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Revenge of the Pilots
Part Three
by Nic

At 0900, what was remaining of the Rogues and Wraiths shuffled into the amphitheatre and took their seats. Admiral Ackbar came in and stood at the podium.

“Good morning,” The Mon Cal said, his gravely voice strong. “I regret to inform you that Commander Antilles, Captain Celchu, Captain Loran, Lieutenants Janson, Klivian, Tainer, Darklighter and Horn, and Flight Officer Phanan have been reported missing.”

The pilots all looked shocked and out-raged. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Where were they?

“Furthermore, we cannot post-pone the Muse!Assignments, due to the demands of WAAS. I’m afraid you will all have to work twice as hard to pick up the slack.”

A secret look passed between the group before they all nodded intermittently. They would do this, because it was their sacred duty. They would do this because they made sure they were the only ones around to do it. But they didn’t tell anyone that.

Ackbar cleared his throat and called attention back to the matter at hand. “We have several requests for smut!muses. Normally, Antilles, Celchu, Janson and Klivian take those, but in their absences, I’ll be sending Myn Donos, Castin Donn, Riv Shiel and Nawara Ven.”

The datapads for these assignments were handed out and the three pilots took their leave.

The Mon Calamari sighed and continued, “General!Muses will go Grinder, Oorl Qrygg, Runt, and Piggy.”

Again, datapads and departures followed the announcement.

“Shalla, Dia, Lara, Asyr, Inyri, Iella and Winter, you’ll be divided amongst the men of WAAS. I’ll leave the division of those up to you.” He handed Iella the stack of datapads and then left.

Iella sighed and began randomly handing out the datapads. “As much as this was necessary, I can’t help but think those poor girls got the worst part of the deal.”

Inyri gave Iella sympathetic look. “I know, Iella. But put it this way, if they had been more attentive the others, this would never have happened.”

Winter gazed at her assignments and smiled. “Well, at least we’ll get some fun out of this. Those young’uns don’t know how to handle a man, any how.”

Continued in Part Four