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A Rogue Wedding
by Lyta Skywalker-Antilles

The day was finally here, the one day that all the Rogues had been waiting for, the marriage of Wedge and Wes. They all came, former Rogues, current Rogues, New Republic Dignitaries, family and friends. Wes stood at the end of the aisle awaiting the love of Wes’ life - Wedge - to walk down it. At his side stood Tycho his best man, nerves pulled taunt at the thought of finally marrying Wedge.

Wedge sat in a back room, getting dressed for the wonderful day ahead, a day much anticipated by all. Wedge smiled as Hobbie, acting as Maid of Honor helped as they prepared for the big day. It was a day everyone had been looking forward to for months now.

Families had been brought in from all over the New Republic, to experience this day. Friends gathered, and the Rogues wondered around like a group of doting fathers. Finally the music began, out came Hobbie, leading the processional dressed just perfect for the occasion. Hobbie was followed by Wedge, looking absolutely stunning for the wedding.

Tycho smiled as Hobbie joined he and Wes at the alter, knowing that their wedding was the next one planned. Tycho looked over at Wes, smiling as Wes began to calm down as the procession neared them. Wedge looked wonderful walking down the aisle on a Rogue arm.

Wes’ breath caught as Wedge came down the aisle, stunningly dressed for the occasion. As Wedge stepped up next to Wes, Admiral Ackbar spoke to the Rogue escorting Wedge. "Who gives this pilot to this man in matrimony," he asked his gravelly voice light with the cheer of this occasion.

Wes Janson stepped back from his daughter, Wedge Antilles Janson, "Her mother and I do," he responded as he turned and moved next to his wife Leda Klivian-Janson.

Across the aisle from the Janson family, Wes Janson Antilles’ parents, Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu and Lyta Skywalker-Celchu-Antilles smiled across at their lifelong friends, as their children took the next step in continuing the tradition of the Rogue family.


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