Temptation of a Wraith
Part One
by Paddy

Risha walked through the corridors of the latest Star Destroyer she had thejoy she muttered to herself of being brought back to Coruscant on. She was bored and staring out at the white blur of hyperspace was starting to get to her. She finally reached a empty room it was set out like a pilots lounge to her and she was comfortable enough to just walk in and find a seat in the corner to reflect on the mission she had just completed, a landmark one if she did say so herself. She couldn't wait to see Selina's and Celeste's faces when she told them she had been on a mission with Face Loran; she could hardly believe it herself. THE Face Loran the one from all the holos she watched as a child and also when things didn't go right in her life or even her sister's lives they all shared the holos and were privy to them on more than one occasion.

The whole of Wraith Squadron were on Jerrilek, she knew cause she had seen them arrive and when they were round the base camp with their patches shown proudly on their flight suits. She couldn't help remembering her eyes being drawn to one figure in particular he had a wonderful athletic body and his black hair shined in the sun. And when they had first arrived she checked him out covertly although not everyone was fooled. Her friend Nomi was the first to notice where Risha was looking just cause they had spent so much mission time together. Nomi couldn't resist a snide comment and as she leaned over to whisper in Risha's ear.

"Rish why don't you wait till you know his name before undressing him" she winked at her then moved swiftly out of the way of a well- placed swipe. She couldn't help giggling at Nomi's comment wondering how someone that wasn't one of her sister's know exactly what she was actually feeling and thinking. The man looked up and flashed a cocky grin at them both his blue eyes shone with mischief. She soon learnt the man's name was Kell Tainer he was a lieutenant and a demolitions expert.

These feelings being totally foreign to her at this point in her life, the lovers she had taken in the past were a necessity to her work and survival never for love. She closed her eyes and her visions were filled with her desires of having this man possess her in every way that is possible. He seemed to be always there lately leaning over her, his muscular chest straining the fabric of his flight suit, his icy blue eyes burning into her amber ones his hot fiery kisses touching and burning her skin.

Kell had walked round the entire Star Destroyer he felt as he walked down yet another bland corridor from the sim room towards his quarter's. He had hoped to meet up with the captivating women he had seen on Jerrilek as Face's partner for this mission. He couldn't help but notice the dagger like stare that Dia had given the women from where the Twi lek was sitting beside Face when they met at the briefing. The woman as he found out was called Risha Moonfire but even through the whole entire briefing and even after she took everything in her stride and even smiled at Dia when they met around the base.

He remembered the thoughts of her warm mouth surrounding his engorged cock were just about more than he could bear which had also caused him to take extra time in the fresher that morning. As he felt a twitch down in his loins he just happened to walk past the old pilot's lounge and to his surprise there she was. He took a few moments to just watch her. She seemed to be meditating from first glance but on his closer inspection her breath was just shallow as a stray hand moved up her side and glanced over a breast which brought him more thoughts like wondering what it would be like to take one of her pert nipples into his mouth and tug on it playfully. Then others like his fingers wandering down her body leaving the lightest of touches finally reaching her opening and as he slowly slid two digits inside her exploring the depths which he found was beginning to be slick and wet.

Suddenly he was glad he put on a loser flight suit today as his cock became semi hard with those thoughts. He wandered further down the corridor and saw a supply cupboard and suddenly a thought sparked in his head. He knew it boarded on insanity and wondered if he should be in Rogue Squadron instead of Wraith at this point, since doing the impossible was the Rogues stock and trade. Pushing the reasoning voice that it was wrong out of his head he entered the cupboard and activated a glow stick. Doing a quick survey around he had the perfect set-up for an encounter there was a cot in one corner the only thing missing was the woman that he had wanted for so long he just hoped he wouldn't be sliced up by the famous vibroblade he had heard about that had come out from the most secretive locations but was just as deadly. Also dismissing that thought he lay in wait for the familiar sounding footsteps of his prey.

A service droid entered the pilot's lounge and made a scuttling noise that brought Risha back to the present quickly. "Are you ok Miss?" The droid asked after her. She didn't have to wonder why with her flushed features and shallow breathing. Even in the dimmed light it was noticeable. She could feel herself becoming aroused by her thoughts and wondered when these feelings would end or if they ever would end.

"Yes perfectly fine thank you I'll go back to my quarters now" she replied slightly out of breath,thinking I would have been much better if you hadn't come in. Hopping up from her chair she started to wander towards the door as it slid open Risha's eyes squinted at the brightly-lit corridor compared to the dim room she had just been in. Not paying much attention to what was going around her just really wanting to get back to her quarters out of the scrutiny that she felt through this ship. Suddenly a supply cabinet door opened and a strong masculine arm grabbed her elbow and tugged her into it with him. She tried to fight him and reach for her vibroblade, but he was much stronger than her and all she heard during the struggle was a clattering as the vibroblade fell to the ground hitting the metallic floor. He turned and pinned her around up against the shelving and crushed his lips against hers. The kiss seemed to take all of Risha's breath away, a distinctly male scent invaded her nose she found it truly arousing and felt her juices start to flow, it was sweat mixed with the natural male scent one she found strangely familiar.

Kell couldn't believe how this woman tasted to him like the fruit he had loved on Sluis Van which was so sweet a taste it intoxicated his senses. His hands wandered down her body it was lithe and muscular one came to rest on her butt and pulled her up against him so their bodies were wedged together. Finally releasing her lips he was breathing big gulps of air and so was she, before he knew it a hand had connected with the side of his face. His first reaction was to reach up and rub his face, after that he turned on the glow rod and a soft hue of light covered the small fitting room. He could see the shock register on her face. "I'm sorry" she blurted out and desperately tried to find a way out from under him.

"Don't go" he pleaded "Please" he released her from the touch of his hoping she would decide to stay. She moved towards the door then stopped, she was fighting against everyone in her head the inner voices of reason, love, passion. She thought back to what her sister's would say and smiled. This was what she wanted she knew it deep inside her heart.

Continued in Part Two