Whose Line is it Anway?
Part One
by Xaverii Jade

*music starts*

[Corran] Hello! Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway?! I'm you're host, Corran Horn.

*immense booing is heard from the audience*

[Corran] Okay! Today on our show we have 'The Fabulous Four'! Wedge Antillies, Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, and Hobbie Kilvian!

*crowd cheers*

[Corran] Let's play! The name of our first game is 'Let's Make a Date'! This is for all four of you. Tycho, you're on a dating type show, and you have to choose which of the guys you would like to date!

[Tycho] Do I have to choose one of them?

[Audience] YES!!

[Tycho] Ok. *Rolls his eyes*

[Corran] We've given each of them a quirky character, and Tycho has to guess who each of them are. They have never seen these card before.

*We see Wes, Wedge, and Hobbie making faces as they read their cards*

[Tycho] Bachelor number 1?

[Wedge] Yes?

*Wedge is using a ridiculously high voice. We see at the bottom of the screen that he is "An Ewok with a Bad Case of Sunburn"*

[Tycho] If you were to take me on a date, where would we go?

[Wedge] Oh! I would take you under a nice shady tree in the forest!

[Tycho] Okaaayyy... Batchlor number 2?

[Wes] Wuzsup baby?!

*Wes is Lando Calrissian on glitterism*

[Tycho] How would you describe a perfect date?

[Wes] Well, me and my bitch would go to my place and...

*The censor is forced to bleep out an entire minute and a half of Wes talking. Tycho shudders*

[Tycho] Thats...graphic. Batchlor number 3?

[Hobbie] /Hiissss/.....

*Hobbie has pulled one of his arms into his shirt, and stuck out his toungue. He is an " Once human mutant from the underworld of Corousant trying to defend it's territory."*

[Tycho] Ummm.. What is you're favorite color?

[Hobbie] Rarrrr!! /Hiiisss/ Rabalaraklar!!!!

[Tycho] That's my favorite color too! Cool! Okay, Batchlor number one?

[Wedge] Yes?

[Tycho] What is you're favorite reastraunt?

[Wedge] The treetop cafe!

*audience does not laugh*

[Tycho] Batchlor number 2?

[Wes] Yeah?

[Tycho] What is you're favorite reastraunt?

[Wes] The one I created, baby! ' The Smugglars' Horehouse'! Whoohoo!

* He stands up* Come on!

*audience goes wild*

[Wes] You know you love me! You know- *he spots someone in the audience* Hey baby! What's you're name?

*audience cheers as he goes up and sits in the crowd, next to the girl*

[Wes] Hey, honey. Heard of those Jedi with their lightsabers? *girl nodds* Well, I'll take you out back and show you my darksaber...

*audience hoots*

[Tycho] *laughing* Okay.. Batchlor number 3?

[Hobbie] Braraaahhhraeara!

[Tycho] What is you're favorite reaustraunt?

[Hobbie] Blassrarsda! Rarara! Garagsaaj! Rrrara!

[Tycho] *surprised* Mine too! We have so much in common its freaky!

[Corran] Okay its time to figure out who they are!

*Wes comes down from audience*

[Tycho] Okay, Batchlor number one is...a wookie?

[Corran] NO!! He's an Ewok with a bad case of sunburn!

[Tycho] What? Okay...Batchlor number two is..himself?

[Wes] Hey! *Hobbie raises an eyebrow and nodds at Wes. He sighes* Yeah..okay...

[Corran] He's Lando Calrissian on Glitterism!

[Tycho] Oh. Okay. Batchlor numer three is...A once human mutant from the underworld of Corousant Trying to defend it's territory?

[Corran] CORRECT!!!

*audience cheers. The men go back to their seats*

[Corran] Okay! Thats 10000 points for that poor girl in the audience!

[Wes] She knows she likes it...

*audience laughes*

[Corran] Okay! We'll be right back with more Whose Line is it Anyway!

Continued in Part Two