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Brothers At Heart
Part Two
by Commander Wedge

Eight uneventful hours later, the three pilots from Red Squadron returned to their assigned hanger on Yavin IV hidden within the Great Temple tired, hungry and grubby feeling. Popping the canopy of his X-Wing, Wedge climbed out of the cockpit and before waiting for a tech to bring up a ladder, he clambered over the side, hung by his hands and then dropped to the hanger deck crouching to let his knees absorb some of the impact; wearily he leaned against the nose of his snubfighter gnawing on a ration bar and watched as his astromech Bink was removed from his droid socket and lowered to the ferrocrete floor - he wasnít aware of Biggsí and Porkinsí approach until Biggs spoke.

"Hey Wedge, is that all youíre going to eat - letís hit the chow line, get some real food," the dark-haired, bearded Tatooine pilot said to his friend, "Youíve got to be as hungry as we are and what youíve got there isnít going to cut it - Porkins heard that they were serving braised nerf with tubers and onions in a mushroom sauce today and he canít wait to dive into it," he kidded their friend by nudging the portly pilot in the ribs.

Wedge pushed himself away from his X-wing using his shoulders, "No thanks guys, Iím going to go grab a shower and see how Wes is doing - maybe Iíll take you up on your offer later."

"Not this time Antilles," Jek teased, "You are going to come with us and eat first - the shower and Wes can wait, neither are going anywhere soon," he stated as he and Darklighter bracketed the smaller pilot and steered him out of the hanger bay and to the chow hall. None of the young men noticed the YT-1300 Corellian light freighter enter the hanger as they exited a door on the far side. An hour and a half later, after eating and grabbing showers, Wedge went to check on his Taanabian friend, Porkins stayed in their quarters to read, and Biggs headed back to the hanger bay - he had a few things he wanted to check on his X-wing; as he entered the bay, he noticed a blonde-haired young man hanging around Wesí X-wing, even from the distance that separated the two men, Biggs recognized the new person and called to him as he rushed towards him, "Hey Skywalker, Wormie, what in the twin suns of Tatooine are you doing here."

Continued in Part Three