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Revenge of the Pilots
Part Eight
by Nic

Myn Donos shifted nervously. He fingered his blaster-rifle and peered down the non-descript hallway. No-one had been down this was since the last shift-change and everything seemed to be going smoothly. He cast a side-long glance to his partner, Riv Shiel. The Shistavanen’s nose twitched slightly. Myn smiled inwardly. At least we both think this is a horrendous waste of our time. We could be wreaking more havoc in the Fan-fic realm, but no. Piggy insisted on having those off muse-duty as guards.

Myn snorted.

Riv sneezed.

“Would you like a tissue?” A sexy female voice whispered. Both Myn and Riv jumped in surprise. They had both failed to note the arrival of two very attractive women. The one who had spoken delicately dangled a tissue from between her thumb and index finger.

Riv grasped it gently and tugged it out of her hand. “Thank you, dear lady,” he said, wiping his nose.

“Call me Ili,” she purred.

Riv shivered at the comment and almost dropped his blaster-rifle. Ili took a step forward and grasped the weapon. Riv gladly gave it up as she ran her free hand through the fur on the top of his head. He closed his eyes in obvious rapture as Ili continued her ministrations.

On the other hand, her companion had managed to disarm Myn with an equally sexy “Call me Arwen” and a tantalizing caress. With both men in the throes of delight, they failed to feel the stun-bolts hit them in the mid section.

Nic, Anti, Feni and Hobbie appeared in full commando-gear and tied the two guards up. While Anti and Feni dragged Riv, and Hobbie carried Myn back out the way they came, Nic said, “Good work, you too. They had no idea what hit them. Now if Kathi’s done her job right, the rest of the captured pilots should be at WAAS headquarters.”

Ili nodded. “It was a good thing you saved your Room of Desires. I don’t think Piggy and the others even knew it existed.”

“Yeah, hopefully the others have captured the rest of the traitorous pilots,” Arwen added. “Anyhow, we better get back to help Kathi with our beloved pilots.”

Nic nodded and the three disappeared.


Back at WAAS headquarters, those that had been stuffed away had been re-clothed, fed and now snuggled with the Women of WAAS, while the plotters were all now tied to chairs and gagged.

As they each regained consciousness, they stared blankly at the group sitting comfortably before them. Nic extracted herself from Phanan and Face and ungagged Piggy.

“Your plot failed. You had to know sooner or later that one of them,” here Nic gestured to the popular pilots, “would make a comment about beautiful women and they’d get them. It would then only be a matter of a few seconds before they figured out where they were and that they could leave at any time they wanted.”

Piggy’s face fell and he sighed heavily. “Yes. I saw the flaw in the plan after you interrogated me. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

“Nonsense. If we promise to start including you guys a little more, will you promise not to pull something like this again?”

Piggy glanced at his co-conspirators who all nodded. “We promise,” he said.

Nic nodded once and then untied the lot of them. “Now, let’s have a party; a celebration to cement this new pact. Deal?” She held her hand out to Piggy, who grasped it in his own firmly. The two shook hands.

And there was much rejoicing.


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