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Gone Fishing
by Nigel

Wes sat on the shore of one of Coruscant's floating islands as his fishing rod dangled into the reservoir. His feet, pant legs rolled up, dangled in the cool water as clouds rolled by. If I don't catch anything soon, I'm out of here. When Hobbie had suggested they do something fun together, Wes had assumed women and drinks were involved. When Hobbie had showed up with two fishing rods and told them they were coming here, he'd almost strangled him. That was how much fun he was having.

A dark shadow rolled by under his feet, but it remained unnoticed as he watched the bobber floating at the end of his line. A moment later, the surface of the water rolled back, unveiling in a brief glimpse one of the most frightening guppies Wes had ever seen. Of course, the guppy didn't give Wes much of a chance as a moment later Wes was swallowed, rod, tackle and all.

The surface of the water subsided as the ice in Wes' drink slowly melted in the noonday sun. The umbrella in the drink settled to the side a bit more. A moment later, as birds started calling again, a belch erupted from below the gentle waves. Wes landed after a gentle arc above the water, plowing into the sand. His rod and tackle landed a moment after him, the small box hitting him in the back of the head.

Wes groaned, sitting up as a pair of bare feet appeared in front of him. Hobbie grinned down at him, holding his rod and several fish on hooks. "Are the fish biting?" It was obvious Hobbie had not seen Wes' encounter with the guppy from hell, but Wes' couldn't help but rolling onto his back, leveling a glare up at his friend.

"Drop dead, Hobbs."


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