All Work and No Play
by Paddy

Risha made her way through the crowded hanger, ducking under to odd stray S-foil to various X-wings. Dressed in a tight fitting jumpsuit that she had cut the legs off to make hot pants, she easily moved through the chaos. And gathering from the predatory glances she got from Wes, Hobbie and Tycho the person she was looking for didn't stand a chance.

Spying Wedge hunched over a datapad and looking over an T-65 X-wing obviously a new arrival to the squadron assests. Wedge being in deep conversation with Cubber, he was oblivious to the sly approach of Risha until Cubber looked up and his mouth dropped open. Following the older mans gaze, Wedge finally spotted Risha walking slowly towards him her longish brown hair was tied in two braids either side of her head mixed with the dark red streaks that usually framed her face. Smiling the predatory smile she was so famous for, Risha knew by Wedge's gulp that his body was already reacting to watching her hips sway as she closed the gap between them.

"Wedge," Risha practically purred when she reached him " Wes told me you were out here, i thought we could catch up on some unfinished business," she said winking at him.

"Why certainly Risha, let's go to my office and sort this small problem out," Wedge smiled as he said it, knowing exactly what was in store for both of them. Excusing themselves, but only after Wedge gave the mechanic final instructions on the work he wanted done to the ship, they walked to the far side of the hanger and to Wedge's cramped but comfy office.

Wedge opened the door and waited till Risha entered, taking an extra moment admiring her figure from behind before entering the office. When he turned from shutting the door, Risha had perched herself on the edge of his desk swinging her legs back and forth like a child would do. Smiling he walked over to her and when he reached her, he noticed she'd stopped the swinging and just widened the gap so that her jumpsuit became taut along her body. Grinning as he raised an eyebrow at the young girl in front of him smiling, moving tentatively forward as if this was his first time being close to a women. Risha licked her lips in anticipation of the kiss she had been waiting it seemed like millions or years but in reality it was only a couple of months lost in her thoughts she didnt notice Wedge moving. Just as she flicked her mind back to the present Wedge had moved into the gap she had left with her legs, it was like there was invisable thread chaining her to him and she couldn't break free. Leaning in close to her beautiful eyes and losing himself in them like deep pools of the sea, just as they are about to kiss a persistant beeping coming from Wedge's pocket.

Taking the offending object out of his pocket and flipping it on "Antilles here" he practically growled into the comlink.

"Sir? Is there a chance we can get some sim's fitted in today we have to keep our reflexes sharp" Janson asked a playful tone could be noticed in his voice. A flash of recognition passed through Wedge's face when he heard the voice.

Taking a deep breath Wedge answered "Wes we all know you sleep with Kettch cause you cant get any, and this is the one time you do not want me coming out of my office, Antilles out." Shutting off the comlink and throwing it over his shoulder he looked back towards Risha who was trying not to burst into giggles.

"Now where were we?" he cocked his head to one side and smirked while saying it and leaning towards her touched his lips to hers softly at first and then more demanding as the seconds passed. When it ended they were both breathing heavier and Risha reached up and started to undo Wedge's flightsuit. A hand stopped her and she looked at him questionally, she got no reply just the feeling of his lips moving down her neck and leaving a feiry trail of kisses which set her skin alight wherever his lips touched.

Scooting slightly forward to the edge of the desk, Risha wrapped her legs around Wedge's waist and pulled him against her. Wedge couldnt help but groan as the material around his hardened penis was pulled taut and rubbed that spot causing friction Wedge thought he would lose his mind with the pleasure he felt. Reaching in front of him he grabbed the zip of Risha's flight suit and yanked it down, Risha yelped as it flew over the other side of Wedge's office. She glared at Wedge. "You're gonna buy me a new pair!", but that only lasted a second till he ran his finger down the gap where the zip used to go lightly carressing her body with a touch like a feather.

Risha whimpered softly watching as her body willingly opened and responded to this man that knew just where to touch her to give her the most pleasure and at sometimes pain. Slowly she reached up and pulled the zip down to free Wedge from the bright orange suit that everyone knew was standard for the New Republic. Reaching the customary belt where his blaster mostly always was at his waist, she left the zip there reached up and moved her hands inside the exposed skin and took the suit off Wedge's shoulders and watched as he tugged his arms out of the sleeves hurridly.

Risha realised that she was just at the right height to drive Wedge wild and did so by leaning over and takes the exposed nipple in her mouth and slowly twirled it between her teeth. A sharp intake of breath was all you could hear in the silence surrounding them as Risha started sucking on the newly aroused nipple. Stopping as suddenly as she began brought a whimper from Wedge and a plea for her to continue. Snaking a hand down his body to where the material was the tightest she ran her hand over it and watched as Wedges eyes clouded over with a look of lust and closed as she rubbed there again as well as moaning the name of the woman who was building him up towards the release he so desperately craved.

It had been too long since he held her in her arms and made a promise to himself that he would treat her to a nice quiet evening away from everything just the two of them more often. Wanting her too feel the same as he did right at this moment, starting by pinching and tugging first one nipple then the other and bending his head down and taking the nipple that he wasn't pinching in his mouth and sucking on it.

A moan escaped from Risha's mouth as Wedge's lips moved all over her breasts and his tongue flicked around playfully with her now fully erect nipple. Releasing the pressure from around Wedges waist as she wiggled out of her jumpsuit and watched as it pooled itself on the floor and hastily getting rid of her bra and panties, meanwhile Wedge undid his belt and stepped out of his flightsuit and undergarment. Kneeling in front of Risha Wedge leaned in and parted her legs with his hands massaging her inner thighs. Seeing the glistening in between her legs showing she was ready for him he slowly leaned his face in and ran his tongue along her opening causing her to moan his name. Grinning at her reaction he dived into her warm depths with his tongue and moved it in and out giving her a small taste of what is to come.

Risha's body reacted with all the movements and light touches Wedge was admistering, she was experiencing all sorts of familiar feelings but somehow they were more intense this time. Her hands first went to grab Wedges hair and tugged it but she found that only made him go deeper inside her so groped around on the desk to find something she could hold onto finding nothing she slipped down onto her back and let out a cry of pleasure as Wedge sucked on her clit and replacing his tongue with two fingers.

Crying out again as Wedge removed his fingers and blew softly against her, the cold wind blew across her aroused flesh and opening. Risha wanted to tell Wedge what she wanted but the words didnt come. Wedge stood his hardened erection showing his desire and what he wanted to do. Wedge moved so the tip of his penis was touching Rishas opening which was very tempting to him. Growling Risha tried to move so more of him was inside her but the position she was not helping. Wedge finally moved inside her slowly and just stood there while she begged him to move, finally he started to move in and out, he pulled her up to a sitting position and kissed her lips again and then moved down to her throat and neck placing kisses and then biting down and sucking in one particular spot. Risha bucked her hips against his in a constant rhythm, Wedge lost all abandonment and thrust into her tight warm cavity harder and faster as he lost control of his senses all he knew was he wanted to go to the place Risha had taken him many times before and he wanted to go there with her again.

Risha could feel herself going up the spiral of pleasure that she had only been taken by one person and he was right there with her again. Wedge reached down inbetween them and rubbed Risha's clit which sent her over the edge and she climaxed, her nails leaving a couple of good scratches along his back and with her muscles clenching round him a couple of fast thrusts and Wedge's climax followed and he filled her with his warm seed. Clinging to him so that he wouldnt fall over, Risha kissed his shoulder and neck and finally made it to his lips. They kissed slowly and lazily for a couple of minutes till their bodies both seemed to relax and they themselves came back to reality and could think clearly.

Wedge looked at Risha's ruined piece of clothing and grinned the Corellian grin he was infamous for and said playfully, " Hon what are you gonna wear?" This earned him a smack on the arm and cause Risha didnt think that as really a punishment she ruffled his hair as well, which earned her a stern look, poking out her tongue at him she hopped off the desk and going over to the cupboard where she knew Wedge kept a spare flight suit and various other bits of clothing.

"Hmm this should do." Risha pulled out one of Wedges shirts and a pair of shorts and put them on making minor adjustments to the shirt by leaving the buttons undone and just tieing it in a knot at the middle of her stomach. "Well I'm ready to face the world, How about you?" She turned and looked at Wedge seeing that he was clicking the belt back around the middle not looking the worse for wear apart from the slight sheen of sweat on his face.

"Ri, that's my favourite shirt!" he said when he saw what the young woman was wearing. "Well, you should have thought of that before you ruined a perfectly good piece of clothing!" she replied.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Wedge straightened his desk quickly and sat behind it in the chair and said "Enter." A tall blonde haired figure entered the office and smiled at Risha and turned his attention to his commanding officer and saluted. Wedge returned the salute and said "At ease Tycho; to what do i owe this visit?"

" Admiral Ackbar Sir, he wants you to contact him right away. I told him that you were in a very important meeting and couldnt be disturbed." He said smiling slightly at the expression on Wedge's face.

"Thank you, colonel, I'll get on it right away." Shuffling papers like he was trying to find something Wedge looked up to see Tycho still standing there. "You may go," Not noticing the informal tone Tycho chuckled to himself and walked out the door. Risha looked over at Wedge trying to concentrate and pick pieces of reports that ended up on the floor.

Giggling she rose from the seat opposite him andmade her way around the big desk to perch on the side of his chair, leaned over and kissed him on the forehead and said "I better let you get back to work, I'll see you when you come round later." There was a hint of mischief in her voice. Wedge looked up at her and smiled. "Run along now, you. I've got work to do and I can't do it with you being there like that." Laughing, Risha ruffled his hair again and scooted around the other side of the desk before he could even react and all she heard as she walked out the door was his growl of frustration.


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