So Long, and Thanks for all the X-Wings
Part Five
by Mish

DISCLAIMER: Ili, I love you!! (Oh, right, the reason being she gave me the idea for a du-du-duum, plotline for this 'ere bit of fic. *hugz*)

"I bet, I bet I can drink s'much more than you..." Claire slurred to Ford. Claire was now seated ontop of Ford, and the two had consumed much of the alcohol on the table.

"Nah," Ford responded, as he didn't know better than to place a drinking bet with a girl who had engineers blood in her veins. "I bet I can. Whaddyash wanna bet?"

Claire shrugged, and poured a line of shot-glasses.

Mish was trying to down yet another bottle of Ol' Janx Spirit (okay, so she hadn't had all of the last one, Face and the others had helped her) but Kat wasn't so keen on letting her sometime pilot and friend against it, before she died of alcohol abuse, or something.

"Alcohol's not the answer, Mish." She explained slowly.

"Tha' depends what the qweshion is, doesn't it?" Mish retorted.

Kat sighed. "Aw, heck, who said being sober was good?" She asked, and grabbed the bottle from Mish.

&uqot;That's the spirit!" Ili said, "Literally speaking."

This caused a round of giggles.

Elsewhere, on the large table (remember, all of the WAASers, pilots and assorted hitchhikers had to fit around it!) Janson was trying to convince Rachel that Rach really didn't want to wear his shirt. This wasn't working, either.

"There's obviously too much blood in your alcohol system." Silvin said to Janson.

A DU-DU-DUUM!!!! du-du-duum-ed, and just before the heavens started swirling into nothingnessness above the group, A figure walked up to them.

The very thought of this figure was enough to sober Zaphod and Ford.

"What are you doing?" Douglas Adams, for it was he, asked Zaphod and Ford.

Mish sobered, and almost died from the sheer coolness factor of meeting DNA. Various other Hitchhiker-Readers in the group also sobered.

"Sir." Mish said, "We were just having a drink and watching the universe end. Care to join us?"

"No." Mr. Adams replied, and handed Zaphod a note. He then walked off into the restaurant and disappeared into the throng of various humanoids, reptiloids, walking-treeoids and sentient shades of the colour blue.

"That's your time up, then." The cheeseplant muttered to Mish, who was thus far the only person able to hear it speak.

"Damn you." Mish said to him.

The group looked at Mish, shocked. Janson dropped a pin. "Oops."

"I was talking to the cheeseplant." Mish explained. "Not DNA."

"Ah." This sufficed as an answer to the apparent blasthemy, and everyone's attention turned to Zaphod, and the note.

Everyone could see Mr. Beeblebrox swell with pride. Or that might have just been Izzy. Pass.

He opened the note and read it.

He blinked, and re-read it. And then re-read it using his other head.

He passed the note to Izzy, who held it at arms length, then 'trumpted' a bit with the piece of paper, found a position which she could read from (abeit a bit fuzzily) and read the note.

"Well?" Ili asked. "What's it say?"

"It's a note from... from..."


"From Douglas Adams' publicist!"

"And?" Mish asked, gently.

"Who cares?" The cheeseplant said.

"Shut up, you." Mish glared at it.

It seemed to ruffle it's leaves in a superior fashion.

"I hate cheeseplants." Mish added.

"Sssh." Face hushed her, by clamping a hand over her mouth. Mish thought about biting it, but then thought better of it, and licked it instead.

Sure enough, Face's hand was removed.

Mish smiled sweetly.

Ili continued in her explanation, regardless of Mish and Face's inappropriate behaviour. "Basicly, it says we'd better stop wripping off DNA's stuff, or else the authorities are gonna be after us."

"Not again." Zaphod said.

"Didn't you just read that note, Zaphod?" Ford asked.

Mish looked slightly-longingly at Ford.

"Yeah. Twice." Zaphod replied.

"And wouldn't you then have known that?"

"I did, man. I did. Dramatic effect."

"Dude." Claire said, "He's good at that."

"If I had two heads, I'd have so much fun banging them together." Ili quoted.

"That's my line!" Ford objected.

"Okay, listen up people," Wedge took control of the situation in his I'm-A-Commander voice.

Several of the WAASers swooned.

"Listening up, sir." Janson remarked.

&uqot;Here's what we're going to do. We're going to move out. And we're going to do it now."

"Why?" Anti asked innocently.

"Because the authorities are at the entrance to the restuarant, arguing with the waiter."


"Panic?" The cheeseplant offered.

"No. The one thing we will do is to not panic. Don't panic!" Mish replied.

"We're not." Kat replied.

"I never said we were, I was talking to the chee- Aw, never mind."

"Let's move out then." Tycho said.

"Sir, Yes SIR." Mish and Claire replied in unison, obviously having watched Starship Troopers one too many times.

Continued in Part Six