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To Wes
by Commander Wedge

To Wes

You intrigue me you enigma
You Mystery so beautifully named Wes.
Your absence leaves a void in my soul,
An emptiness in my heart.
Every minute we are parted is an age, an eon, en epoch,
An eternity.
I long to run my fingers through your thick, luxurious mane,
Your bright, shinning hair from which radiates your inner soul,
Your energy.
I yearn to gaze deeply into your bright brown eyes
That dazzle with the light of all the stars in the heavens of the galaxy
They reflect your spirit - your mood.
I want to hear the lilt of your bewitching voice
The sweet dulcet tones as you speak to me, your phrasing, your accent.
I ache with a physical pain to hold you close
To experience your strong, supple body against mine
To feel the gentleness of your breath brushing my neck, my ears,
Caressing my lips.
I inhale deeply only to be invigorated by your
Intoxicating scent,
The clean, crisp, inviting fragrance of
Your skin, your hair, your soul.
All these things combined are nothing more than my feeble attempts to express my love, My feelings,
For you My Darling, My Love, My Light, My Life, My Soul.

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