This is a work of fanfiction. Star Wars is the property of George Lucas and LFL. No profits were made and no disrespect is intended with this fic.

Revenge of the Pilots
Part Five
by Nic

Nicoll sat at the keyboard and clicked the link. She signed in and then stared at the blank form.

What to write, she thought. Stupid journal...I never have anything good to say.

Before long, her fingers began depressing seemingly random keys, and words began to take shape:

With a mighty crack, the whip unfurled and wrapped around the branch once...twice...thrice...and pulled taught. An experimental tug proved it's grip was true and Piggy...

The hell?

...swung across the gap, ancient relic tucked under one arm. A quick glance back indicated that the large rock was still fast approaching.

Without further ado, the daring adventurer continued running, heedless of the peril that lay before and behind him.

The door to the temple was closing rapidly and Piggy...

Again with the Piggy! What happened to Wes and Hobbie??? Those trouble makers always took over her journal to write strange things, but this time...this time the dynamic duo were absent, and in their place was their fellow pilot, Piggy.

This is not right! How did this happen?!

Nicoll sat and stared at the screen helplessly, unable to go on, yet compelled to do so by the power of her pilot!muse.

With a groan, she let her head flop onto the keyboard in dejection before fixing the resulting errors and resuming the story set before her...

Continued in Part Six