Fanfic by Claire


The Adventures of Wes Janson, Ace Statistician
Pairing: Wes/m
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Wes' first love
Warning: SLASH
Status: Complete

Borsk's Song (Asshole)
Author: Claire
Rating: R
Summary: Parody of "Asshole," by Denis Leary
Status: Complete

Divers Alarums Or: A verie Shorte saga of Rogues, Corsets, and boréd Maidens who Suffer the drudgery of Worke.
1 * 2 Author: Claire
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Boy meets Girl, Girl realises Boy from GFFA, Boy and Girl fall into bed. Pretty simple really.
Status: Complete

Faire Thee Well
Author: Claire
Characters: the Fab Four, other pilots
Rating: PG
Summary: An undercover mission leads to a surprise meeting
Warning: Implied SLASH
Status: Complete

The Fairy Tale of Izzy-bella
1 * 2
Author: Claire (pt 2 with Mish)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: WAASers and Rogues
Category: Humor
Summary: Happy Birthday, Izzy!
Status: Complete

Lost and Found
Pairing: Face/Dia
Rating: G
Status: Complete

Life In TIEs
Author: Claire
Rating: PG (G would just be too weird for me)
Summary: Filk of "Life In Cars" by Shihad. Get it off Napster or the like (the band support it!) Set during "In the Empire's Service" the battle near the end of no 4. POV- Baron Soontir Fel
Status: Complete

A Slowly Swimming Planet new!
Author: Claire
Rating: PG for now
Characters: various Wraiths, Discworld inhabitants
Summary: Elephants and turtles and Leonard, oh my! Wraiths visit the Discworld.
Status: In Progress

Unrequited Rust
Characters: It's a surprise...
Rating: PG
Summary: Too sublime to be summarized
Status: Complete

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