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Revenge of the Pilots
Part Seven
by Nic

“This place isn’t that bad, ya know. “ Face stood in the middle of the room, hands on his hips. He had just surveyed the room and was now looking thoughtfully at his surroundings. “I mean, we have to give Piggy credit for style. He sure knows how to…”

A pillow hit him upside the head hard, causing him to stagger and having the desired effect of ceasing his train of thought. The rest of the pilots clapped and cheered as Phanan glared at his wingmate and fell back into a decoratively covered beanbag chair. “Shut up, Face. Piggy wants us to like it here. I’m surprised he hasn’t sent in some gorgeous creatures to spend some ‘quality time’ with us…”

As the words left his mouth, a door slid open, admitting several such “gorgeous creatures”. The pilots all exchanged glances. Wes was the first to commandeer his companion and moved off to a corner.

“The only thing missing now is privacy from the rest of you,” he said with his trademark grin. Suddenly, a wall appeared, blocking the pair from the rest of the room, giving Janson his desired privacy.

As one of the creatures tried to wrap herself around Hobbie, the dour-faced pilot whispered, “I wish I had a way out of here….” Behind him, a door opened up. He raised a brow, extricated himself from his lovely companion and, with a final glance at his preoccupied friends, flung himself out of the door.


“Ingenious.” Nic breathed as Hobbie related his tale. “He managed to lock you guys in the Room of Desires. Or, at least a knock off version of the Room of Desires.”

The other girls and Hobbie looked at Nic as if she had just grown an extra head. She gave them all a sheepish grin and shrugged. “Something I created at the behest of my Obi!Muse. Of course, the lousy Jedi never showed for our appointment, but never mind that now.” She stood and began pacing the length of the table. “The way it works, as you’ve probably guessed, is to grant the desires and wishes of those inside. The kidnapped pilots were hoping for a comfortable place to be spirited away to, so as soon as they entered each imagined prison was collected and combined.”

“That would explain all the pillows and comfy places to snooze,” Hobbie said thoughtfully.

“Yep. As would Phanan’s request of companionship and Wes’ request for privacy.”

“So I literally thought myself out of that room?”

Nic nodded gleefully and looked each WAAS girl in the eye. “Don’t you guys see? All we have to do is get into that room and our desire that our pilot!muses be restored to the GFFA will be granted!”

Anti smiled a wicked smile. “Girls, I think we have a plan…”

Continued in Part Eight