Temptation of a Wraith
Part Two
by Paddy

She turned slowly to look at him, and immediately regretted her actions. She was sure he didn't mean to surprise her, it all happened so quickly that she hung her head and turned away from him again. She felt remorseful and understood if he decided to stalk out of the room and out of her life, but she knew he stayed. He felt like a fool waiting and hoping for any little sign from her that she was going to stay with him. She turned slowly to look at him for the second time, the light dancing over the red in her hair like a sunset on Cloud City. He grinned at her, trying to relay his feelings to her he wasn't sure if he had succeeded but knew then she was going to stay.

She started to relax finally and smiled back, he had the most wonderful grin it was the first time she had seen it since that day in the sun. She walked towards where he stood the tip of her tongue seductively trailed around her lips. Kell couldn't help but swallow, his eyes closed and his cock hardened even more as the heat of being in a small space and the things she was doing fuelled his desires. When his eyes opened and vision cleared she was inches away from him the heat radiating off her body. He wanted to explore her body and find the hidden places; the ones that would make her writhe and moan in pleasure. The ones he would be able to find over and over and be the only man that could literally make her whimper. His hand lightly rested on her waist as he leaned in and touched her lips in a tender kiss that left her craving for more.

The touch felt so good that Risha's eyes fluttered shut, the only awareness she had of what his hands were doing, the touches and caresses leaving little fires along the side of her body. His hot lips touched her bare skin and travelled down to the nape of her neck the exquisite feelings were better than any fantasy she could ever have. Her heart started to beat faster and the centre of her soul began to awaken with the sensations as the wetness increased between her legs.

Kell moved his lips around under her chin and up the other side of her neck; reaching his target her earlobe he sucked it gently and suddenly tugged it. He let her earlobe slip out of his warm moist lips and slowly lifted his head to look at Risha, she was a vision of beauty with her eyes closed and lips parted slightly and her breath, shallow and quickened slightly. The red hair that was framing her face dancing trance like movements in the glow stick he had left illuminated.

He claimed her lips in a passionate kiss his tongue slipping into her mouth through her parted lips and started playing with Risha's tongue. He chose not to notice Risha moving her hands up to the top of his flight suit and unzipping enough to let her hands slip under the fabric. He broke the kiss as her cold hands ran down the front of his chest and purposely over his nipples. He gasped at the sensation, which was like ice against his warm skin. Letting her hands roam free over Kell's shoulders she pulled the flight suit off his shoulders in one fluid motion. He let a shiver course the length of his body as cold air hit his body simultaneously as cold hands ran up the front of his body.

As soon as he had shrugged his arms out of the flight suit, he ached for her to touch him. Risha meanwhile was taking in the sculptured body that could only come with years of work and was amazed as many others were that he could fight in an X-Wing cockpit and not be uncomfortable.

She moved in a millimetre and started to kiss his shoulder her lips softly brushing along his chest to where his nipple was inviting her to suck on it. As she took the nipple in her warm mouth a groan filled her ears as the previously cold skin was covered with warm. She made a surprised squeak as she was lifted and carried over to the cot in the corner and unceremoniously dumped on it. She raised an eyebrow in question but all he did was pin her against the wall and ravage her lips while one hand kneaded one breast while the other slowly moved down her body in between her legs. She moaned and her legs opened like a flower in its first bloom, his hand began a caress moving in and out mimicking the action that would follow.

His hand stopped if only for the short time that it took to undo her zipper to reveal the breasts that had captivated him from the first day he has seen her. He moved the fabric down off her shoulders and removed the lacy bra to reveal two smooth, full mounds. He cupped one breast in his hand and began to suck the nipple and feeling it immediately become hard. His other hand left its warm place in between her legs and began to knead the other breast and pinch the nipple. A whimper filled Kell's ears as he bit down on the sensitive bud and began to tug on it.

Risha was being overwhelmed with sensations that she couldn't control or understand fully. This man was making her discover things about herself that she never knew existed. Feelings that she was only now beginning to realise were deep inside her but up until now had never been discovered. Another moan escaped her lips as he nibbled down to the flat surface of her stomach and licked all around her belly button making her giggle at the same time. Kell then slowly peeled her flight suit off her sweaty body and left it pooled at the feet of the cot, the only piece of clothing left on her were the underwear that matched her bra. She was truly beautiful and in his mind a goddess he was willing to worship for as long as she would let him. Standing before her he stripped off his flight suit that was resting at his hips.

As he revealed himself to her, Risha had never seen a man so beautiful and with his cock jutting out proudly she couldn't help but gasp. The fears she had of her not being big enough to accommodate him were quickly dispersed as he snaked himself up the length of her body. Continuing the barrage of kisses and caresses that had made her lose herself and she was amazed how he easily fitted in between her legs. Risha was on the cusp between pleasure and pain and there was nowhere else that she would have rather been. The feelings that this man was creating inside her were the most wonderful she had ever felt and wanted more. She wanted him inside her so much it hurt she didn't know how to express this to him. "I want you inside me now" she groaned.

"Are you sure you're ready?" He was uncertain of the outcome of his actions and he didn't want to hurt her.

Suddenly her nails dug into his shoulder causing him to make a deep growl it almost seemed primal. She smirked at him "Oops" and she released them seeming pleased with herself.

He looked at her with passion filled eyes and moved his body so the tip of his cock was resting against her opening which was still covered by a thin layer of fabric as he thought time to teach somebody a lesson. Rubbing himself against her she was in ecstasy but she wanted more. Pleading for more and moving her hips in an upward direction trying to capture more than he was willing to give.

She growled in frustration as he just stayed in this kind of limbo of his choosing, seductively moving his cock against her clit the only thing stopping him entering her was a thin piece of fabric. The sensations from that were driving Risha literally mad she was bombarded with a million feelings and sensations at once. Deciding Risha had learnt her lesson he moved his hands down in between both of them and slowly peeled her underwear revealing her most secretive beauty. He slowly moved two fingers inside her opening testing her readiness, she bucked against them but he knew that fingers weren't what she wanted. Removing his fingers and leaning over her, he started to slowly move inside her. Risha's expression was eyes shut and a loud moan of satisfaction was heard as he fully sheathed himself inside her.

All of a sudden a look of concern crosses his face "I didn't hurt you did I?"

Risha just looked at him and ran a finger down his jaw line "I won't break Kell" she murmured against his lips kissing them softly.

Slowly he started to move inside her and she tried to keep up with him and soon found the right rhythm to match his strokes. There were a number of slow pushes as well as some harder ones; Risha loved them all, the strokes also had an effect on Kell's cock that was buried deep inside her. Inside with each stroke it felt like a liquid fire was consuming Risha's soul.

He picked up speed all of a sudden in a crescendo of feelings overwhelmed them both, he groaned and his hot seed spilled deep inside, she felt as though she was flying through the air hoping he would catch her. As the orgasm overwhelmed her body the spasms racked Risha, she was overloaded with feelings she had rarely felt ever before. Kell felt like he was spiralling down an endless road of pleasure with the contractions that she made around his cock. Neither noticed some wet patches soaked into the cot itself as their fluids mixed together and ran out of Risha.

As they both were laying there in the afterglow of the moment Risha finally stopped shuddering and Kell slipped out of her warmth and wrapped his arms around her and their legs were entangled together. And there they both drifted off to sleep the rest of the journey Risha`s head resting on Kell`s chest, this wonderful experience replaying over and over like a dream.

A sudden jolt woke Risha; it was the Star Destroyer coming out of hyperspace. Risha was still warm as she was snuggled behind Kell, their naked bodies perfectly fit together; he stirred with the jolt and pulled Risha closer to him but didn't awaken fully. Risha knew it wouldn't be long till the ship docked and she didn't really feel like dealing with the banter and teasing remarks from being found naked in a storage cupboard. She wiggled around but found that Kell's arms held her close to his body like a vice so she tried another approach. Turning in his arms she place little kisses along his collarbone and shoulder, when that didn't work she began tracing a trail along his chest with her tongue and gently sucked on a nipple.

Kell's senses were peaked like all fighter pilots were trained, but as the jolt happened but he didn't want to lose Risha to everyone else. He tried not to react as she kissed his collar bone and shoulder, a moan escaped when she sucked his nipple and he could feel the familiar chain reaction starting to course throughout his entire body.

His thoughts dwelled on Tyria he loved her and he knew that she would be waiting for him when he got home. How could he tell Risha about her he didn't know the words or even how to start. He knew it would break Risha's heart to see another woman embrace him so intimately. But he was so undecided on what path this would all take; Kell wondered when they got back to Coruscant if he would ever see Risha again. He wanted to enjoy the moment and just be with this woman that he was beginning to feel a lot more for than he should.

Risha knew from his moan he was waking up slowly and moved her head upward to kiss his lips. The kiss was returned and they just lay there the kisses getting deeper and deeper between them.

"We better go" Risha finally murmured against his lips she didn't want to leave but time was running out and she wanted to look presentable when they docked. She reluctantly released herself from his warm embrace and started to redress.

Finally she was standing before him dressed and made her way towards the door. Risha turned one last time and blew him a kiss before opening the door and walking essentially out of Kell's life. Then Kell was alone in the space, he suddenly was very cold so he dressed quickly and sat on the edge of the cot and wondered what he was going to do.

Risha practically flew down the corridors to her quarters she shared with Nomi and packed hastily while noticing Nomi was packed and she had already made her way to the shuttle dock. Risha knew that she had enough time to stand in the fresher unit for five minutes. Her outfit was one of her slinkier ones and she knew it would raise a few eyebrows but right now she felt on top of the world. She felt the ship dock and knew she would have to hurry to catch one of the shuttles to the hanger.

Slinging her bags over her shoulder she walked swiftly to where everyone was gathered. She stood out from the rest of the crew and pilots milling around and waiting to board the shuttles dressed in a deep blue tank top that snugly fit her chest, while she wore black hot pants leaving her midriff uncovered and wearing the knee high boots that Selina had bought for her as a gift.

Seeing Nomi through the crowd getting on a shuttle just after Face and Ton, Risha ran to the shuttle and just got on before Dia.

The doors closed and Risha mouthed "Sorry" but the look on the woman's face was pure hatred.

"Way to win friends and influence people Rish" Nomi made a crack at her friend.

Risha resorted to poking her tongue out, she felt like she was three but that didn't matter cause she probably was the youngest on the shuttle anyway. It was one of the Moonfire traits that she always felt fit her the best. Risha surveyed the shuttle and saw Kell sitting in the corner she smiled at him and he just looked away with a pained expression on his face. That confused Risha after everything they had shared together this reaction wasn't one that she had anticipated.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the shuttle docked and she and Nomi disembarked closely followed by Face and Ton bantering all the way. Kell hung back and waited till they were a distance away till he walked out, carefully scanning the hanger for Tyria.

"Face?& quot; Risha asked with the beginnings of a killer smile on her face that most people were afraid to say no too. Nomi couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Yes what can I do for you Miss Moonfire" his voice dripped with the sweetness of honey.

"What can the most beautiful woman in the world want from little old me?" Flashing his most famous grin that melted the hearts of teenage girls everywhere.

Ton couldn't resist a sarcastic remark "In other words Risha he would do anything for you if it would make you swoon" a chuckle escaped his mouth.

Risha looked straight at Face with an amused look on her face

"I don't feel like swooning right now call me tomorrow I might be able to fit you in."

She bounded to the other side of the hanger where a group of X-Wings were getting repaired leaving Face standing there with his mouth gaping. She saw Selina helping a dark haired man fix one of the hyperdrive units, as she walked closer she heard the banter between them and smiled at her sister's annoying sarcasm.

"Sir are we done yet?"

"No Selina" he replied and tried to move one of the hydro spanners he was holding in one hand to tighten a piece of the drive into place. A grunt emitted from under the unit as it wouldn't cooperate with him.

"Now are we done?" She whined cause she knew how much it made him grumpy.

"NO!" He snapped, but it sounded more like a growl, which Risha might have found attractive if she could actually see his face.

Suddenly a loud bang was throughout the hanger as Selina took a spare hydro spanner that was sitting near by and hit the hyperdrive unit, a hum could be heard from the unit signalling that it was in working condition again. Selina stood there waiting for the man to crawl out from under the hyperdrive unit. She silently raised an eyebrow to his questioning look

"You have to have a woman's touch" and lowered her voice so only Risha could hear

"Not that you have felt one of those in years."

Risha couldn't help but giggle, the sound alerted Selina to someone behind her. As she swung round she was face to face with her sister Risha standing there with a grin on her face but also a look of mischief.

Selina started to silently back away from her sister "why is it when you give me that look I know I'm in big trouble."

Another pilot joined the group he was tall had blonde hair and aristocratic features data pad in hand he walked up to the tall brown haired man that Risha had first thought was cute but now actually paying more attention to features and detail gorgeous.

"Wedge we need to go over these figures before they go to Command" when he saw he was getting nowhere he waved his face over Wedge's eyes

"Rogue 2 to lead come in! Squints coming in at point blank range" Suddenly Wedge's mind snapped into gear with those words and began to issue orders to various people before turned his head towards the other man scowling

"Tycho we are on the ground why would Squints be coming in? and DON`T ever do that to me again or I will beat the bantha out of you"

"Well I didn't know where you were Wedge and I needed something to get your attention" he chuckled as the man beside him grew flushed in the face.

"I was...um.... taking in the scenery" he tried to grasp the words as his eyes drew back to a woman that to him seemed like an angel who was dragging away one of his pilots who seemed to be intimately known by the woman. Making a note to ask Selina who that was his thoughts were again interrupted.

"Come on Romeo" Tycho teased "We have work to do" and he lead a reluctant Wedge off towards the office.

Risha meanwhile had dragged Selina over to the other side of the Hanger with her cursing all the way only then did Selina realise that she was going to meet someone. Both Face and Ton were waiting a few yards away and as Risha dragged someone over near them they were laughing at the insults. Risha grinned as she introduced Selina to the trio.

"Selina this is Ton Phanon, a pilot of superior intellect and wit beyond compare"

Ton bowed real low "Its a pleasure to meet you" and smiled as he reached his full height again. Ton moved out of the way to reveal the person standing behind him, Risha couldn't help but smile as she saw Selina slightly lose her balance.

"And this is the famous Garik Loran or known to his friends, The Face" He didn't even get to reply as Selina swayed and fainted. Ton quickly moved to catch her so she wouldn't hit the cold concrete floor of the Hanger.

Face couldn't help but have a jibe at Risha "Well you sister has no problem in swooning"

"Face can we keep her?" Ton looked at his wingmate with a smile starting to show. Face looked at him with a stern expression

" Ton" he paused for a second "No."

"But we haven't had a pet since the glass prowlers died" Ton whined.

"And whose fault is that" Face pointed out.

"It wasn't mine" Ton whined again.

"But look she's pretty and healthy and she eats the same food" He put on the most puppy dog eyed look he could cause he knew that Face never had resisted that look.

Face growled in frustration "Ok you can keep her but only if she comes willingly and I'm not cleaning up after her, and don't use that look on me again."

Face then strided away from them to meet Dia who was disembarking from the shuttle that had just arrived.

Risha saw the slight movement of Selina's lips and whispered in her ear "I know your faking." Selina cracked an eyelid to see Risha standing over her with a smug expression on her face.

Ton was equally excited to see Selina was finally back awake. "Come now my dear would you like to be the pet of the best witted pilot in the galaxy?"

"Yes" Selina answered and noted that Face was walking back with a female Twi lek that did not look amused at all.

"Face it was so lovely to meet you" and hugging the stunned pilot she turned slightly and whispered to the female Twi lek "and by the way I would have been competition" and released Face to deal with an unhappy Dia.

Ton and Selina however linked arms and started to walk out of the hanger together. Risha wandered slowly behind them, all of a sudden a noise alerted her to something happening behind her. When she turned she saw a woman embrace Kell and kiss him in greeting.

Tears welled up in her eyes from the scene she had just witnessed, running from the hanger and into the Coruscant night not wanting to be found. Her thoughts were muddled and the hurt that she was feeling consumed her to the core of her soul. She knew one of her sisters would find her like this and that she would have to explain but right now she just ran not knowing where she was going or where she would end up.


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