A Tale of Two Planets
Part One
by Commander Wedge

Note: This story is being written as part of an RGP and therefore several people are involved in writing the characters. Only Wedge is written by one person. The authors are, in no particular order: Captain_tycho_celchu2000, Commander_wedge_antilles2001, iella_wessiri_6988, jaded_rogue_3, jedi_chic63, lieutenant_wes_janson2002, lorelei_jedi_knight, lt_kriana_raktara, master_luke_skywalker63, thejadedkat and tristanstarrunner.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, sat a mysterious stranger, cloaked in black only, sipping a strange-looking blue liquid, sweet to the taste. He sat alone, keeping to himself in a corner table in a crowded pub. His eyes followed the room, looking for any answers to his awaiting quest. Little did he know that soon the reason for his story would soon walk through the door…

Wedge Antilles, legendary commander of Rogue Squadron, walked in at the time that had been predetermined. He took off his dark sunglasses so that he could see in the dim interior. Wedge was dressed in civilian clothing, a blue-grey pullover sweater under his leather jacket, jeans and flight boots. His blaster was slung low on his right hip and tied down. He walked up to the bar and ordered a Corellian beer, and after arguing with the bartender that he was old too enough to drink, finally showing him his NR SFC ID, Wedge then headed to the table where he sat. Wedge slid into the seat opposite him, "Hi ya Luke. Been a long time since you left me and Tycho in charge of the Rogues."

Lorelei walked into the pub quietly and looked around until she saw Master Skywalker seated at a table with a young man. She didn't know who he was, but figured it was the friend Master Skywalker told her they would be meeting. He was a handsome man in jeans and a leather jacket. She wondered what Master Skywalker needed to meet for though, he said little on the trip to Coruscant. She let out a sigh, walked over to the table, and stood quietly. Then smiles and nodded to her master Skywalker. "Well, it looks like I found the right place...unless there are two of you," she joked and then smiled at the stranger.

Wedge looked up at the new comer and observed her with his dark brown, serious eyes, "So Luke, who's your friend?" He gives her his best lopsided Corellian grin.

Lorelei smiles at the man and extends a hand. "Lorelei." she says to him in a soft, calm voice. "And you are…?"

Wedge offers his hand to her, "General Wedge Antilles, New Republic Starfighter Command and Commander of Rogue Squadron, ma'am," he replies in a soft voice. Then turning his attention to his old friend, "Ok, Luke. What's so important that you need the Rogues?"

She shook his hand firmly and smiled...so this is General Antilles! She thought. She thought she recognized him, but couldn't place him! Wait a minute!!! Ma'am? He called me ...MA'AM? I am 19 and already I feel like I am 40...man I need a vacation.

"Ok, Luke. What's so important that you need the Rogues," he said to Master Skywalker.

Lorelei quietly took a seat between Luke and Wedge and listened quietly.

"Wedge, good to see you again." Luke said shaking his long time friends hand. He looked in Lorelei's direction. "This is one of my students, I chose her to come with me for this mission." She smiles and nods at Wedge. Luke's eyes seemed almost sad as he mentioned it.

"I am going to need you and the Rogues' help in a 'Peace' mission to one of the outer rim worlds."

"Well Ackbar has cleared us to help, just fill me in on the details," Wedge declared.

"Well, there are two planets in the outer Rim territories. Aquilla and Terra Firma. One is a planet that consists completely of water, the other is all rock and mineral." He calmly looks at Lorelei as she brings out a small black device. She turns it on, and a 3D diagram of the system is revealed. The two planets slowly move around each other until a small spherical space station is shown.

"Because neither world can survive on its own, there has been a compromise between both worlds." Lorelei started, as the 3D image of the station grew closer. She continued, "The governments of the planets used both of the worlds' resources to create a neutral space station to grow food and develop tools for both worlds but for some reason, a war has started in the system. Both governments are fighting for control of the station. We don't know why or how that war started...that is what we need to find out."

Luke then cut in, "The reason I called for the Rogues is because we need the group to watch over the station while we talk to the planets' leaders. We hope that if there is a neutral fleet watching over it, no one will get any ideas of take over until the peace talks are complete."

As Wedge & Lorelei listened to Luke's explanation of the mission, a commotion stirred on the far side of the pub. Luke glanced in that direction and a smile crossed his face. The familiarity of a blaster and the obvious loud growl gave him comfort to know that an old friend from the past had received his invitation. They made their way towards the table and Luke stood to give them a warm greeting, then turned to introduce the newcomers to Lorelei, for Wedge already knew who they were.

When the newcomers came a look of surprise came to Lorelei's face when she saw a large creature about twice her size covered in cinnamon- brown fur. She wasn't exactly sure how to react. She looked at Luke who gave her a calming nod.

"Han, Chewie! I'm glad you could make it!" Luke said in a very boyish tone.

Lorelei smiled at her Master; he seemed full of life when he was around these three, They must have shared a lot of good times together, Lorelei thought.

"Hey, don't let this big fur ball scare ya honey," said the man who was with the tall creature, "He won't hurt a fly."

Lorelei smiled shyly.

"Lorelei," Luke started, "These are the friends I told you would be joining us, hopefully. This is Chewbacca," Luke smiled as Chewie made a low grumble/growl as an introduction, "And my good friend and brother-in-law, Han Solo."

Lorelei smiled at the two as they pulled some chairs up to continue the meeting.

Wedge shook Han's hand, "Hey ya Han, or is it still General Solo?" He was then subjected to a rib-crushing hug from Chewie, "Yeah, good to see you too, Chewie," he gasped.

As Han Solo and Chewie greet the other members of Master Luke's group a large being about the size of Chewie walks up behind the pair. Wearing a black rode and hood pulled over his head. "Pardon Me," He purrs as he slips past the two and bows before Luke. "Master Skywalker, I was sent a message from General Cracken stating that I was to work with you on a mission." The being pulls the hood back to revel his cat like appearances.

Luke stood and greeted the creature with a nod. "Please join us, we were just starting the meeting." Luke motioned for the creature to take a seat. Luke then sat back down... "I didn't catch your name," he said to the creature.

Lorelei watched the group that was gathering...though she has seen many creatures at the Academy, she was not use to the cat like creature, or 'Chewie' but they seemed nice enough. Lorelei started to get a bit thirsty so before the meeting could be started again she stood up and smiled. "I need to get a drink, may I bring anyone anything back?" She looked around.

"Thank you," Shadow takes a seat. "I am known as Shadow." Looking over at the young lady, "I would have a glass of ice water. Please."

"One glass of ice water, coming up. Anyone else?" Lorelei asked.

Wedge sat back in his chair and observed Shadow then he spoke to Luke. "Luke, the Rogues are not, ah, what I would call a neutral element. We are part of the New Republic and the elite of the elite. What makes you think that anyone will accept us as neutral?" He held up his hands before Luke could cut in, "Ackbar said you also want my command ship, the Echoes of Endor there as well. That's a lot of firepower Luke - two squads of X-Wings, one of As and one of Bs, plus the Mon Cal cruiser. People might get the wrong idea as to why we're there."

Luke shook his head to Lorelei motioning he did not want anything to drink, he watches leave as he listened to Wedge. "I know, they might, but there is more to this story. But I do not want to talk about it here."

"We can go back to my office Luke. At least it's secure and I can call in my senior officers to join us."

Lorelei returned with two waters and handed one to Shadow. She smiled at him as she sat down.

Chewie sat quietly watching everyone and seemed intrigued with the tall cat creature.

"I don't care where we go, as long as I find out what is going on," Han broke in, he took a deep breath and propped his feet up on the table and leaned back. "Hate being kept in the last one to know about things."

Luke nodded to Wedge..."That sounds like a good idea. That will be perfect." Luke smiled deciding he wanted to catch up for a bit before going to Wedge's office. "So how are you and the other Rogues? I haven't been back in a while."

Wedge followed Han's lead; he propped his chair back against the wall so that his shoulders were resting against it and propped his booted feet on the edge of the table. "Not much has changed, Tycho and Winter are as happily married as ever, Wes is still the proverbial child and my personal bane, and of course Hobbie is still his cohort in crime and they are constantly coming up with new reasons for me to shoot one or the other. Of course I have a new way of getting even with then, you'll see what I mean when we get back on base." He purposefully avoided saying anything about himself.

Luke let a small chuckle..."You're right, nothing HASN'T changed." Luke then sensed Wedge was hiding something from him. He gave Wedge a devilish grin. "And how about you Wedge? How is the love life?" Luke smiled jokingly.

Lorelei watched in amusement, all her time on Yavin, Luke was so quiet and reserved, but now he seemed like he was a young 20 year old just getting back to school and meeting friends, it showed her a new personality of her Master Luke's she had not seen....

Han laughed a deep laugh at the question. "I think Luke has been spending too much time with us Chewie."

Wedge glared at Han and Chewie before turning his attention back to the Jedi Master, "Which is, exactly, what Skywalker," Wedge asked seriously and then turned the question back on Luke, "How's yours?" Luke's face turned a light shade of red, an embarrassed laugh came out..."ok, ok, I get the hint." He ran his fingers through his short blonde hair and looked at Wedge.

"Mara and I have been doing well."

Han looked at the two talking, he let out a sigh, "Look, speaking of love life, I would like to get back to mine sometime this millennium so if we could please get this meeting going?" Han grinned and motioned for Wedge to lead the way to his office.

Chewie chuckled but let out a small grumble in agreement.

Luke laughed at Han and nodded his head, "Whenever you're ready Wedge, lead the way."

Wedge tilted his chair forward, standing as it came down to rest; he put his dark, black sunglasses back on before heading out the door. As he walked through the 'bar', he thumbed his comlink, calling the base, letting the sentries know that he would be bringing some civilian guests with him, as well as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Han can use his own military pass to get on base, Wedge thought.

The group all got up out of their seats and followed Wedge outside. Han and Chewie, Shadow, and Luke and Lorelei all went to their separate speeders to meet up at the base.

Continued in Part Two