Fanfic by Mish


Happy Anniversary?
Pairing: Face/Dia
Summary: Dia comforts Face on an unhappy anniversary
Rating: PG
Warning: SPOILER: Iron Fist
Status: Complete

The Meeting
Author: MishLoran
Summary: Two pilots meet during the Wraith Squadron trials.
Rating: PG
Status: Complete; 4/16/03

So Long, and Thanks for all the XWings
1 2 3 4 5 6
Characters: Various of the SW and HHG galaxies
Summary: The SW guys and the HHG guy meet, with Mish stuck in the middle. Weirdness follows.
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

Thou Shalt Be Punished
Rating: PG
Category: Humor
Summary: The story of a WAASer who befell the evil punishment No. 1 in the Bylaws of WAAS.
Status: Complete

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