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This Is Just Not My Day
Part One
by Commander Wedgei

Wedge finished his pre-flight walk-around inspection of his X-Wing by giving a tug on his port stabilizer, Hmmm, he thought, Feels good. He grinned as he looked over at Hobbie, Tycho, Wes, Corran and Gavin doing the same to their ships. The other half of Rogue Squadron was on the other side of the tarmac and finishing their inspections in preparation for the air show.

The Corellian pilot and commander of Rogue Squadron shook his head, These air shows are a great PR and recruiting tool, he thought, Rather be doing this than going on diplomatic missions to show off the Rogues.

Wedge walked to the ladder leading up to his cockpit, climbed it and slipped into his pilot’s couch; wriggling his shoulders, he settled into its well-worn contours and pulled on his flight helmet and gloves. "Gate, close the canopy," he called to his R5 unit as he toggled switches, finished his pre-flight check and started his engines. Switching over to the squadron’s frequency, "Call in by numbers," he said into his mic then listened as the other five participating members of Rogue Squadron called in their readiness. (Wedge - Lead, Tycho - Two in the Left Wing position, Wes - Three in the Right Wing position, Hobbie - Four in the Slot position, Gavin - Five in the Solo position and Corran - Six in the Opposing Solo position, Nawara Ven is narrating the show to the crowd).

"Begin your take offs," Wedge commanded as he eased his craft up on to its repulsorlifts and maneuvered into the lead position with Tycho and Wes as his wingmen and Hobbie behind him; the noise from their sixteen engines deafening the crowd as they run their engines up for take off. Lead through four take off in their famous Diamond Formation with Corran taking off next and executing a 3600 aileron roll as soon as his landing gear is up and he has cleared the tarmac. Gavin is the last to lift off; he points the nose of his X-Wing straight into the air and accelerates 30 meters into the air before leaning the ship back on to its canopy and angling back over the crowd, upside down, in the Split-S maneuver. As Gavin and Corran are taking off, Wedge and the others reposition themselves behind the crown and then do a fly by overhead in the Diamond Cloverleaf smoke highlighting their wing tips.

As Lead through Four flew the Diamond Cloverleaf, Gavin enters from the right and Corran from the left in bound at the show center so that they pass canopy to canopy at 1200 mph in the Opposing Knife-Edge Pass.

Wedge brings his Rogues in from the left flying in the trail formation where each wingman flying directly behind the one in front of him. As they enter the turn to transition into the Rogue Diamond in the Trail-to-Diamond Bottom-Up Pass, Wedge felt a slight shift in the way his X-Wing is handling and Gate begins to warble that the two starboard engines were suffering some sort of catastrophic failure; text rolled across the data screen that he was working as quickly as he could to isolate it and fix it.

Wedge hit his comm, "Rogues, I’ve got some serious mechanical problems, may have to---" he was interrupted by Gate, "Ok, ok, got you. Get ready to be ejected buddy," he told his astromech. He has lost control to all his flight system and was going to crash - he hit the switch to eject his R5 unit and looked up to see that he was headed straight for the crowded Grand Stand filled with spectators, "Sithspawn," swore under his breath as Wes, Tycho and Hobbie’s voices crowded his communit. He heard them telling him to punch out but he couldn’t - he had to try to keep from hitting the stands, I can’t crash there and kill people, I just can’t, Wedge kept telling himself, They’re innocent people down there. He felt his stomach turn in on itself, the bile rise in his throat as he struggled to use brut strength to keep from hitting the stands - his stick did not respond to his efforts and struggles as he and his X-Wing roared towards the crowd. Then his world went black.

Tycho hit his comlink as soon as he lost his connection with Wedge. "Control, this is Rogue Two - we have equipment failure in Rogue Leader - he is coming in hot towards the stands - get people out of there - NOW."

"Already working on that Rogue Two - thanks - we are getting them cleared - your narrator noticed a change in the engine pitch and informed us. Control Tower out." Tycho could hear the announcement from the loudspeakers as the tower closed the channel.

Tycho mentally crossed his fingers and prayed to the Force that they would be able to get as many people out of the stands as they could before Wedge hit them. He looked up and in front of him where Wedge should be - fortunately, their last maneuver had them going slow, high in the air and several kilometers out, that would buy them sometime - and he could see his friend struggling with his bird. "Hobbie, Wes, get to the ground - get emergency medical and fire to those stands - I don’t think Wedge is going to ditch his X-Wing - looks like he is trying to keep from killing as many bystanders as possible, at the possible cost of his own life." The Alderaanian heard two clicks in his headset and watched as Rogues Three and Four headed to the ground; he heard Wes comm ahead, relaying Tycho’s instructions.

Wedge smacked his forehead, hard, on the control consul of his cockpit as the belly of his X-Wing slammed into the ground; not even his flight helmet could keep the impact from knocking the pilot out cold: his port wing was ripped off as it sheared through one of the few permanent buildings lining the flightline sending the craft up onto its nose and attempting to send it into a summersault, sliding on its port side into the almost empty stands. Wedge was unaware of the hands prying open his canopy, pulling him free of his crash restraints and out of the cockpit, placing him on a repulsorcot and rushing him to a waiting medical speeder. He was also unaware that many of the people in the stands had made it to safety because he stayed with his X-Wing. Nor was he conscious of Wes and Tycho riding in the medical speeder with him to Darklighter Memorial Hospital, talking to him the entire trip.

Once there his injuries were evaluated; a severe concussion, dislocated left shoulder and right wrist, a broken left tibia and a fractured left fibula, fractured right ankle - all in all Wedge literally a mess from head to toe: as soon as the doctors had him stabilized he was dunked into bacta - the Rogues waited impatiently for him to come out of the sticky tank which they were assured would be soon.

Hobbie, Corran, Gavin and the rest of the Rogues stayed at the racing grounds helping with the rescue efforts at the tent when he heard a man speaking beside him.

Nisean took a deep breath. "Alright, lets move." He stepped forward and began to lift up the far edge of the tent. He dropped it. "We need something to cut this, whose got a vibroknife?"

Hobbie reached down to his boot and handed the man his boot vibroknife. "How’s this?"

Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian, worked diligently for the next several hours to get both the casualties and the survivors out of the tent all the time his mind on his friend and CO who he hoped was recovering at Darklighter and not in its morgue - consciously, he knew that Wedge had to be alive otherwise Wes or Tycho would have comlinked him by now to tell him otherwise but still…the fear was still there, hiding near the surface of his subconscious that Wedge was dead; But no, he couldn’t be, the somber pilot thought to himself, Wedge is a Rogue and not just any Rogue but one of the squadron’s founders along with Luke Skywalker - he has survived two Death Star runs and that proves that Rogues are hard to kill especially Corellian ones.

Hobbie worked into the evening until all the people who had been in the tent were accounted for, either dead, alive or injured: seeing that his work, and the work of the other Rogues at the site was finished, he gathered his squadmates up and they headed to the Medical Center to await word on Wedge.

"Wes, will you sit down," Tycho told the dark-haired pilot for the umpteenth time, "You won't do Wedge, or yourself, any good pacing a rut in the floor." The two Rogues were in the private room that Wedge had been assigned to; they were waiting for Wedge to be brought after his first dip in the sticky tank and, thanks to Wes when they learned that his injuries were more extensive than originally believed, they had been ejected from the bacta tank room where Wedge floated vulnerably - forcibly.

Wes paused in mid stride, "I can’t help it Tych - he just looks so, so helpless in The Tank and the worse part is, he doesn’t even know how badly he is hurt yet."

"But Wes, think of all the innocent lives he saved by staying with his X-Wing until the end - that was typical Wedge, always thinking of other’s safety before his own, sacrificing himself - he has done that for as long as either of us has known him," the Alderaanian pilot said softly as he walked across the room, placed an arm around Janson’s shoulders and led him to the two chairs placed by the window of the room. Tycho hit a switch to darken the transparisteel and cast the room in shadow, "They should be decanting Wedge soon and bringing him here shortly before he is ready for his next dunking."

Wes sat heavily in the chair, his usually merry blue eyes devoid of their customary twinkle, it being replaced with worry and concern for the man who was like a brother to him in everyway but one - blood, "I know that Tych - isn’t that one of the reasons we have followed his lead for so long, turning down promotions of our own when he has turned down his just to stay in his command?" Their conversation was abruptly ended by two orderlies bringing Wedge into the room and followed closely by one of the doctors overseeing Wedge’s case.


As the orderlies gently settled Wedge’s broken body into the bed, the doctor approached the two Rogues began to stand as he entered the room, "Gentleman, please remain seated," he paused, "I have both good and bad news for you: first the bad news; as you can see, Commander Antilles is badly injured - the extent of the injuries he has sustained is great but he is young and was in good health before the accident. Now for the good news: He will be in and out of bacta for the next week or so - depending on how well his body responds to his bacta treatments then he will be kept here for at least another week after that before he will be released back to active duty and command - his flight status will be restored a week after his released."

Wes let out an audible sigh of relief at the doctor’s words; Tycho smiled and finally let the tension out of his shoulders and allowed them to relax a bit - totally unaware until then that he had even tensed up. "Wes, you remain here with Wedge - he’s going to need you if he wakes up - I’m going back to the Race Arena to tell the rest of the Rogues, then we will head to the Chicane Cantina and wait for you there - comm me if there are any changes in Wedge’s condition or if you decide to stay here with him."

"Sure thing, Tych, and I will be staying here with Wedge," the dark-haired Rogue called after Tycho Celchu as he left the room to go catch the rest of the squadron, leaving Wes alone with Wedge in his private room - once Wes was certain that it was only the two of them in the room and that neither Tycho or the doctor were coming back he stood and walked over to the bed they had placed Wedge in - his body was covered head to toe in bacta bandages, his right foot and ankle, his broken left lower leg and his right hand and forearm in water-proof and bacta-proof casts, his head wrapped in slightly blood stained bandages where he hit his head in his cockpit: pain filled his deep blue eyes at the sight of his injured and sedated friend. Cradling Wedge’s broken right hand in his own he whispered, "I’m here for you buddy and I’ll stay here by your side for as long as I am allowed - I promise well get that Son of a Sith who sabotaged your X-Wing and put you in here and in this condition: I promise you that, Wedge."

A weak moan escaped from Wedge’s lips - that is when Wes noticed that underneath the cuts and abrasions on Wedge’s face his jaws were wired shut - "Wh…wh…t hap’n’d," Wedge tried to ask Wes but his mouth would not work and was dry.

"Shush, Wedge," Wes said softly as he brushed stray hairs off of his friend’s forehead, "Your bird crashed - remember - you saved the lives of many people Wedge, but in the process you got pretty well banged up - now don’t try to talk anymore, they have your jaws wired."

Wedge tried to look at Wes when excruciating pain washed over him - eliciting another moan - he closed his eyes against the agony he was in: "Do you want me to call the doctor, Wedge," Wes asked alarmed at the look on Wedge’s face.

"N…n…o," the Corellian pilot whispered hoarsely, "Wa…er."

Jaded watched from the door, hearing Wedge ask for water, she moved quietly and poured a glass from the pitcher near the door. "Here you go Wes," she said quietly as she handed him the glass with a straw in it to give to Wedge. Jaded walked around to the other side of the bed, and sat in the chair next to it, placing a light hand on Wedge’s arm just above the cast. "Hi there hero," she said softly, looking down at her husband.

Wes took the offered glass and gently placed the straw to Wedge’s dry lips and then slightly into his mouth, "See if you can suck on this, Buddy - if not, I’ll get you some ice chips, ok," Wes told his CO in a barely audible voice before looking up at Jaded, "You heard what the Doctor said," he asked her after she spoke to Wedge.

Trying to bring his eyes into focus to look at his wife as she spoke to him and before he tried to say hello to Jaded, Wedge wrapped his arid lips around the glass straw and tried to bring some of the liquid up into his mouth - it hurt like a Sith to try and suck through the glass tube but he was finally able to bring some of the cool fluid into his dry mouth: as he tried to swallow the small sip of water, he began to choke on it sending a wracking series of coughs through his battered and broken body and interrupting Wes and Jaded prior to her answering Wes’ question.

Jaded watched as Wes gave Wedge some water, started to reply when Wedge started coughing, glancing at Wes, "Get the doctor," she said quietly as she closed her eyes and touched the Force, she centered on Wedge's lungs, and exerting just the lightest touch of the Force, cleared the tiny bit of water from them, and suppressed Wedge's impulse to continue coughing. While she was there, she exerted just the finest amount of control available to her, and suppressed the worst of Wedge's pain. Jaded opened her eyes as Wes walked back in with the doctor in tow.

The doctor took in the scene, "Well if you think you can do better than my services, Major Skywalker, I can assure you that you are mistaken," he stated crossly as he approached the bed.

Jaded stood, stepping around the bed, and taking the doctor by the arm, she turned him to lead him out of the room. "Wes, if he comes back in here without me, do not let him near Wedge," she stated softly, in a voice only to be heard by Wes. She led the doctor out of the room and into the waiting area. "Doctor, let me get one thing straight, I can assure you that I am only trying to help my husband, and I will do what I need to in order to accomplish that. You have it on record that Commander Antilles will not accept pain medication, and I have signed off on that, as you will also find within your record. That does not mean, however, that when he is in extreme pain, I will not intervene with the Force, and if for one moment you believe I will not, you are sadly mistaken. Now I think it is time we got that and any other issues you may have with me straight now," she stated firmly.

The doctor looked at the datapad on Wedge once again, consulting the information there, and confirming what Jaded had just informed him of. "I apologize Major Skywalker, I find that sometimes the family in situations such as this can be a hindrance, you however seem to have a solid head on your shoulders, so I think I have underestimated you," he replied, his tone quiet. "However, at this time I think it of the essence that we get Commander Antilles back into the Bacta tank and continue his treatment," he explained as they stood there.

Jaded glanced back in the direction of the room Wedge was in, "I will take your expert advice in this matter, and I will sign whatever needs to be signed, as I know Wedge does not like Bacta, however sometimes he has to accept that people know better than he," she responded softly.

The doctor nodded, "Very well I will make arrangements to have him transferred back into Bacta, will you be here during the procedure," he asked quietly.

"I will be here until you get him situated, then I will go inform the rest of the squadron of his status. If you need to get a hold of me at any time, Captain Janson knows how to contact me," she explained to the doctor.

"Thank you Major."

Jaded nodded, and turned, heading back into the little room, seeing Wes sitting next to Wedge, lightly holding the casted hand. "Wes, they are going to put him back in the tank for another dip," she told her husband’s best friend, seeing him start to argue, "No I am not asking you to leave, I will stay as well until he is settled in the tank, then I will go update everyone on how he is doing," she told Wes as they waited for the doctor to return. Jaded walked back around the bed Wedge was lying in, and made her way back to his side, taking his uninjured hand in hers as she sat next to him. "The nurse should be bringing some ice chips as well," Jaded told Wes as she sat next to her husband and let the healing energies of the Force flow through her and into him. Not the same as it would be should he be Force sensitive, but it would reduce the pain, and let him rest a bit between dunkings. Jaded glanced up as the nurse came in and set a container of ice chips on the table next to the bed - doing something she rarely did, Jaded used the Force to elevate the container to her hands, and sat it next to the bed on the side she was sitting on, "Here Wedge, try this," she said softly as she placed a small chip of ice against his lips.

Wedge took the ice chip between his parched lips and brought it into his mouth slowly sucking on it while letting the cool liquid run leisurely down his dry throat: he gave Jaded an almost imperceptible nod then looked from his wife to his best friend and back again, "N..t …ro, too m..ny p-p-p..ple died," he croaked out, "Ll my falt." Wedge then tried to refocus his eyes, with little success, on Wes sitting next to the bed on his other side as Jaded continued to slowly feed him more ice chips, "Te.. em n-n-no mmmre ba-bacta."

"No Wedge, I wont tell them that - you need to have the Bacta treatments and you know it," the Taanabian pilot told his close friend, "You know it, I know it, Jaded knows it as does the doctor - if he says more of the sticky tank for you than in you go - end of discussion," Wes finished firmly knowing full well how much the Corellian hated Bacta in general and the tank in particular.

Wes finished speaking just as two hospital orderlies entered Wedge’s private room with a wheeled gurney - addressing Wes whom they took to be in charge, "Captain, Major ma’am," the taller of the two nodded to Jaded as he and his companion maneuvered the gurney closer to the bed, "We are here to take Commander Antilles for his next dunking in Bacta, Captain and the doctor said to expect this dunking to last about three hours or so," the orderly said to Wes as he and the other orderly began to disconnect Wedge from some of the machines he was hooked up to and reconnect him to portable ones on the transport bed.

Wes stood and watched the orderlies doing their job before he spoke softly and firmly, "I will be accompanying Commander Antilles to the Bacta Room and I will be staying with him throughout his entire treatment - this time and every time he needs to be put into the Sticky Tank."

"That is fine, Captain, the doctor has already informed us that you, and possibly the Major here, who we have been informed is the Commander’s wife, would probably be accompanying Commander Antilles to his treatments and that one, or both of you, would be staying with him," the orderly replied as the two of them settled Wedge on to the gurney and prepared to proceed to the Bacta Treatment Facility of the hospital.

Jaded looked down at Wedge as Wes spoke to the orderlies, "You are a hero Wedge, you saved a lot of lives with that stunt, a lot of them, that would have been lost if you had not done what you did," she told him, kissing him lightly on the lips as the orderlies moved to put him on the gurney. "These gentlemen are going to take you for your next treatment Wedge, when you come out, I will be here, I promise," she told him as they carefully transferred him to the gurney. "You take it easy with him," she hissed when one of the orderlies seemed a bit indifferent for her tastes. She watched as they pushed the gurney out of the room, and followed with Wes as they made there way down the corridor to the tank room. There, she and Wes watched as they gently lowered Wedge down into one of the many Bacta Tanks and settled the breathing tube, letting him bob in the healing liquid as it did the job it had been designed to do. After about an hour, when Jaded was sure Wedge was settled in the tank, and there was nothing more she could do for him, she turned to Wes, "I am going to run over to that new cantina tied in with the Race and update Tycho and Hobbie," she told him quietly, "I know I don’t have to ask this, however, I want you to stay here with Wedge until I get back, after which, I want you to head home to your wife for a couple of hours, while I stay with Wedge," she explained to him, turning and leaving the room before he could argue with her.

Wes opened his mouth to protest Jaded’s order that when she returned he was to go home but she was gone before he could get the words out: the Taanabian pilot pulled up one of the few chairs located near the tank where Wedge resided - he settled himself in to the for one of the many Bacta sessions that were to follow during the next two weeks - the only times that he would leave would be when Jaded ordered him to return to his quarters to get some rest with the assurance that she would stay with Wedge; however, those periods of ‘rest’ would be short lived and Wes would return to the medical center to resume his ‘guard duty’ over his best friend. It was upon one of these returns about two weeks after the accident, that he entered Wedge’s room expecting him to be still in bed, some tubes running in and out of his arms, bandages and casts on the covering the worst of his injuries, and hooked up to many of the machines that keep track of his vital signs; instead, Wedge was sitting up in one of the chairs in the room - no tubes or machines in sight - dressed in his duty uniform that Jaded had brought over one the first few days after the crash: Wedge was arguing with one of the nurses, "I told you that I want some real food and I don’t need you, or anybody else for that matter, to feed me." Wes ducked, mainly out of reflex - he had heard Wedge use that tone of voice often and knew that something was going to be launched and take flight across the room in short order - the blue-eyed pilot was not disappointed; a bowl sailed through the space his head had just occupied and crashed into the door frame - shattering and sending globs of gray goo splattering the door and wall and slowly sliding down them.

"Hey Wedge," he said light-heartedly, the joy of seeing his commanding office and friend sitting up and showing spunk filled his voice, a smile spread across his lips, "Good to see you too but do you always great your visitors by throwing your breakfast at them," he chided the Corellian.

Wedge looked in his direction and grinned, a mischievous look in his dark brown eyes, "Only when some. . . some fool of a nurse is trying to shove baby food down my throat, telling me that ‘it’s the doctor’s orders, no solid food for a day or two’ as though I don’t know myself well enough to know what I can and cannot eat."

Wes strode across the room and stood next to Wedge - the two pilots ignoring the nurse as if she were not in the room much less in their immediate vicinity, "Do you think she needs a lesson on what keeps pilots going, Boss," Wes asked as he pulled the flask of Whyren’s Special Reserve whiskey that he had been carrying around with him for when Wedge was better, out of a pocket of his uniform and handed it to Wedge who, much to the horror and dismay of the nurse cracked the seal on the bottle and took a long slow pull on the liquid enjoying every second of the burning sensation as it made its way down his throat and into his stomach - the nurse moved to the bedside table and activated the communit there paging the doctor to the room - stat - the patient was being violent. Wedge handed the whiskey back to Wes who took his own long draw before continuing, "I guess she hasn’t heard that to Corellian pilots, this is mother’s milk - think I should let her know too that a pilot needs meat not pabulum nor how violent the legendary Antilles temper can be," his boyish features merry with a devilish gleam in his eyes, "I’ve had Squeaky on alert the last few days to have a typical pilot’s meal-before-a-mission ready for you on a moment’s notice hoping that you would be feeling ready to get up out of that bed soon," he said as he thumbed his comlink and spoke quietly into it. The doctor, followed by several hospital security guards, tried to enter Wedge’s room but were stopped just outside the door by the drawn blasters of two of the pilots Jaded and Wes had stationed on duty there - Gavin and Corran.

"Put away the blasters guys and let the good doctor in but keep the others out there - they wont be needed," Wedge called to his pilots, "I want to have a little talk with the man," he continued as he indicated for Wes to take the chair next to him that the doctor the one opposite of him: Wedge schooled his features into those of the Commanding Officer that he was and let his voice take on the characteristics of his best Commander’s tone and proceeded - not speaking to him like a subordinate but awarding the man with the respect he deserved, "Doctor, as you told me earlier, I am as recovered from my injuries as much as medical science will allow and that I will be being released soon - well I am . . ." Wedge was interrupted by the arrival of a C-3PO droid pushing a cart with tantalizing scents rising from its covered dishes. Wedge cleared his throat and continued, "As I was say, I am ready to be discharged today at your convenience - also, I know my body and how it reacts to injury and heals better than anyone and you prescribing that ‘mush’ for me to eat is not what I need nor what I want." As he spoke, Squeaky proceeded to set out plates for Wedge and Wes containing medium-rare nerf steaks, baked tubers, steamed vegetables and ryshcate but before the doctor could respond to Wedge or comment on the food that had been placed in front of the pilots, Jaded appeared at the door.

Jaded strolled past the security personnel standing outside the door to Wedge’s room and shook her head, "Gavin, Corran, you are dismissed," she told the two Rogues, turning back to face the security people moving to enter the room, and dropping her voice an octave and assuming her best commander’s voice, she addressed the security personnel, "You too are dismissed," she informed them, her voice brooking no room for argument.

The senior officer, a 2nd Lieutenant faced off against Jaded, "Major, we are here because the patient has become violent, and may harm the doctor," he stated quietly.

Jaded turned her attention directly to the one speaking, "Lieutenant, I am sure the doctor is only in the danger he is putting himself in as I can assure you that Colonel Antilles is about as violent and as dangerous as a Corellian Sandpanther kitten when he is ill or injured - if you will cease to delay me, I will be able to ascertain what is taking place in that room, as I said, you are dismissed," she responded, a hint of the notorious Skywalker temper coloring her voice.

The Lieutenant looked confused and doubtful for a moment before turning back to his people, and motioning them away, before returning his attention back to Jaded, "I will be close by and I hold you personally responsible for everything which happens in that room, Major," he stated softly.

Jaded reached out and grabbed the Lieutenant by the collar, slamming him back against the wall, "Listen very carefully Lieutenant, and closely, as you obviously do NOT know with whom you are addressing, you have a direct order from a senior officer in your chain of command to return to your duties, that does NOT include standing here with me arguing over this, nor does it mean threatening me, I have two witnesses to that threat, both pilots with Rogue Squadron, when I am through with you, you are going to be saluting the grubs," she stated coldly releasing the man and turning to face Corran and Gavin who still stood in the anteroom. "Lieutenants, please escort this man to the security office, and speak to his supervisor, I want him brought up on charges of insubordination," she told the pilots who for the moment were still under her command before turning her attention back to the security people standing around, "As I informed you before, you are dismissed," she informed them, turning and letting Corran and Gavin handle their dispersion. Jaded entered the room Wedge was in and glanced around, taking in the shattered remnants of the bowl against the wall, Jaded turned and addressed Squeaky as he finished laying out breakfast for her, Wes and Wedge, "Squeaky if you could please take care of this mess it would be much appreciated," she requested of the 3PO unit as he was leaving, before turning her attention to the nurse standing next to the bed, "You too are dismissed," she told the young woman firmly.

Squeaky looked at Jaded and then to Wedge and Wes, "Well it is thankful that someone around here has some manners, I will take care of that Major Skywalker," the droid stated as he moved in her direction.

The nurse looked to the doctor before following the order Jaded had given her, this set Jaded off once again, "What is it about 2nd Lieutenants today - going around thinking I am giving requests instead of orders - are you all morons," she asked her voice very low and dangerous, "Lieutenant that was an order not a request, now you can leave now, or I will have Captain Janson here remove you from the room," she told the bewildered young woman. The nurse glanced at Wes, turned around, and quietly left the room. "Now Doctor, what were you and my husband discussing before I entered," she asked, her voice suddenly sticky sweet.

Wedge had stood as Jaded was having her tirade, and walked over to his wife, taking her arm and leading her to the chair next to his opposite of where Wes was sitting, and lifted the lid on the food sitting on the small table in front of her before sitting down again, "Doctor, I believe you know my wife, Major Skywalker," Wedge stated as a way of introduction between the two.

The doctor watched as Jaded seated herself, "Well Commander Antilles, from the tests I have run, though there is nothing left to do medically, you do need rest, and you are notorious for not resting when told to, therefore, I have come to the decision that you will be remaining here in the hospital for the remainder of your convalescence, and will be released when I feel you can do no harm to yourself," the doctor informed the trio.

Wedge looked from his best friend to his wife as they both began laughing almost hysterically, "What are you two clowns laughing about," he asked, as if he did not already know.

Jaded was the first to get herself under control, "This guy has you pegged dear, too bad for him we follow your orders and not his," she told him, still trying to control her giggles.

Wedge crossed his arms over his chest, giving both Jaded and Wes mock glowers then schooling his mouth into a pout, sticking out his bottom lip before saying anything, "This is true," Wedge stated as a patented male Corellian lopsided grin spread slowly across his features before he let it become the feral grin of a starfighter cockpit jockey in combat, "Doctor, what the Major says is correct, she and the Captain follow my orders and not yours and I am leaving this place and returning to my personal quarters within the next twenty-four hours and that is that, end of non-existent discussion - understood," the Corellian informed the physician, his voice deep and commanding almost bordering on being menacing - letting the doctor know that there was no room for argument on his part. "Doctor, you are dismissed as the Captain, Major and I desire to eat our breakfasts while they are still hot - your presence is no longer required or needed," Wedge proceeded to lift the lid Squeaky had placed over his food, ignoring the doctor as he inhaled the succulent scent of nerf steak and picking up his fork and knife, commenced with eating the first real food he had eaten in weeks.

"Colonel Antilles, I must…" the doctor began to protest.

"Wes," Wedge said simply.

Wes rose from his chair with the gracefulness of a cat and moved to where the doctor stood indignantly in front of Wedge attempting to protest the Colonel’s statement and subsequent dismissal, "Doctor, I strongly suggest that you do as the Colonel says or I will be forced to escort you from this room," the Taanabian purred, his voice a low menacing growl - his dark blue eyes boring into the doctor to emphasis his point.

"But Captain, as the Colonel’s physician, I know what is best for him medically and he must follow my orders if he wants to be returned to active duty."

"And Doctor, the Colonel has lived in his body his entire life and he knows what is actually best for him and what will allow to return to active duty as soon as possible after an injury or illness - now if you do not remove yourself from this room immediately, I will be forced to comm Admiral Ackbar, explain to him the situation and have him remove you as the Colonel’s doctor SINCE you refuse to listen to him."

The doctor turned on his heel and huffed out of Wedge’s room, as a Major in the New Republic’s Medical Corp division of Fleet Command he was not use to having his medical orders disobeyed even by a higher ranking officer, nor being challenged by a junior officer - he swore under his breath as he headed towards his office to contact Admiral Ackbar, that Colonel Antilles would follow his medical orders and that Captain Janson would be brought up on charges of Actions Unbecoming an Officer and Insubordination.

Wes returned to his place next to Wedge, commed the Admiral, explained the situation and what happened before commencing to join Jaded and Wedge in finishing breakfast - within two hours the three of them were in a speeder with Wes at the controls, making their way to the Rogue’s base on Coruscant and Wedge’s quarters/office where they were met by Tycho, Hobbie, Gavin and the remainder of the Rogues and their support personnel who where there to greet their friend and commanding officer with a small welcome home party. When Jaded noticed Wedge tiring a few hours later she motioned to Wes - calling the party to an end and watching all of their friends depart except for Tych and Hobbs, she and Wes escorted Wedge to his room where Wes left Jaded to put Wedge to bed so that he could rest.

To be Continued...

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