior, just as Wes was reaching for his comlink, wondering if maybe this time they had went to far with their joke and caused Wedge to have a breakdown, Wedge looked up at them, tears of laughter running down his face, "If you two EVER, and I do mean EVER, do something like that to me again, I assure you I will shoot you both," he said as he reached down into a desk drawer and brings out a bottle of Whyren’s Special Reserve and three glasses, pouring a generous amount of the amber liquor in each.

Standing up Wedge moved back around to the other side of the desk, still watching Wes and Talya, "Let me just leave you two reprobates with a word of caution," he began as he handed a glass to each of them, "The next time there is a Krayt Dragon in my X-Wing, I will be holding his leash," he finished, with the most innocent lopsided grin he could muster.

The Next Day

The next morning found Talya in the Rogues’ gym working out and punishing herself relatively hard when she sensed Jason walk into the gym looking for her, continuing her work out, she ignored him until he came up behind her, slipped both arms around her and pulled her back against him, "What do you want Janson," she demanded, her anger over the events of the last couple of days weighing heavily on her.

Wes continued to stand there with his arms wrapped around Talya’s waist, shaking his head at her tone, "I just want to make a peace offering Tal," he responded, "It isn’t like I would have let you get into much trouble, you should know that by now Tal," he explained as he continued to hold her tightly.

Talya pulled away from Wes angrily, turning to face him – her emerald eyes flashing – "Yeah, well that wasn’t the way I saw it," she exclaimed as she moved over to the heavy bag and began working out on it, "Right now, the only thing that will appease me would be your head on a silver platter," she informed him tartly as she kicked and punched the bag in anger.

Watching as Talya began using the heavy bag to beat herself up, Wes took a hesitant step towards her, "Tal, I know it was a really stupid idea…" he began interrupted as she swung around toward him, her eyes filled with anger.

Talya glared at Wes for several seconds before approaching him and standing in his face, "You know something Janson, it was beyond a stupid idea, it was idiotic, I mean why I would risk everything for a frelling joke is beyond me, I risked not only my standing in Rogue Squadron, something I have fought to get for years, but my standing in Starfighter Command. I turned down a command of my own to come here, do you even begin to comprehend that Janson, I risked EVERYTHING for a joke that I should have NEVER let you talk me into," she ranted before turning to pace back and forth in front of Wes. "I did not even use enough common sense to think of what would have happened if Wedge had reported me to Master Skywalker – he would have killed me, dark side be damned. So yes, I am angry and not at you, but at myself, because I and I alone let you talk me into pulling that prank, so please, just go away and let me work through it, because right now I have a Sith load of anger to release into the Force and I am not doing all that well," she finished, turning her back on her friend and lover and going back to work on destroying the heavy bag.

Wes stood in the gym and just watched Talya for a long time, knowing somehow that she had blocked him out of her mind because she was angry, that is what had caused her to turn on him like she had, something which was very unusual for Talya, Maybe she was right, maybe I did push it to far, I should never have asked her to use her Force abilities in this manner, he thought silently, after many long moments Wes finally turned and left the gym.

Talya was lost in her self loathing and anger, and did not sense Wes leave the gym, nor did she sense Wedge walk in, therefore when he tapped her on the shoulder, she whirled around with the intention of teaching Wes a lesson for not leaving her alone, as she came around with a right hook, Wedge saw it coming and moving to block it, used her momentum to carry her forward and to the ground. Lying there, with her right shoulder pressed to the ground, the palm of Wedge’s hand against her shoulder blade and his knee in her lower back, Talya forced herself to relax under his grasp, indicating her surrender.

Wedge waited for several seconds before even considering releasing the young woman, "You are aware that assaulting a senior officer is grounds for a court martial LIEUTEANT," he demanded, his voice low and dangerous in a menacing growl.

Talya managed to turn her head enough so that she was able to speak and be heard, "Yes, Sir," she replied quietly, her soft voice muffled by the matt her face was pressed into.

Wedge slowly released his grip on her, and moved back, watching her closely on the off chance he would have to defend himself against her again, "Very good Lieutenant, however, could you please explain to me just WHY you took a swing at me, and it had better be good," he demanded as he extended his hand to assist her in standing.

Talya rolled over and managed to get into a sitting position without to much discomfort, That is going to leave a bruise, she thought as she rubbed her right shoulder. Glancing up at Wedge, she ignored the hand he had extended and got to her feet under her own steam, "I was under a misguided impression that you were Wes as I had told him to leave me alone when he came here to make up with me, however, unfortunately for me, it was you and not Wes here," she explained to Wedge.

Wedge watched Talya for several moments before deciding on a direction to address, "Talya, you have got to get this out of your system and get over it, Wes cares about you, and I know you care about him, however, you are angry because you were both following your natures…" he began, before being cut off by Talya’s angry retort.

Talya glared at Wedge, breathing heavily from her work out and the scuffle with him, "Wedge, just what do you think I was doing here before you interrupted me," she asked, her voice tight and angry, "I was trying to get it out of my system, since meditation and sim runs are not doing it for me," she retorted as she turned back towards the bag she was working on.

As Talya moved past him, Wedge got closer look at hand, grabbing it he saw exactly what he had been afraid of seeing, heavy bruising and cuts along the knuckles, "Talya, just how long have you been at this," he asked, his concern coloring his tone.

Electricity shot up Talya’s arm from the hand Wedge was holding, suddenly his proximity was over whelming, she snatched her hand back, rubbing it and took a step away from him, "A couple hours or so, Wedge," she replied quietly, confused about what she had just felt, as Wedge stepped forward, placing his hands on her shoulders in an effort to get her to calm down, Talya just looked down at the ground, afraid to meet his eyes, terrified he would see what she was trying to hide, he was so close that she could smell his spicy scent, he was close enough that she could feel the heat radiating from his very masculine body. Making an effort to get her senses back under control, Talya pulled away and turned her back to him, taking a single step away in an attempt to put some distance between them.

Wedge shook his head in frustration, taking a step towards Talya and once again closing the gap between them, "Talya," he whispered softly, trying to turn her attention back to him.

Talya stood there for a long moment not really trusting her voice, or her composure, keeping her back to Wedge, "What," she asked softly trying to hide the uncertainty she was suddenly feeling.

Wedge felt something in him go, he had to get through to her, and he felt this was the only way he was going to be able to do it, "LIEUTENANT," he spoke loudly, "You look at your Commanding Officer when he addresses you," he told her, his voice turning to ice.

Talya turned around to face him, "I was not aware of the fact that I was being addressed by my commanding officer, Sir," she replied, still looking at the floor, walls, ceiling any where except him.

"Attention," came the sharp order, causing both officers to jump as they were unaware that anyone else had entered the gym, until Wes Janson announced in a loud clear voice, "Admiral AND General on Deck, SIR," as Admiral Ackbar and General Salm entered the room looking for Wedge.

Wedge snapped a sharp about face, and saluted both men, holing the salute until Salm and Ackbar had returned it, "How can I be of assistance Sirs," he asked firmly.

"Commander," Admiral Ackbar began quietly, "I have been trying to reach you on your personal comm for some time now, you seem to have been refusing to answer," he stated shortly.

Talya remained standing at attention slightly behind and to the left of Wedge, where she had ended up when he turned to face Ackbar and Salm, Great, he is here dealing with me, and now he gets it from Ackbar, and probably Salm as well, I can assure myself of a funeral now, she thought to herself as she waited for the axe to fall.

Taking a deep breath, Wedge took a moment to compose the words he needed to say in his head, "Admiral, General, I apologize, however I had my comlink off as I did not wish to be disturbed while dealing with the morale of one of my pilots, sirs," he explained to the Mon Cal Admiral and human General.

Ackbar and Salm exchanged glances, a smug look crossing Ackbar’s face as he turned to once again face Wedge, "Commander, I expect you to report immediately to my office when you are done with Lieutenant Winters here," he informed Wedge, his gravelly voice betraying no emotion.

Wedge swallowed visibly, "Yes, Sir," he replied, watching until Ackbar and Salm had left the room, and were well down the corridor before turning his attention back to Talya, anger flickering in his eyes, as he set is course of action, "Lieutenant until you can get over whatever this is causing this erratic behavior you leave me no choice except to confine you to your quarters, and…" he paused, letting the announce he had just made settle in on her mind before continuing, "Until you can prove to ME that this will in NO WAY interfere with you abilities to make decisions in the cockpit, you are not to step foot in the hanger, and if you go anywhere near your bird, I will have to arrested, am I making myself clear Lieutenant," he demanded, his face mere inches from Talya’s.

Talya gaped at Wedge, her mind refusing to process the words Wedge had just spoken, "Yes, Sir," she responded automatically, before her mind could process what he had just decreed.

Wedge snorted, glancing back over his shoulder, "Janson, get in here now," he bellowed, knowing his friend would not have gone far after Ackbar and Salm left the gymnasium, he turned his attention back to Talya, not allowing her to break his glare.

Wes glanced around the corner into the gymnasium where Wedge and Talya were talking, moving quickly, knowing the tone in Wedge’s voice, he moved into the gymnasium at a brisk walk, "Yes, Sir," he responded as he moved to stand just behind Wedge.

Wedge nodded as Wes stopped just behind him, "Winters, you are to walk between Janson and myself to your quarters, where you will be confined until such time as I determine you are not a hazard to yourself or anyone else, is that clear," he snapped.

Talya stood there, mouth agape as her brain finally caught up to what was happening to her, "Wedge, I do not really think this is necessary, I mean do you not think this is a bit much," she stammered.

Wedge glared at Talya, his face hard, "Lieutenant, and I am using the term loosely," he stated quietly, his voice dangerous, "If I deem it to be necessary, then it is necessary," he stated coldly, not dropping his glare, "Finally, I did NOT give you permission to use my name, Lieutenant, NOW MOVE OUT," he bellowed as he took her arm and lead her out of the room.

Talya was dumbstruck by the abruptness at which everything had gone wrong, her eyes meeting Wes’ as she was moved past him, and he fell into step next to her, she saw the sympathy in his eyes, and began to hate him all the more, as Wedge fell in on her other side, and the three of them moved off down the corridor toward her quarters.

His voice low and menacing, Wedge quietly spoke to Talya as they made their way through the corridors to her quarters, "Talya, are you going to tell me what caused all this manic energy being directed at the dummy," he asked sharply, not really trying to save her feelings at this point.

Talya took a deep breath in an effort to get her emotions under control or to at least school her features, so she appeared in control of the anger simmering under the surface, "I was attempting to work off some anger Sir, nothing more nothing less," she replied, unable to keep the ice out of her voice, I swear, I am going to kill both of them before this is over, very slowly and painfully, she thought to herself as they continued.

Wedge continued looking forward, shaking his head, as they walked, "Yes, I understood that part Lieutenant," he replied quietly, "However, you have yet to explain to me what has you that angry, Lieutenant," he demanded, keeping his eyes straight ahead.

Talya took another cleansing breath, another attempt to get her anger under control as she chose her words carefully, "I have recently found myself to be lacking in control, sir, and I find that disturbing, I am a Jedi and a pilot, and control is supposed to be second nature for me, therefore, the fact that I could do something so stupid as that stunt I pulled a couple days ago, made me very aware of this lack in control, it has been extremely disturbing and I am angry with myself over that sir," she responded, her voice tight and low.

Taking a breath, Wedge brought his anger and embarrassment over what had transpired in the gymnasium under control, and attempted to soften his tone of voice with Talya, "That is no excuse Lieutenant, disappointment in one’s self does not work in this case, if you are angry for some tangible reason, I could begin to understand, however, disappointment does not cut it," he stated flatly, his voice still quiet.

Talya came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the corridor turning to glare at Wedge, the tenuous control over her temper fraying badly, "Permission to speak freely sir," she asked through clenched teeth as she waited for his response.

Wedge stopped, turning slowly to face Talya, his own temper flaring yet again, "Permission granted," he replied tightly, his voice once again becoming more like the growl of a Corellian sandpanther than the voice of the well-spoken young man that he was.

Talya met Wedge’s eyes, her own green eyes flashing with anger, as she tried to yet again find her center of control and failed miserably, "I am angry at myself sir, I do not think you should be required to understand, you are Wedge Antilles who can never do any wrong, I on the other hand am just a humble Corellian trying to find her way through the galaxy," she began, her tone taking on a hostile tone, "I did something that is against my beliefs and training, I used my abilities on not just my commanding officer, and someone for whom I have great respect, but someone whom I consider a good friend, to pull a practical joke, I am sorry that you have a problem with the fact that I am disappointed with myself over this, however, right now, I really do not care, I am angry with myself for allowing myself to be talked into the stupid joke in the first place, I am also angry with the person who did the talking, now take that as you will, however, at this point, Sir, I really do not give a sith, because you are taking away the one thing I love most in this galaxy and that is to fly, Sir," she responded, her hands clenched at her side.

Wedge knew exactly how she felt about flying, whenever he was denied the privilege of flying, he drives himself and everyone around him crazy until he can get back into the cockpit, however, he stepped forward, stopping just inches from Talya’s face, "Lieutenant, this is no longer about you feeling disappointed in yourself, what happened the other day had been dismissed from my mind, and I was under the impression that it was the same for everyone else involved, however, what concerns me at this point is the safety of my pilots, and their ability to do their jobs, as for ME taking away your flight privileges, think about it again, I did not do that to you, YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF," he rebutted her comment, his voice raising at the end to emphasize what he was trying to tell her.

Wedge’s final words stripped the last thread of control from Talya’s grasp, and she took the final step forward, her face directly in Wedge’s meeting his glare with hers, "You are correct Wedge, the Great Commander Wedge Antilles is NEVER wrong, thank you so very much for imparting your wisdom to me, I would never have worked that all out for myself – however, all you have managed to do at this point is extend it, think about that Commander," she spat, turning away from Wedge and Wes and stormed off down the corridor to her quarters.

Wedge moved to follow Talya, however, he was stopped by the light touch of Wes’ hand on his arm, "Let her go boss, right now this is only going to get worse, you need to give her and yourself time to cool down, then you can both have a nice calm discussion," he told his friend, meeting his questioning gaze, "Wedge, this can only degenerate more, possibly as far as it becoming physical, she has been pushed too far and so have you, for that I am very sorry, it was all a really stupid idea," he told Wedge, his voice quiet and remorseful.

Taking a deep breath, Wedge looked at his XO, letting the words sink in that Wes had spoken, "Alright, however, if she ever does that again…" he stopped letting the threat hang in the air, "Now, I have to go explain myself to Ackbar and Salm now," he told his friend, "Thanks Wes, you are probably right," he finished, turning and headed down the corridor to Admiral Ackbar’s office.

Later that Evening

Talya sat in her quarters fuming over the events of the day, How dare he think he could do this to me, I did not do anything, I was just working the anger out of my system enough to be able to meditate, she thought to herself, as she paced around her quarters, when she was abruptly pulled from her temper tantrum by the should of her communit, walking over to the desk, she reached down and answered it – thus silencing the annoying sound – to see Wedge on the other end of the call, taking her completely by surprise, "Commander," she responded, keeping a surprised expression off her face.

Wedge nodded as she answered, giving her several seconds to consider herself before answering, "Lieutenant, I would like you to report to my office immediately," he quietly informed her, his tone much more calm than it had been earlier.

Talya considered the image before her before deciding her course, and glancing down at the tank top and tight pants she had put on after her shower, "Yes Commander, I will be there as soon as I change, Sir," she responded.

Wedge shook his head, his brown eyes sparkling just slightly, "Lieutenant, just why do you persist in questioning every order I have given you today," he asked ruefully, "I said immediately, and that is what I meant Lieutenant," he stated forcefully.

Talya jumped at Wedge’s tone, "Yes, sir," she responded as the screen went blank, closing the connection, Talya moved quickly, walking through the door of her quarters and out into the corridor, turning right, she headed in the direction of Wedge’s office/quarters, wondering exactly what was in store for her this time as she approached the outer office, however, she did not see either Wes nor Wedge in the small room, and the door to Wedge’s office was open, stepping through, she glanced around, and still could not find either man, "Commander," she spoke loudly in the empty room.

"In here Lieutenant," came the reply from Wedge’s adjoining private quarters, as he poked his head out of the open door, "Come in Lieutenant, I do not bite," he told her as he waved her into his private domain, "I felt this discussion needed a bit more informal of a setting than my office," he explained, as he followed her further into the room.

Talya glanced around Wedge’s quarters, noting that they were not all that different from her own, "You asked to see me, sir," she asked, stepping further into the room, only to snap around quickly when she heard the door slide shut behind her and the lock slip into place, only to see Wes standing there, back to against the door, and the key in his hand, then he pocketed it, "Sir, I do not know what this is about, however, I really do not think…" she began, stopping suddenly as she sensed Wedge step up directly behind her, the heat his body generated radiating through the light clothing she wore.

Wedge lightly placed his hands on her shoulders, sliding his right one down her arm to her hand, taking her clenched fist and gently forcing it open he placed a light kiss in the palm before turning it over and kissing the bruising and cuts along Talya’s knuckles, "Then do not think Talya, and it is Wedge here, none of us has décor on," he responded as he let that hand drop and repeated his movements with her left hand. As he considered the bruising and cuts along her knuckles he suddenly felt overly protective of this woman, "Why were you so angry Talya," he asked, his voice barely above a whisper as he spoke only to her, "Why did you feel the need to cause yourself such pain," he asked again, his voice low, his breath a whisper on her ear, "There has to be more than you are telling me," he finished as he gently kissed each bruised knuckle.

Little tremors of pleasure rippled through Talya’s body as Wedge touched her, his hands sliding lightly back up both arms to her shoulders, as if in slow motion, she watched as Wes walked across the room toward the two of them, she knew she should tell them to stop, knew they would once she managed to get her brain to function properly, "I betrayed your trust Wedge," she spoke finally, not the words she felt she needed to say, but the ones her mind wanted to say, shivering gently as Wes came to a stop and stood directly in front of her.

Wedge examined Talya’s back, discovering the light bruising on her shoulder from where he had held her down when she had attempted to hit him, this caused him to frown slightly, that he could have hurt her, "You never betrayed my trust Talya, I still trust you, I just had to make certain you understood that what you did was wrong, and that it could have hurt people," he explained as he took the heavy braid of red hair hanging down her back and moved it to the side so he could reach her neck, where he lightly kissed the exposed skin, nipping lightly along her collar bone.

That was more than Talya could handle, as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine, causing her to arch back against him, her head rolling over to the side, allowing him to have better access to her neck and throat, she felt him shift his stance slightly, to allow him a better angle as he took her left earlobe between his lips, alternatively sucking and nipping gently on it, sending arcs of electricity through her body and down to her groin.

Wes had moved so that he was standing directly in front of Talya, no more than inches from her body, he gently took her face between his hands, and brought it to his, and kissed her lightly, allowing his tongue to play gently across her lips, seeking admittance to what lay behind them, darting into her mouth as she groaned in response to light nip Wedge gave her earlobe, allowing Wes to explore her mouth, teeth, tongue, palate.

Wedge kept his attention on Talya’s earlobe, his hands moving gently over her shoulders, thumbs slipping under the straps of her tank, slowly, in almost miniscule motion, he moved the straps down over her shoulders and arms, exposing her firm breasts, releasing her ear to step back moving his hands down to her waist he grabbed the hem of the top and pulled it up over Talya’s head, revealing her tanned flesh to him.

Wes felt Talya’s shirt moving and stepped back, breaking their kiss to allow Wedge to remove the offending article of clothing, watching as Talya shivered when the cool air of the room washed over her warm flesh, creating small goose bumps all over her arms and chest, no sooner had Wedge dropped the shirt to the floor than Wes moved back in front of Talya, taking her face again in his hands and taking possession of her silky lips, as his hands caressed gently down her sides until he encountered the barrier of her tight pants, smiling against Talya’s lips, he slid his fingers under the elastic and gently began moving them down her legs, his fingers leaving a trail of fire down her body.

Wedge wrapped his arm around Talya, pulling her back against his body, allowing his hands to roam over her body, cupping her breasts in his hands, his lips following a path along Talya’s neck until he found the most sensitive spot, and nibbling that spot until Talya’s breath was coming in short gasps, he watched as Wes pulled her pants down her legs, pulling her more tightly against him as Wes pulled first her boots and then her leggings off one at a time. After her clothes were removed, Wedge turned Talya around to face him, gently cupping her cheeks in his palms he took full possession of her mouth, forcing her lips open as he tongue invaded her softness, and warred with hers.

Talya did not notice Wes removing his own clothes, only after long moments did she feel the warmth of his naked body against hers, pulling a low groan from her lips as she felt his arousal pressed against her lower back, whimpering when she felt Wedge pull away to divest himself of his own clothing.

Wes pressed his lips firmly against Talya’s neck, finding the same spot as Wedge and lightly nipping at the tender flesh, eliciting another low moan from her throat as she arched against his hard body, his hands circling her waist as he pulled her tightly back against him, fingers teasing her nipples, before continuing their journey down her body to the soft nest of red curls which lay between her legs.

Talya cried out at the sensations she was experiencing, her body suddenly hot, as she ground herself into Wes’ hand wanting to feel more of the sensations he was creating.

Wes was not ready to move to that point yet, he wanted to make this last for all of them, so he slowly moved his hands back up her body, pulling her even more tightly against him, tilting his head down to hers, "This is what you do to me Talya, what you have always done to me," he told her grinding his arousal against her lower back.

By then Wedge had returned to stand in front of her, completely naked, cupping her chin with one hand, he moved the other down to her breast, pulling and teasing the nipple as he thoroughly kissed her, once again taking full possession of her lips with his, finally, moving his head, breaking the kiss, and turning his attention to her breasts, taking first one nipple between his lips, biting down lightly, causing Talya to cry out, smiling, he gave the other breast the same treatment before moving further down Talya’s body, pausing briefly to taste of her skin as he explored her body with his mouth.

Wes continued to stand behind Talya, his hands cupping the cheeks of her ass, as he slowly rubbed against her, watching as Wedge explored her beautiful flesh, smiling as Talya arched against him, her head laying back against his shoulder, her breath coming in short sharp gasps, ragged and horse, Wes turned her face slightly, taking her lips with his, claiming her mouth in an crushing kiss.

Talya cried out against Wes’ mouth as Wedge’s tongue sought entrance between her lower lips, gently caressing her center and sending wave after wave of intense pleasure though her body, causing her knees to buckle.

Wes tightened his grip around Talya’s waist, holding her closely to him, and preventing her from falling, as he glanced at Wedge who nodded, in unspoken agreement.

Wedge smiled as he once again stood in front of Talya, "I think we should move this somewhere more comfortable," he said quietly, motioning toward the sleeping room.

Wes bent over and picked Talya up effortlessly and moved in that direction, following Wedge, Wes moved to the bed, and gently laid Talya down on it, settling down in a sitting position behind her, propping her up just a bit, as he turned his attentions once again to her neck and lips.

Wedge smiled, kneeling down in front of Talya, his lips and tongue returning to their explorations of Talya’s body, causing her to cry out against Wes’ lips with every stroke of Wedge’s tongue against her core.

Talya felt as if her entire body were exploding from the sensations Wedge’s lips and tongue were causing as he alternately nibbled and sucked on her clit, causing wave after wave of pleasure to wash over her body with each movement of Wedge’s mouth, until she finally fell over into the abyss of her orgasm as it rocked her body and soul, causing her to arch against Wedge’s mouth, pressing tightly against Wes’ body as the shock waves washed over her.

Wes held her close, as her body writhed against his until the shivers finally subsided, smiling as she repositioned herself, placing her tight ass in the air for him as Wedge stood from the floor in front of her, Wes moved up behind her, taking her hips in his hands as he slid all the way into her, the tight opening of her cunt parting before the searching heat of his cock, pulling a long low moan from him as he slid deep into her tight, wet cunt all the way.

Wedge watched for a moment before moving to stand, one knee on the bed, in front of Talya, his organ engorged with blood from his own arousal, and was not disappointed when Talya took him all the way into her mouth, causing him to gasp at the sensation.

Talya moaned as she was filled from both sides, her pussy and her mouth full with these two men, slowly she moved forward, pulling away from Wes and taking Wedge more fully into her mouth as she teased his cock with her tongue and teeth, before reversing the motion, and taking Wes all the way to the hilt, as she circled the head of Wedge’s cock with her tongue, every movement causing each man to groan loudly as they were brought nearer to their own orgasms.

Wedge groaned through clenched teeth as his head fell back against the wall, Talya working his cock with her wonderful mouth, sucking the head, and sliding her tongue around it before taking the entire length in her mouth, teasing it with her teeth and tongue as she swallowed him, it was taking every ounce of will power he possessed to not just thrust in and out of her throat until he came, he needed to let her set the pace, something which she did for good or bad, he almost cried out when she let go of his cock and turned her attentions to his balls, gently sucking them one at a time into her mouth.

Slowly Wes set his own rhythm in time with Talya’s motions on Wedge, watching with perverse pleasure as she went down on his best friend, sliding in and out of her body in time with her movements against Wedge, his movements eliciting low moans of pleasure from Talya, watching her suck Wedge’s cock was almost enough to send him over the edge, as they all quickened the pace, Talya rocking back against Wes, only to move forward again to take all of Wedge into her mouth, until, suddenly, Wedge exploded in Talya’s mouth, cumming down her throat, crying out as she continued to suck him until there was nothing left, watching this sent Wes over the edge, and he came hard, filling her up with his seed, as he thrust deep into her, his body taunt as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him.

Continued in Part Two