Don't Mess with a Moonfire
by Paddy

Finishing the final adjustments to my plait, the skin tight flight suit fitted me perfectly and felt like a second skin. It was black in colour and the red in my hair stood out against it. Humming to myself as I walked to the turbo lift of the apartment building, I was suddenly glad I could surprise everyone. I had cut down my mission time by about a week and was given leave starting the following day. I hadn't had a real break in a year, cause the necessity of the war that was still raging in some parts of the universe.

Finally stepping out of the turbo lift I exited the building humming the song I heard last on the holos I was watching before I went out to the pub to find everyone. Walking through the mazes of promenades going along motorised walkways at times and stepping off at various boutiques along the way. Not being able to resist shopping I walked into one boutique. Wandering through all the racks I finally found a nice topaz coloured dress that was especially sheer. I chuckled to myself and thought Someone will like this little number. Bringing it up to the counter I paid and continued on my way.

Finally working my way towards the pub where all of Rogue Squadron usually came after a successful mission. Walking through the door it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dimness of the inside which was so different to the light that I had just come out of. Scanning the room I finally picked out Wedge sitting amongst a group, Hobbie and Wes on one side their heads close together in conversation. On his other side was Tycho who was busy trying to work out the rosters with him for the next day. I walked over to a table near them and sat down, when the service droid came past I called him over and ordered a Whyrens Reserve and waited for the drink to come back.

Looking over at the table with all the pilots, my eyes met Wedge's and I could tell that he was really surprised to see me. Not unusual when I go away without a word to either him or my sisters. The moment was broken as the service droid returned with my drink. When it moved on I turned back towards where I was looking before, but my view was obscured by orange. As I looked up towards the face of the intruder I saw the corellian grin and brown eyes of Wedge Antilles.

I sprung out of the seat and into his waiting arms, when our lips met it was a sweet and tender kiss. As the kiss ended I laid my head on his shoulder but slowly moved it so that my forehead was resting against his neck. Taking a deep inhaled breath, my nostrils filled with a spicy scent mixed with his natural scent, which really brought my thoughts to being home.

Wedge leaned over to whisper in my ear " Credit for your thoughts Rish." I moved my head to look straight at him and flashing him one of my most predatory grins then whispered "I'd tell you now but I would rather show you later" winking at him. "Now lets see how everyone is doing" I added as I motioned with my head towards the table.

"You mean I have to lose you to the delinquents already?" He pouted.

"We don't have to stay long" I replied quietly "I've missed you enough these past few weeks" That brought a smile to his lips, but he still tried to look as though he was mad. Grabbing his hand, picking up my bags in my free hand then practically pulling him we covered the small distance to the table. Reaching it Wedge slid in beside Tycho whom had moved over beside Hobbie so that Wedge and I had room to sit there. I smiled at all three of them and couldn't help but tease Wes "So where's Sel? You two are practically joined at the hip." Sensing victory I smiled at him and snuggled into Wedge while the whole table burst into laughter, being home never felt so good to me.

Suddenly a warm wave fell over my body and I immediately relaxed as they washed over my body. Turning my attention to where these feelings seemed to be coming from, I finally saw the source of the feelings my sister Celeste who was sitting over at the bar. Telling Wedge I would be right back, I sauntered over to the bar with a grin where Celeste was. "Welcome home Sis" she said and standing gave me a hug.

"Thanks Sis it was a tough one this time I wasn't sure if we would make it, but we are here and alive which is a good thing." I took a deep breath when I was finished.

"Yes it is" she countered. "But you are a Moonfire, survival is our specialty"

Looking over to where the group of pilots where Wedge was joking round with his close friends. I smiled at him it was so good to be back on Coruscant.

I excused myself from my sister and made my way back to him, on the way back I noticed a leggy blonde walking down the stairs, she was wearing a red dress her hair flowing down over her shoulders. Sliding back into the booth beside Wedge and smiling. I could see the blonde walking in this direction. My first thought was that she wanted to talk to THE Wedge Antilles. So it was a total surprise as she walked straight past him without a passing glance and towards Wes that was sitting on the other corner of the booth. The next moment is something I will never forget. All I heard was "Wes darling" and then she kissed him full on the lips and leaning into his body like they were meant to fit that way.

Then my view was blocked with orange, I did recognise the auburn colour with golden mixed in two plaits trailing down to the woman's waist. She grabbed the other woman by the hair and practically dragged her away from Wes. "PHYSCO" rang out through the pub. I could just imagine the look that would have been burning in Selina's eyes and I personally wouldn't like to be on the end of it. The blonde squeaked and started to back away into the crowd but of course she couldn't fade away completely. I kept her in my sights being intelligence operative did have some benefits.

"Selina, listen to me Alyss is a friend from Taanab" he paused his tone getting lower thinking that she couldn't hear it "A really close friend". Before Wes knew what was going on Selina punched him smack in the nose knocking his head back and suddenly he was lying on the floor. As triplets we can sometimes feel what the other is feeling, even though we aren't identical. I put my hand on her shoulder as she ran past me turning her, as we looked into each other's eyes I had never seen that much hurt mixed with hatred before in all my life. I actually thought she would hit me too, but I felt Wedge stand up behind me and I could just imagine the expression on his face. Selina just turned and ran out of the crowded pub and to god knows where.

" I'm going after her" I said that as I turned to face the man I loved.

He shook his head and his eyes were filled with concern for me "I doubt that she will talk to you Rish just leave her for a bit, let her cool down" He then put his finger under my chin and tilted it upwards to give me a soft kiss on my lips. I sighed in exasperation knowing he was right even though I hated to admit that.

I did a perimeter sweep for the blonde and saw her talking away to a bothan that seemed to have had too much to drink. She made her excuses to leave and wandered away towards the back exit. Well at least I can go sort out the problem I thought as I whispered I was going to the fresher to change into something more comfortable and seeing Wedge nod picked up my bag and hid it by the door. I then went on my way towards the freshers and then veered off to the left following Alyss out the exit.

Night on Coruscant was cold, this night was no exception and I felt a shiver move through my body. Stealthily walking up behind the woman I knew was Alyss I tapped her on the shoulder as she turned the inside of my palm connected with the side of her head sending her wheeling in one direction. As she regained balance shakily I pressed home my advantage by thrusting two fingers into her windpipe making her choke for breath and bend over with her hands clutching her throat.

Noting she was on my weaker side I spun and punched her on the left side of her face. Oops I hope she wasn't planing to use her face for work I thought as I heard a cheek bone break. She straightened and I saw blood flowing from her nose. Swinging myself round completely 360 degrees I kicked and connected just below her chin knocking her head back and sending her reeling into the bags that were at the backside of the club.

Leaving her there after checking her pulse and seeing she was just knocked unconscious I returned indoors and grabbing my bag by the door slipped into the fresher and changed and made myself presentable. Letting my plait out and shaking my head from side to side to free the waves of my hair they settled around my shoulders.

Checking in the mirror to see if I was ready to face the scrutiny of the bar I smirked to myself at my reflection. Walking out of the fresher and towards the table where Wedge was waiting for me a bothan reached over and pinched my ass. The look I gave him was like a laser shooting through metal. My dress was a hit and I got appreciative looks from Tycho and Hobbie when I got back to the table but a raised eyebrow at them from their commanding officer and they decided scanning the room was safer.

I noticed a patrol of military police move through the pub and out the back door.

"Wonder why they are here?" I asked Wedge beside me.

"I dunno Rish but we should get going to the restaurant we don't want to be late."

"You're taking me out?" I asked smiling before leaning over and kissing him gently on the lips.

"Of course we cant waste that outfit on just me, and how often to I get to show you off to people" With that said he grabbed my hand and we said our goodbyes to the pilots and wandered off to Wedge's speeder that was parked in a hanger nearby.


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