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Cut the Chatter
by Aggy

"So darlin’, what do you want me to do to you?" My voice was soft almost hesitant. Gods, I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. Seducing Wes over the comm link while traveling through the boredom of hyperspace. But after that kiss in the hanger, I was craving him and I couldn’t stand the thought of not indulging that craving in some form before we went into battle.

"You’re the one that’s suppose to make suggestions, Selina," he chided. "Don’t you know how to play this game?"

"Actually, I don’t, Flyboy. Why don’t you teach me?"

"Ohh…" he breathed. "A comm sex virgin!"

I crossed my arms over my chest, not liking that sudden twist. So what if I was…A wicked thought flitted through my mind. "Does that mean you’re NOT a comm sex virgin?"

"My last wing was Hobs!" His voice was almost a squeak as he mentioned Klivian’s name.

I couldn’t help smirking, "That doesn’t answer the question…"

"Keep making smart remarks like that and I won’t answer at all!"

I sank down into my seat and pouted. "Spoilsport."

He didn’t answer me and I let out a tired sigh. So he was going to sulk through the rest of the trip. Oh well, I could always take a nap. Zephyr would wake me before we reverted to real space in plenty of time to get ready for battle.

"Did you like the kiss, Selina? Did it get you excited?"

I jerked forward against the safety harness, eyes wide as Wes’ voice broke through the silence. "I saw it in your eyes, how much you wanted me. They turn soft gray when I kiss you." His words became rough, sending warm chills down my spine. "If Wedge hadn’t interrupted you would’ve fucked me right there, wouldn’t you?"

I closed my eyes, allowing myself to remember the feel of his body grinding me against the strut of my x-wing. If I focused, I could feel how his body burned against mine, taste the desperate intensity as he ravaged my mouth. "Yes," I breathed, fighting for control as the memory devoured my senses. "Right there on the ferrocrete. Riding you hard and fast. Can you imagine it, Wes?" A shuddering breath caught in my throat, adding to the tightness that was stealing through my body. "Until you were begging me to…"

"Naughty, naughty, Selina" he gasped. He swallowed hard and I could almost feel his body tensing with desire. Just like mine…"Didn’t know you were into the rough stuff."

"There’s a lot you don’t know about me," I purred.

"I would LOVE to get to know you better…" He sighed, then suddenly, his voice went from raw desire to smooth sensuality. Soft and deep, it slid down my spine like a silken caress. "I always thought you would prefer something more luxurious. Candlelight spilling across your body as I slowly undress you. Velvet rose petals brushing against your skin as I gently ease you down onto the bed…"

Desire transformed from something razor edged to soft and languid, aching through my body with each breath. Hesitantly, I leaned forward, almost afraid that moving would release me from his spell, and turned up the volume on the comm unit.

"Would you like that, Selina?" I shivered in response to that delicious voice. "Do you want me to tease you with soft kisses? Worshipping you with gentle touches before losing myself in you…Would you like that, Selina?"

I could only answer him with a soft moan.

His chuckle snapped me out of my bliss. I knew that laugh…pure arrogance. That worthless nerf… Gritting my teeth I ignored the images his words had created, focusing instead on making Wes as desperate as I felt…

"Candlelight and roses are lovely, but sometimes…." I took a deep breath, counted to ten, exhaled. Ok. Something that resembled calm was present in my hormone driven mind. "Sometimes you need to get a little wild. Can’t always play it safe." It seemed that all my energy was focused on the words I was speaking, the images that were overwhelming my mind. "Why not go for that ride you promised. I’m sure we could manage to have a helluva lot of fun."

"There’s no way to have sex in an x…" His ready denial proved that he truly had considered that fantasy.

"Have you ever tried it? Have you ever had someone pressed that close to your body?" Arrogance of my own colored the words. "Have you ever had ME pressed that close?"

His groan was answer enough.

I let my voice drop, becoming husky and dark. "I’ve managed to wiggle into some very TIGHT…" His breath hitched and I fought the urge to smile. I was definitely getting to him. "…Places to get my prize."

Smirking, I settled in my seat, squirming a bit as my body reminded me of how much I wanted my Wing. "Can you picture it, Wes? My body pressed so tight against yours that you don’t know where you end and I begin. Can you feel it?"

"Selina," he moaned.

I had to fight the desire that sang through me, the ache that pounded in time with my pulse. How could one word, the simple act of saying my name, have such a reaction? I bit my lip, focusing on the words I was creating, not the smooth decadence of his voice. A lump formed in my throat, almost cutting off my breath; swallowing hard, I concentrated on my goal: Driving Wes crazy.

"I think we could do it Wes. You know how determined I can be," I purred. I heard him curse and the creak of his seat as he shifted uncomfortably. I was definitely getting to him. "And when I’m determined I ALWAYS get my prize."

"Picture it, Wes," I breathed. Gods, how I wanted this fantasy to be real. "My body pressing yours into the seat as we go for that ride you promised. So close that you can feel every movement of my body. Every gasp. Every twitch….Every moan…"

Gods, if I could touched him. If I could be in that x-wing…

"Cut the chatter!" Wedge’s famous line echoed through my headset, completely driving all illicit thoughts from my mind.

Oh Sith…

It was like being doused in ice water. I stared at the control panel, my stomach sinking into my left boot when I realized I had hit the wrong switch. Which meant that instead of turning up the volume, I had…Oh Sith. My sister’s lover had heard my "conversation" with Wes. Or to be more technical, every word had been heard by our commanding officer.

Oh Sith…

"Aw, Wedge? Do we have to?" Wes whined, doing his best to sound like a thwarted six-year-old.

That familiar whine allowed my annoying wit to kick in. "Don’t worry, darlin’ he’s just unhappy that he doesn’t have someone to help him alleviate the boredom."

"Well after that show, most of the pilots will have to be alleviating SOMETHING, that’s for sure, Sis."

Oh Sith…

"Um, Celeste. You telling me that the show was..."

"Coming through loud and clear? Oh yeah…"

I blushed brighter (and a much more appealing color) than my flightsuit. "Oh, that’s just swell. Hope y’all liked it." I heard a smattering of applause through the headset. Suddenly, I wished I could eat vacuum. "I am sooooo embarrassed."

"Are you ashamed of your feelings for me, Selina?" Wes pretended to sob. "I thought we had a good thing together!"

"Remember, ladies and gentlemen, this is a mission not a sex show."

"Could’ve fooled me, Wedge," Tycho snickered.

"Do we HAVE to fight now?" Hobbie’s voice definitely didn’t sound mournful.

There was a smattering of protests over the comm. I couldn’t help laughing. "We have a general consensus, Antilles. Make love, not war."

Corran cut through the general mayhem broadcast over the channel. "We have orders."

"Oh shut up," Celeste snapped. "If you got laid more often…"

I let out a whoop of laughter. "Always knew Mirax was too much woman for him!"

"Shut up you two," Corran snapped.

"Make me, CorSec," I taunted.

More chaos erupted over the comm system, forcing Wedge to again growl out his famous line. "Cut the chatter, people. Or do you all want to be reprimanded when we reach the Home One."

Quickly, our audience settled, knowing that the great Wedge Antilles did have the disposition to make life uncomfortable for any one of us. Cleaning the hanger with a toothbrush wasn’t exactly a grand way to spend downtime….

I slid down into my seat; cheeks still hot from the embarrassment of having the entire Squad listen in on what was suppose to be a private show for my lover. Then, as if my embarrassment couldn’t be worse, my commanding officer decided he wanted to talk. "Rogue Seven?"

I winced as Wedge’s voice filled my ears. I knew I deserved a reprimand but the nervous energy humming through my body was not putting me in the mood to be lectured. "Yes, Sir?"

"Why aren’t you discussing flight plans with your Wing?"

What the…

"Flight plans, Sir?"

His voice was bland, completely and totally innocent. "Weren’t you discussing flight plans before I interrupted?"

Well…technically…if that’s what Wedge wanted to call it…Maybe he wasn’t as straight-laced as I thought. "Yes, Sir but you ordered us to be quiet."

"I don’t see why you can’t continue your discussion if you keep it to a private line." That totally bland voice was suggesting that Wes and I…No wonder Risha loved the man.

"Um…Wedge…Thank you."

"You’re very welcome. Wish I could have had a conversation like that before my first flight with the Squad. Now call your Wing before I change my mind."

Grinning, I reached for the control panel to click it onto a private channel.

"Oh, Selina…"

Dammit, knew it was too good to be true. "Yes, Sir?"

"You think Risha would mind if I called her?"


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