A Lieutenant's Tale
Part Two
by Leda "Jaded" Skywalker and Commander Wedge

Talya, head pillowed on Wes' shoulder, looked over at Wedge, "OK, anyone want to tell me what that was about?" she asked. "Not that I didn't enjoy it, but, I definitely wasn't expecting it." She declared

Wedge blushed, "Wes said that you couldn't find your center, so we decided to help you find it." He replied, looking down at her. Moving just a bit, he took the end her braid, and took the elastic out of it, working it out so her hair was spread over the bed and Wes. "So did you find it?" he asked, his lips close to hers.

Talya smiled, noticing that he was starting to perk up again, "No, but I think I know where to look," she said, reaching out a hand to touch Wedge's chest. Letting a finger wonder around, she ran her nail across his nipple, causing him to groan. Talya felt Wes, shift out from under her to let her move to give Wedge better access. She played her hand down across Wedge's chest until she reached his penis, she stroked a finger nail down over the skin, causing Wedge to arch into it. She moved then to allow him better access.

Wedge knelt down over her, his lips taking firm possession of hers again, his tongue doing battle with hers, his hands moved down her body, caressing her breasts and stomach. Moving lower into the little nest of red curls, and sliding on finger into her. Talya moaned, her body arching against Wedge, wanting more. "More Wedge, please." She moaned.

Wedge smiled at her response, and slid another finger into her, using his thumb to message her clit, "What do you want, Talya, tell me?" he asked, gently thrusting his fingers in and out of her, messaging her clit with his thumb.

Talya wreathed beneath Wedge, bucking against him, moaning. Wes moved and pinned her shoulders to the bed, his lips close to her ear. "Tell him what you want love, it's OK" he said, tenderness in his voice.

Talya looked at Wes, his eyes dark with his own arousal, she reached out to him through the Force, gently brushing his mind, knowing he meant what he said. Her eyes closed as Wedge's finger once again pushed into her, causing her to moan, "You. Wedge. I want. You. Inside me. Now." She gasped out as sensations coursed through her body.

Wedge smiled, "Look at me Talya. I want to look in your eyes as you climax." He said, as he positioned himself over her. Talya opened her eyes, and they were the deepest green he had ever seen, darkened with the passion she felt.

Talya opened her eyes and met Wedge's, they were almost black with desire, she gasped at the intensity of it. Then he moved, thrusting into her, gently, stopping and letting her become used to him. Slowly, he began to thrust into her, she raised her hips to meet him, she let her shields drop and reached out to him, and Wes.

Wedge felt the touch of Talya's mind, a warm brush, an invitation, and a request, he let her in and was suddenly awash in a tidal wave of emotion and sensation. He was feeling what she was feeling, and in turn sending the sensations he was experiencing back to her. That caused him to slow the pace, wanting to make it last as long as possible.

Wes felt Talya's mind brush against his, and immediately opened to it. Suddenly awash by the sensations he was feeling from Talya and through her Wedge. The sensations were almost overwhelming, and almost sent him over the edge into the abyss.

Talya was awash in the emotions and sensations she was feeling, she felt everything from Wedge, from Wes and from herself. Fortunately for the other Force Sensitives on the base, she was able to retain enough of herself to shield the room so that none of their emotions leaked. Then it happened, all at once, the universe exploded into a brilliant ball of light as first Wedge, then Talya and finally Wes climaxed.

The all lay there for several minutes before anyone moved. Wedge moved first to roll off of Talya, "What was that?" he asked, "is that what it is like for Jedi?"

Talya chuckled, snuggling back against Wes, "That was something that only a few Jedi can do. Share and receive the perceptions of non-Force Sensatives," she replied. "I have done it with Wes a time or two, but it takes a lot of energy and concentration, to do that and shield the room from leaking emotions." She thought for a moment, "And for your second question, No, it was nowhere near as intense as a Jedi/Jedi pairing is. That is a complete melding." She said, a wistful look on her face.

Wes looked at Talya, concern crossing his features, "So would you prefer if I were a Jedi?" he asked suddenly feeling insecure.

Talya looked at him, "No Wes, I wouldn't, I love you for you." She stated, pressing a kiss to his lips.


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