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Revenge of the Pilots
Part Two
by Nic

Hobbie jerked awake as a muffled scream and blast was heard in the room next to his. Wes! he thought, frantically. He threw the covers off himself and jumped up. Clad in only his sleep pants, he grabbed his blaster, palmed open his bedroom door and stepped into the common room of his and Wes’ shared quarters. Before he could take two steps, a stun bolt caught him in his mid-section. As he fell backwards, his vision blurred and the green skin and snout of his assailant was the last thing he saw before blackness overtook him.


Wedge turned the tap off and placed his toothbrush on the counter. He looked in the mirror and ran a hand over the stubble of his chin. Time to shave, I guess. He rummaged around in the cabinet, looking for his razor and shave cream. Lathering up, he smoothed the foam onto his face and began the process of de-fuzzing. Suddenly, he heard the hydraulics of his front door activate. Grabbing a towel from the rack, he wrapped it around his waist and exited the ‘fresher. He felt an electric jolt hit his body and fire off every nerve. The room went dark as he staggered and felt no more.


All around the base, the various Rogues and Wraiths disappeared silently into the early morning hours. When dawn finally came, bringing with it the bustle of a New Republic Base, the remaining Rogues and Wraiths – those that were usually less prominent – gathered for breakfast as usual in the mess hall. No one noticed the absence of the others until the mealtime grew to a close and they still hadn’t shown up. What was doubly odd was that the remaining squad members didn’t seem too put out about the absence of their superiors.

Had they not noticed?

It didn’t seem like they had. And that was unsettling. What was more unsettling, was that today was the day that Muse!Assignments were being handed out and everyone knew that the primary requests came from the WAAS guys and girls. And they usually had -very- specific needs.

Continued in Part Three