Fanfiction by Lyta "Jaded" Skywalker


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Author: Lyta "Jaded" Skywalker
Rating: PG-13 for now -- could raise to NC-17
Characters: OFC, Tycho
Summary: This is the story of the oldest Skywalker child and how she made her path from light to darkness and back to the light again.
Spoilers: Could have some for Episode 2 -- no others at this time.
Warnings: Violence and possible gang rape scene.
Status: In Progress

A Lieutenant's Tale
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Written with Commander Wedge
Pairing: Wedge/f/Wes
Rating: NC-17
Summary: One of the new Rogues needs help in fitting in and the boys decide to help her out.
Status: Complete

A Rogue Wedding
Author: Lyta ‘Jaded’ Skywalker
Rating: PG
Characters: Primary - Wedge and Wes; Secondary - Tycho and Hobbie; Background - The Rogues
Pairings: Wedge/Wes Tycho/Hobbie
Summary: The day all the Rogues have been waiting for, Wedge and Wes get married as the Rogues look upon them like doting fathers.
Status: Complete; 11/15/02

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