The Plot Bunny, Fred
by Kira Kai

Laughter was heard far before anyone would've been able to see the two men coming down the corridor.

"Wes, I don't care what you think!" More laughter. "I'm telling you, that gag was the best I've seen in a while, and you had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with it. I mean, the look on your face was priceless..." the voice degenerated into giggles.

Wes Janson slapped the door panel to Wedge's quarters. "Come on, cap'n. For once, you've had more to drink than me." He ushered Wedge in, and darted looks back and forth around the corridor before joining him inside. As the door closed, Wes turned around to see Wedge lounged out on his bunk, knees bent and legs spread. He appeared to be muttering down to his stomach.

Wes cocked his head. "Wedge, what're you doing?"

The Hero of the New Republic, leader of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons, survivor of two Death Stars, proud son of Corellia, looked up blearily and replied. "I'm asking Little Wedge what he wants to do now."


More silence.

Wes busted out into laughter. He eventually had to lean against the wall. Wedge looked at him with a hurt expression, and spoke down into his crotch again. "Would you look at that? He's laughing at you, Little Wedge. That whelp." This only made Janson laugh even harder.

Wedge was up in a flash, pinning Wes against the wall. "Laugh, will you?" Wedge stared at Wes, gauging the other man's reactions. "What d'you think, Little Wedge?" His hips responded by grinding into Janson, a simple yet eloquent response considering the situation.

Wes' eyes bugged. "Wedge, wha-" he was cut off by the Corellian's mouth pressing into his. He could taste the Whyren's on his breath and tongue, its smoky-sweet flavor overpowering others. He himself hadn't had much to drink; he was merely pleasantly buzzed. This, however, was cutting right through the haze. As Wedge came up for air, Janson managed to push him back a hair. "Wedge, what are you doing?" he asked breathlessly.

Looking at him with a face that bespoke of infinite patience, Wedge smiled. "Wes, Little Wedge wants some action. I, for one, am not about to deny him. Are you?"

Wes reviewed his choices. Oh hell. Life was too short... "Well, Wedge, when you put it that way..." he craned his neck forward and kissed him back. When he broke it off, Wedge was grinning a dangerous grin. Before he had a chance to ask what that grin was for, his arms were pinned above his head, and Wedge was licking his lips.

"I'd hoped you were going to say that."

Wes' eyes went wider. Oh boy...


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