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After It's Over
Part One
by Banshee and Paula

The battle was over and they had survived. Tycho Celchu landed his X- wing next to his wingmate and commanding officer, Wedge Antilles, and then climbed down from the cockpit to join the rest of the Rogues in a celebratory whoop of relief and joy, albeit the Alderaanian was slightly more dignified about it.

Wedge was always last to leave the hanger so Tycho hung back from the pack as the others headed toward the pilot's ready room. The Rogues' C.O. quickly caught up with his second and gave him a warm smile, his brown eyes twinkling with mischief.

Tycho chuckled and shook his head; he knew that look. "Well, Captain. Guess I owe you a couple."

Wedge ran his hand through his dark hair. "Actually, you owe me two and I owe you one, so I guess the net effect is you owe me one," the Corellian teased, referring to the number of times they had saved each other during the preceding skirmish.

Tycho smiled devilishly, "As I recall, however, you owe me one from last week."

Wedge thought for a minute and then nodded, "I guess that means we're back to even then."

Tycho's grin turned impish, "So how do we decide?"

"I decide, Lieutenant. I out-rank you, after all," Wedge commented playfully.

Tycho groaned, "That's not fair. I'm older than you; out of respect for your elders, you should let me decide."

Wedge shook his head and replied smugly, "Nine months is hardly enough to qualify you as my elder. Besides, I have seniority."

Tycho glanced around quickly to make sure they were alone and then pinned Wedge against the bulkhead. "OK, then. You decide," he whispered seductively in his friend's ear.

The press of the warm, firm body overwhelmed his senses and Wedge had to fight the sudden urge to take his lover then and there. He was still on an adrenaline high from battle but his mind was clear enough to think about the consequences should they be discovered. He placed his hands on the blond's chest and half-heartedly pushed him away, giving himself room to breathe. "Keep that up and it'll be right here," he snarled.

The sounds of celebration assaulted them from the ready room and Tycho purred, "Yeah, we wouldn't want to give Wes a show now, would we?"

"He would probably try to join us," Wedge snorted as he wrapped his arms possessively around the slightly taller pilot's waist.

"Jealously really doesn't suit you," Tycho said softly, his hand finding its way under Wedge's chin. Wedge looked up to meet the other's crystal blue eyes and tightened his hold on the blond's waist.

Their friendship had not exactly started out on the best of terms, but following Luke's departure from the squadron and Wedge's promotion to leader with Tycho taking over as second in command, they had developed a deep bond based on mutual trust and respect. Even so, Wedge tended to feel somewhat lacking when compared with the more flamboyant Rogues -- especially Wes -- when it came to non-flying activities.

When Wedge didn't respond, Tycho chuckled, "And if Wes did join us, so would the rest of the squadron. I can just hear Luke's reaction to the report you'd have to write about a Rogue orgy in the hanger."

Wedge moaned, "I don't think I would ever hear the end of it. And not just from Luke, either."

"Come on, let's get out of these flightsuits," the blond replied as he steered his friend back on course for the ready room.

Continued in Part Two