Quiet of the Morning
by Antigone

The chrono was beeping.

Wedge Antilles pulled the blankets over his head, trying to block out the noise.  He was warm and tired and content to lie in bed and ignore the Sith-spawned war.

The figure beside him grumbled and pushed the blankets down, then reached over Wedge’s prone body and swatted at the insistent chrono.  Wedge murmured a sleepy “Thank you,” and curled up around the other’s body, holding his companion close.  He buried his face into the crook of his lover’s neck, inhaling the clean scent of skin, and drifted off.

A noise-- something beeping loudly-- tried to penetrate the fog in his brain.  As he floated toward consciousness, Wedge heard a sigh, a hand striking plastic several times until it hit its mark, then the chrono was silent again.  The bed shifted and Wedge felt the warm body next to him sit up.

"Morning, love," a soft voice whispered as fingers brushed his hair back from his face.  Wedge felt hot breath against his cheek, then the soft press of lips before his companion stood, leaving him cold and bereft.

The quiet sounds of morning filled his ears-- feet padding across the room, water striking the shower walls in the refresher, a voice singing an off-key rendition of ‘Good Day, Sunshine.’  Happy sounds.

Wedge peeked at the chrono and decided that he could take a minute or thirty to sleep in.  He burrowed under the covers and hugged the pillow, smiling to himself as the voice in the ‘fresher missed a high note.

The lights came on suddenly, flooding the room.  Even buried as he was, Wedge had to squeeze his eyes shut against the glare.  He bounced as a body hit the bed, tackling him and rolling over until Wedge was flat on his back.  The Corellian blinked up at the person straddling him and wiped away a drop of water that fell from the damp hair onto his chest.

"Good morning, beautiful."

"G’way."  Wedge pulled the blankets over his head.  Grinning, his paramour pulled them back down.  The Corellian scowled and tugged at the covers, struggling until his companion jerked them away and pinned his hands beside his head.

Wedge sighed contentedly as his blue-eyed love laid atop him, pressing their chests together until Wedge could feel their hearts beating together as one, steady, slow...

Soft lips touched his, then pulled away.  A slow smile spread across the lovely face over him and Wedge felt the other’s body settle more firmly against his.

"Rise and shine."

Wedge groaned as he felt his sweetheart’s hips move rhythmically against his.  The lips teased him, brushing his, the tongue darting out then retreating when Wedge tried to deepen the kiss.  He strained halfheartedly against the strength of the person over him, loving the slow torment even as he swelled beneath the thin sleep-pants and yearned for release.

Hips ground hard against him and Wedge gasped, arching into the forceful touch. 


The only answer was a soft chuckle, then his lover kissed him tenderly and sat up, releasing his hands.  Wedge reached out, growling as his hands were playfully slapped away.  Blue eyes smiled down at him, lighting up the room.  Hands ran down his chest, brushing through the line of dark hair on his stomach before toying with the drawstring on his sleep-pants.

"Are you awake now?"  Talented fingers stroked him through the cloth, making him writhe and beg.

"Yes--Gods!  Yes!  Please... need you... please..."  He could barely catch his breath enough to plead as those cruel, cruel fingers ran over the insides of his thighs, pausing to stroke and squeeze his engorged member.

Wedge felt his companion tugging at the fabric and obediently raised his hips to help slide them off.  Blue eyes twinkled at him, holding his gaze as a soft pink tongue touched the weeping tip of his cock.

Wedge hissed impatiently, then moaned as the tongue snaked out again, circling the head before gently tasting the flesh of his shaft.  His back arched as those sweet lips engulfed him, sucking gently on the head of his cock before suddenly letting go.

The Corellian couldn’t stop the cry of frustration that rose to his lips.  His fingers tangled in the other’s soft hair, trying to force his laughing love back to the task at hand. 

"Imp," he growled, too aroused to work up any real anger.

Quiet laughter filled his ears and was drowned out by his rushing blood and pounding heart as the warm mouth slid over him again. 

His head fell back as the talented tongue began to work in earnest.  Heat flared and spread from his loins to the tips of his fingers and toes.  Wedge choked back a sob as he disappeared further into the other’s mouth, the soft suction drawing him closer to the edge.

Fingers wrapped around his shaft, gently squeezing in counterpoint to the pull of lips and tongue.  Wedge arched and writhed, fingers tugging painfully at his beloved’s hair as he watched through glazed eyes.  His breathing grew ragged, his skin tingled, he moaned incoherently as tears of ecstasy spilled from his eyes.

His hips came up off the bed as he thrust deeper into the willing maw.  His scream started as a low, keening moan, building as he felt the warm rush of orgasm overtake him, and he grabbed the pillow from under his head and held it over his face to muffle his cries.  There was no end to this pleasure, this pure, unending bliss that made his
body ache and tremble, then, then-- he spilled into his lover’s eager mouth, weeping and screaming, falling into an abyss so deep that he’d never make it back out.

He lay peacefully in the arms of his benefactor, relaxing as his face was covered with soft kisses.  Wedge turned his face upward and met his lover’s lips with his own.

"Throw the chrono out.  You can wake me up from now on."


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