A Midnight Tryst
Part One
by Paddy

Risha stood on the balcony of her apartment- correction her parent's apartment. Well if you wanted to be technical her parents did give it to her for her 21st birthday. The one good thing about it was that she could share it with her sister Selina. They weren't at home often together but as Selina had some downtime and Risha herself was given some time off to recuperate from her last mission, they happened to be at home at the same time. Looking fondly back at into the room she could see Selina looking completely relaxed in Wes's arms. Risha mused to herself who would have thought a month ago she didn't even acknowledge him really now they were a couple. Times like this she really missed Wedge. Tonight he had made a holo for her it was there waiting when she got home from shopping to apologise for not being able to make it for dinner.

Risha had gone to a bit of trouble to make it but nothing ever goes to waste with two hungry mouth's that were currently joined practically having a war of wills. That was part of the reason she had decided to walk on the balcony, to think or ponder when these little things happened to her. For someone who didn't usually think just did whatever she felt, these new feelings of dependence were frightening simply because of the things she had to do normally in her life.

Not known to that many people Risha was the top sniper in the New Republic Intelligence former Rebellion. In her line of work failure was not an option, she had implemented that line of thinking into other parts of her life that when little things like this happened she really was at a loss of what to do. A noise alerted her that she wasn't alone. Once startled it was an automatic movement for her to reach for the vibroblade and roll sideways and come up close to Selina with the vibroblade at her stomach. Selina chuckled "Sis if you're gonna use me for practise your gonna have one angry ewok inside."

Risha hesitated for a split second and looked over Selina's shoulder into the guarded icy blue eyes of Wes. "Well if people wouldn't startle me like that I wouldn't go into automatic pilot." She emphasised this point by poking her tongue out at both of them. Being the youngest Moonfire did have benefits at times but not many. Selina rolled her eyes, "Rish, when are you ever going to grow up?"

"Yeah bet it won`t be this standard year, Umph!" Wes piped up but was swiftly quieted by a well-placed elbow by Selina.

"You're no one to talk I think there would be a very close race if we we're gonna start with childish behaviour." Selina added quickly before he could reply, "and that pouting flyboy puppy look isn't gonna work this time."

Wes was going to get the upper hand with that look; Risha could see Selina starting to melt as he bought in the famous Janson pout. She couldn't help but smile; "Ahem is there a reason you two are bugging me?" Risha asked as the two broke a tender kiss.

"Err..." Selina said trying to find the words "you seemed a bit down Rish, thought you might want company."

"I'm fine just thinking bout Wedge," she paused unsure whether to continue "I was just trying to figure out to get some of this food to him." Suddenly Risha smiled at them and practically bounced through the living room and ran up the stairs to her room, leaving both Selina and Wes with open mouths staring after her. Slipping inside she made sure to lock the door and went into the refresher unit that was connected to the room for five minutes which turned out to be 15.

Walking to her wardrobe dressed in only a towel. She had always bought up to believe one of the benefits of having wealth is the ability of having just about every outfit the heart desired. The one she picked was a black mini dress, changing into it and looking in the mirror she needed something to set it off. Going back to the wardrobe and picking out a shirt that matched the colour of red in her hair she slipped it over and knotted it at the front. Holding her hair back out of her face with multiple pins, chocolate cascades mixed with red fell over her shoulders.

Walking back to the kitchen she was subjected to the usual Wes Janson humour, but that was quickly quashed by Selina to which Risha was thankful, Wes could really be a trial at times. As she went about packing things into a basket she pulled out a comlink

"Ben?" Waiting for the reply she kept packing, when it came it was groggy like someone had just woken up. "Yes?"

"Ben this is Risha I need to be driven to headquarters, can we leave in a couple of minutes?"

"Yes of course Miss Moonfire, right away."

"Great I'll be waiting outside," and switched the comlink off. Hurriedly grabbing the whipped cream out of the fridge, all the while hoping silently Selina wasn't going to be looking for it. Risha grabbed the basket and went outside to wait on the landing.

The speeder came up alongside the landing and Risha stepped carefully into the seat next to Ben the old Twi' lek that used to look after her when she was small and still did now to some extent. She gave him a smile and settled in for the smooth ride over to the New Republic Towers in the centre of Coruscant. The ride was peaceful and as Risha typed out a message on a data pad she had grabbed out of her bag before she left she only paused once during the message and couldn't help but smile.

They arrived at the building and Ben piloted the speeder to the walkway and waited patiently for Risha to depart. As she did she turned and smiled mischievously and he knew that somehow this plan involved his help. "Ben?" Risha asked sweetly

"Yes Miss Risha." Ben couldn't help but quirk her with that title which she hated him using.

"Could you please take this data pad to General Wedge Antilles office and ask him to read it urgently?" She could tell from Ben's facial expression that he would do it even before she flashed her killer smile. Ben could feel himself melting from the smile it had always meant getting her own way from anyone that she used it on and she knew it. Climbing out of the speeder and locking it he walked round to stand in front of his young charge.

"Of course I'll do that for you child." He paused. "I'm just not sure how I will get passed all the security." He mused.

"I'll let them know that you are carrying a very important communication for General Antilles and it can't wait." Silently she hoped Wedge wouldn't shoot her out of the sky like a TIE pilot who got on the wrong end of his X-wing for doing this. Together they walked to the building door and Risha keyed in the number required to enter.

To be Continued...

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