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Operation: Babysat
Part Eight
by Nic

A sniffling Colin and a cleaned up Wes sat at opposite ends of the couch in the empty Sivantlie Base Pilots’ Lounge. Occasionally, Wes would look over at Colin and glare before turning his gaze back to the table in front of them. Colin, on the other hand, would look at Wes and sniff loudly, his red eyes and tear-stained face screwed into an angry pout.

They had been playing this ‘game’ for over twenty minutes, and Wes was starting to get antsy. Well, at least we’ve both been able to stay out of trouble for twenty minutes. In the aftermath of what was now being called "The Diaper Incident" by all those in the squadron - damn Tycho for telling them! - Wes had promptly taken the tot back to his quarters, took him over his knee and gave his little bottom a good swat. Colin’s wails had followed the Rogue into the ‘fresher as he showered and changed uniforms.

Now, as they sat here in the lounge, seemingly at an impasse, Wes wondered if the spanking had been the way to go. Gods, he sighed, rubbing his face. I’m not father material…I’m a fighter pilot, for Sith’s sake…

He glanced once more at Colin and sighed as he saw the tiny bottom lip begin to quiver. A large teardrop rolled down Colin’s cheek, accompanied by several short sniffles. The tiny face turned and the tear-filled gaze met Wes’s. He’s either a really good actor or he’s really hurting…well, no need to take chances.

Wes opened his arms wide and Colin crawled the distance to the other side of the couch rapidly. The tot threw himself into Wes’s arms and buried his face in his father’s shoulder. "I sowwy…" Colin mumbled, his face still pressed to Wes’s body. With another sigh, Wes gave the tot a squeeze and then pulled away gently.

"Did Colin learn his lesson, then?"

An enthusiastic nod from Colin made Wes smile. "You know, all the TIE pilots in the Empire couldn’t cause as much trouble as you have. Maybe we should sic you on them…"

"I think not."

The new voice drew both Colin and Wes’s attention to the entrance. There stood Siobheann, slightly more disheveled than she had been four hours earlier, yet smiling radiantly.

A simultaneous cry of Momma! And Shivvy! Filled the air as Wes jumped up and carried Colin over. Siobheann gave them both a hug and smiled.

"I thought you were going to be gone for most of the day?" Wes asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Is that disappointment I hear in your voice, Major?" Siobheann teased. Wes blushed. With a smirk, Siobheann continued, "to answer your question, I was. But I got offered a job on my fourth interview!"

"That’s great." Wes frowned. Although Siobheann had been teasing, the very thought of Siobheann getting a job and not being able to see Colin, however unlikely the possibility of such an event, made his stomach hurt.

"What’s wrong, I thought you’d be glad…"

"I am, but…but that means you’ll be taking whatever daycare services the place offers and…" Wes trailed off and shook his head.

Colin, who had been watching impassively up to this point, gave Wes a squeeze then pulled away to regard the Rogue thoughtfully. "No see dada?"

Wes sighed heavily. Siobheann smirked.

"I’m glad you find this amusing…"

"You won’t have to worry about not being able to see your son."

"And just why is that?"

"Because," Siobheann smiled triumphantly, "I got a job here on Sivantlie Base. I’m going to be doing administrative stuff for Intel."

"You’re going to be here? On Base?"

"Yep! And what better babysitters could anyone find other than Rogue Squadron? I mean, they take stellar care of you…"

Wes growled playfully as he placed Colin on the ground. He lunged at Siobheann and preceeded to chased her around the lounge. Colin clapped his hands and laughed at the sight. After a few circuits around the room, Wes tackled Siobheann and pushed her onto the couch. Colin ran over and jumped on top of his parents. A gleeful yelp emanated from the tot as Wes pulled him underneath, sandwiching the youngster between the two adults. Colin’s laughter filled the room as Siobheann and Wes tickled him mercilessly.

With tears streaming down their faces, the play died down and the three lay on the couch breathless. Wes gave Siobheann and her son - our son - a gentle hug. "I say we go out to celebrate." Wes said with a smile. "I know just the place…" Standing, his picked up Colin and helped Siobheann off the couch. Resting Colin on his hip and placing an arm around Siobheann’s shoulders, he led the two back out into the base.

You know…I could get used to this father stuff… he thought with mild amusement. Hobbie was right…Rascal, ladies man and father…that’s me.


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