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Operation: Babysat
Part Four
by Nic

"Oof!" The impact of someone landing on his mid-section brought tears to his eyes as his brain registered sever pain in his groin. He tried to curl into a ball and roll onto his side, but the dead weight of a very tiny person held him down. Opening his eyes, he peered at his assailant and groaned. "Colin!" he gasped, picking the child up and placing him on the bed next to him.

"Up now!" Colin stated simply as he shoved Wes unceremoniously.

Wes glanced at his bedside chrono and sighed. 0630. Beautiful… He pulled the covers over his head and tried to will the child to go away. He felt tiny hands being placed on his side and then he felt the hands being to push, rocking the tired Rogue back and forth. The bed began to shake as Colin began bouncing up and down chanting "Up now! Up now! Up now!!!"

"Okay, okay! I'm up!" Wes cried in defeat. Immediately, the bouncing, shoving and chanting stopped. Colin sat on Wes' chest, straddling him, and pulled the sheet down off of Wes' head. Colin smiled sweetly and giggled, his blue eyes sparkling with two-year-old mirth. Shaking his head, Wes picked him up and placed him on the floor as he rose for the second time that day.

Twenty minutes later, Wes sat on the floor of the common room with Colin. Between them sat a bowl of purple-coloured, puréed baby-food and a safety-cup filled with juice. Colin tugged at his bib with a frown as he evaded Janson's every attempt at getting a laden spoon into his mouth. A dollop of the gook fell onto Colin's bib and he looked up at his father. Wes frowned and reached out to scoop it up with the spoon. With a giggle and a soft splat! Colin smashed his hand onto the blob and rubbed it around before the spoon could reach him.


Colin proceeded to happily smear the goo onto his other hand and then smoothed it over his face. He laughed as he wiped his hands on his trousers and then dove for the bowl.

"Colin!" Wes dropped the spoon and grabbed Colin before he hit the bowl. Grabbing a towel, Wes mopped up his kid and then picked up the spoon. As he stirred the remaining purée, the door slid open and in walked Hobbie.

The Rogue halted as he surveyed the scene before him. "Um, Wes…I know Wedge was looking for younger recruits, but I think he's a bit too short to be a pilot." Hobbie deadpanned.

Wes considered flinging some of the baby-food at Hobbie, but restrained himself. No need to give the kid ideas. Instead, he smiled up at his friend and shrugged. "I know. But I figured I would give it a shot. I mean, everyone should have a chance to fly."

With a chuckle, Hobbie sat down next to Wes and gave Colin an appraising look. "Cute kid. Trying to feed him?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't seem to wanna be fed. This is Colin, by the way."

"'Lo Colin," Hobbie nodded. "Mind if I try?"

"Sure," Wes smiled. "Go ahead." He handed his friend the bowl and spoon and sat back. This ought to be good.

Colin glanced between his two companions curiously as the exchange took place. As Hobbie maneuvered the spoon towards him, Colin smiled and obligingly let the laden utensil into his mouth. As two more spoonfuls of baby-food made it past Colin's lips, Wes shook his head. That's not right!

"Hobbie, why, in the name of the Force, is he letting you, a virtual stranger, feed him?"

Hobbie shrugged. "Kids like me, I guess."

Wes snorted.

"Wait a sec…Why should he like you any better?" Hobbie gave Wes a sidelong glance.

"Um…no reason."

"Whose kid is he?"


"I see." Hobbie raised a brow and spooned the last bit of purée into Colin's waiting mouth. "And I take it you've been conned into baby-sitting duty?"

"You could say that." Wes handed Colin his cup and the toddler began to noisily drink the juice. "Siobheann had a bunch of job interviews and her nanny came down with the flu. So she brought him here…"

"Stay wif dada!" Colin interjected. He grinned sloppily, his lips glistening with juice.

"Dada." Hobbie stated simply. "He called you 'dada'…" He vainly fought the smile that threatened to form on his lips. "There's no way that you have a…have a…" Hobbie lost his battle with trying to remain calm and doubled over with laughter. Wes frowned as he watched his usually dour friend laugh his ass off at the realization that Colin, two-year-old extrordinaire, was Janson's son. Colin, on the other hand, added his own laughter to Hobbie's, causing Wes' frown to deepen.

"Okay you two…that's enough."

"S-sorry, Wes…" Hobbie choked out, wiping tears from his eyes. "The thought of you being a f-father…" the sentence caused Hobbie to choke on the laughter that threatened to bubbled up once more. "Okay…" he gasped. "Really, I'm sorry. It's great that you've got a kid. Out of wed-lock, sure, but still great." Hobbie slapped Wes on the back and chuckled. "Wes Janson: Scoundrel, ladies' man and father. Who the hell would have known?"

Continued inPart Five