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Revenge of the Pilots
Part Six
by Nic


“Quiet everyone!” Anti had just banged her silver goblet on the table to get everyone’s attention. The ladies of WAAS had gathered ‘round the dining room table for a lunch meeting to discuss the sudden and infuriating change in pilot!muse assignments. “I know we all had our specific requests and they were horribly ignored. It seems that we got the short end of the stick with whatever the hell happened over in the GFFA.” Here she looked pointedly over at a closed door that led into one of the many rooms of WAAS HQ where the men were currently locked away with the female pilot!muses.

A chorus of agreement went up around the table as the noise of complaints broke out again.

“However! Thanks to Nic, we have captured Piggy. If she hadn’t wrestled the plot of the story she was writing out of his hands, we may not have been able to nab him. She managed to get some information out of him, too. But how much, we aren’t sure. Nic?”

Standing, Nic cleared her throat. “I’m not going to repeat what Anti just said. Suffice it to say all I was able to get out of Piggy was that our beloved pilot!muses have gone missing. He won’t say how and, in fact, any information regarding the incident is not being divulged.” Her eyes narrowed as she gazed out at her sisters. “He knows what happened. I have a funny feeling he even had something to do with it, but he’s not talking. We need to figure out what’s going on, and the only way to do that is to go to the GFFA and find out all we can.”

“Or, you can just ask me what happened.” A new voice said. A sexy voice said.

The girls all whipped around to look at the new speaker. Jaws dropped. Hearts fluttered. Someone fainted.

Hobbie leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed over his bare chest, sleeps pants clinging very nicely from his hips. He strode into the room and sat in a vacant chair.

“Where is the traitorous son of a Sith, anyhow?” He growled.

“Tied up,” Nic said. It seemed she was the only one able to speak. “He wouldn’t tell me anything. What happened to you guys, and where are the others?”

Rubbing his face wearily, Hobbie began to speak…

Continued in Part Seven