So Long, and Thanks for all the X-Wings
Part Four
by Mish

And so our intrepid intergalactic, or outergalactic (extragalactic?) in the case of the WAASers and the X-Wing boys, travellers continue their bizzare, incredible (and I mean in credible, as in not credible at all) and generally inexplicable and-without-point journey, but only after, An' insited, lunch.

"Let's meet the meat." Aggy said.

"That's my line." Zaphod objected.

Kat(rin) said, in a sing-songy voice, "It's all been done before." At this point it would probably be best to listen to the 'Barenaked Wookiee-I-Mean-Ladies' some more.

And so dinner continued. Tycho and An' continued to be oblivious, and Izzy and Wedge were looking a little too close at times (not that the WAASers notice, or anything. Oh no, not us...) and Ford got distracted a few more times by Kat(rin) and Claire. Mish and Face were sitting together, and who could blame them? Slow inebretion was taking place. Talk turned to that of Lekku moisturiser, leather X-Wing seats, furry dice, TWAG, Jedi lightsaber, Jedi, uh, Lightsabers, fans, electric hacksaws, time/space distortions, latin quotes, wormhole theories, and leather.

"Will you just stop that?!" Mish shouted, disturbing everyone around the table.

Face blinked. "Uh... Sorry." He said quietly.

"Not you. You can _so_ carry on doing that."

Glim coughed.

"Mish, you okay?" Claire asked.

"No! Cheeseplants keep talking to me!!"

It was then that everyone noticed an innocent cheeseplant sitting behind Mish and Face.

"A cheeseplant is talking to you?" Wedge asked.

"Mish, you might need to see a doctor at some point." Sil pointed out.

"Doctor Phanan?" Kat(rin) perked up.

"Ton?!" As did Mish, which was amazing, since from Face's lap, it didn't seem her position could get much happier whilst keeping the PG rating.

"Here goes..." Varg said, expecting Mish and Katrin to go off on another tangent. She wasn't dissapointed.

"Ton or Daniel Jackson?" Mish asked Katrin. She turned to the cheeseplant, "Will you STOP THAT? Shut up! Just go away! I know you can't, you're just a plant, but that's not my poi--"

"Mish, listen!! Probably Danny. Or Ton. Indecisions. Ton's a doctor, Danny's an archaeologis--"

"GUYS!!!" A female voice shouted from the other half of the resturant, where something halfway between a chicken and an avacado was introducing itself to a broad-shouldered dark haired man, and his female companion (the one who just shouted).

"RACHEL!!!" The WAASers yelled back, thankful for the break from Mish and Kat talking to cheeseplants or about Stargate, which made about as much sense, really.

Rachel skidded over to the group, evidently back from a Leave Of Absence brought on by whose very name strikes fear and anguish into the heart of many of the OldTime WAASers - or at least a good bit of bitterness. Mainly biterness.

Wes Janson followed, more cautiously, but just as merrily (and I mean that in the sense tha- Aw, sith, just take it how it comes!)

"Good to have you back!" The WAASers greeted Rachel with various greetings. Mish kept shaking her head and talking about cheeseplants. Face petted her, and amazingly, she didn't growl.

Ford glanced jealously at Face for a moment, then went back to giving Claire a neck massage, which he'd managed to somehow wrangle his way into through a bet about how much Ol' Janx Spirit Claire could consume in under thirty seconds. It's safe to say, Claire won the bet, but Ford felt he'd won in the long-run.

"What is this place anyway?" Rachel asked, pushing Janson into Mish's seat, who didn't need it anymore as she had Face instead. Rach plonked herself onto Janson's lap and helped herself to the large salad WAAS had ordered, and various exotic-and-expensive looking dishes, which were, of course, pre-paid, due to a strange distortion that I'm sure SOMEONE would love to explain. But not Mish. 'cause she's not techically minded, and at that point in the dinner, she wasn't soberly minded or technically minded. the only minded she was was Face-minded. Which isn't a bad state of mind, considering.

Conversation drifted from Rachel's appearance to FM boots, to hydrospanners and the uses thereof, to lemons, to cocktails, to Jedi braids, to underwear, to the latest shade of CorSec green, to sheep, to how many X-Wings there were in the entire New Republic Military, to candle wax, to more small bets about drink . . .

Continued in Part Five