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Brothers At Heart
Part Four
by Wedge

Later that evening Wes Janson was released from the base's medical center and allowed to return to the quarters that he now shared with Wedge and the only other surviving member of Red Squadron, Luke Skywalker and Wes quickly discovered that the farmboy from Tatooine talked in his sleep - practicing an acceptance speech for when he and Han Solo where given their awards for their parts in the destruction of the Death Star over and over keeping Wes awake most of the night. I thought Wedge mumbling in his sleep was bad, Wes thought, but this Skywalker is ten times worse.

The day of the awards ceremony arrived but Wes and Shara managed to finagle their way out of attending by staying with Wedge who had not been released from Sick Bay; they argued, and won, with the doctors and the 2-1B that Wedge was not up to attending even in a repulsochair or with an escort, that he needed to stay in the medical unit at least until the next morning when the base would begin its evacuation.

* * * * * *

"Welcome home, Wedge," Wes greeted his friend as Shara escorted the pilot into their quarters, "It's good to have you back, even if it is for just a few hours," he grinned. "Shara and I have packed all your gear and stowed it on the shuttle for you."

"We have already stowed your X-Wing aboard the Pride and Skywalker's X-Wing is clamped down on her dorsal side," Shara added. "Your freighter is already packed with the supplies assigned to it and you, Wes, Skywalker and I will be flying her to the rendezvous' point and the new base my Y-Wing is going on board one of the corvettes."

Klaxons blared throughout the base interrupting their conversation and a voice came over the comm system, "All Base personnel, sixty minutes to the Empire's arrival - - Sixty minutes to the Empire's arrival."

"Sithspit," Wedge cursed, "Looks like the Imps got here sooner than we expected let's get to the Pride and get her off this rock," he said turning and heading towards the door.

"Shara, could you please go ahead and get Zena's Pride warmed up and ready to go," Wes asked, "There's something I need to take care of here before Wedge and I join you."

"No problem, Wes," she said than clasping Wedge on the shoulder, "See you guys in a bit." With that, she was out the door and running to the hanger and Wedge's old freighter.

Giving Wes a curious look, "What do you still have to do here the place is cleaned out."

Pulling a holo-cam out of one of the pockets of his flightsuit, "Just this," he explained as he moved one of the room's few pieces of furniture revealing words engraved on the temple wall `The Empire or Us there is no compromise' signed Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter and Jek Porkins. "A reminder of some of the brave souls, and our friends, who died to destroy the Death Star," he said as he took several holos of the inscription, "I didn't know you guys had done this until I was packing up our gear and I just thought . . ."

"Thanks Wes," Wedge interrupted, "We best get headed to the hanger I don't know about you," the Corellian grinned, "but I have no intention of being caught on the ground when they get here."

"I'm with you buddy, let's get the Sith out of here," Wes agreed as the two men took off at a run for the hanger and the Zena's Pride making it in record time. Shara was just finishing up the pre- flight check as Wedge, followed by Wes slipped into the pilot's and co-pilot's seats.

"Where's Luke," Wedge asked to nobody in particular.

Glancing at her chrono, "He should be here . . ."

Shara was interrupted by the tweedling of an R2 unit, "We're here," Luke Skywalker announced as he slipped into the passenger's seat behind Wes. "Ready to go when you are."

As Wes listened to control over his headsets, Wedge hit the switches that would seal the entrance hatch and begin the power up sequence. "Wedge, our exit vector is 290.73 and here are the coordinates for the rendezvous'," Wes declared handing Shara, now occupying the passenger's seat behind Wedge, "Check them as I punch them into the navi-computer would you Shara."

Shara did as requested as Wedge brought the Pride up on her repulsors and eased her out into the humid air of Yavin IV before heading skyward to their exit vector. "Luke, strap in," the Corellian ordered, "We don't go to lightspeed until everyone is secured."

"Sure thing, Wedge."

Within minutes the Zena's Pride, her captain and crew, where streaking through the blackness of space the starlines elongating as they entered hyperspace and were gone headed to the pre-arranged Rebel rendezvous' two weeks away from the Yavin system.

To be Continued...

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