Fanfiction by Fenig Durak


A Chance Meeting
Characters: The Fab Four, Feni
Rating: PG
Summary: An internet chat brings new friends...
Status: Complete

Compilation CD <
Author: Fenig Durak
Rating: G
Summary: Five of our faves in Whose Line?
Status: Complete; 7/19/02

Cooking Outdoors
Author: Fenig
Rating: G
Summary: The guys cook dinner outside.
Status: Complete; 9/23/02

Author: Fenig Durak
Rating: G
Summary: Someone can't sleep, and thinks of his Mommy.
Status: Complete; 8/17/02

Little Pink Beads
Author: Fenig Durak
Rating: PG for one bad word. : D
Characters: Pilots, WAASers
Summary: Borsk wakes up with beads in his fur.
Status: Complete; 7/09/01

1 * 2 * 3
Characters: Hobbie, Biggs, Porkins, ofc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hobbie befriends the only female in the Academy.
Status: Complete

Author: Fenig Durak
Rating: PG
Characters: Kell and Wes
Summary: Kell's bored. Wes is amused.
Status: Complete; 6/25/02

Author: Fenig Durak
Characters: Wedge, Luke, Hobbie
Rating: PG
Summary: The effects of Hobbie's special brew
Status: Complete

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