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The Pink Sweater
by Nic

"Could you …ah…could you try this on please?"


"Would I…um…can I come in and look?"


With a sigh, Hobbie looked at his reflection in the dressing-room mirror. Two angry red handprints rested on each cheek and his head spun from the force of the blows. His usually dour expression was in place upon his features, with a furrowed brow to add to the ensemble playing across his face.

Sithspit! Who knew Coruscant Girls could hit so hard?

He gently touched a finger to each palm-print, assessing the damage. He winced at the contact and shook his head. Who knew that asking a redhead to put on a pink sweater and asking a brunette putting on a blue one to let him into the dressing-room would result in this?

It’s not like I was asking much…I just wanted to see how they looked…

Hobbie picked up the hanger that held the pink sweater and looked at the garment longingly. He let his fingers run over the soft, fuzzy fabric and he closed his eyes. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he thought of feeling the contours of another’s body underneath the fabric; the gentle curve of a breast leading into the gentle flare of a hip filled his mind. For a fleeting moment he thought he really was running his hands over someone’s body…

Opening his eyes with a start, Hobbie looked around the clothing store hastily. Swallowing hard, he tossed the pink sweater back onto a rack and made his way out of the store, throwing a melancholy glance over his shoulder at the racks of clothing. His eyes settled on the rack housing the pink sweater and he shook his head mournfully before stepping out into the busy Coruscant streets.

If only I could get Wes to wear one of those…


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