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Operation: Babysat
Part One
by Nic

"You don’t remember me, do you?" The female’s voice rang through Wes Janson’s ears. Her lithe, 5’4 frame filled his gaze as he turned towards the melodious sound. Shoulder-length, dirty-blond hair framed a round, full face; blue eyes sparkled beneath her bangs and her rosy lips were up-turned in a sensuous smile. Her tight baby-blue tank top and her form fitting trousers clung to the curves of her body in a way that, in Wes’ opinion, should be against the law.

The Coruscant heat began to make Janson sweat and he looked surreptitiously at the throng of people. It was the New Republic Military’s Community Day - the day that the good men and women in the service gave back to the people that they protected. There were several stalls with various goods upon them and a myriad of food shops, each catering their wares to the general public and each manned by members of the NRM. His eyes rested upon the speeder-wash that the Rogues and Wraiths had set up and momentarily wished that one of them would come and save him.

Yeah right…save me, Wes Janson, from the evil clutches a beautiful woman…they’d buy popcorn and watch the show…"Um…" Wes turned back to the girl and searched her face, gazing deep into the aquatic depths of her eyes for long moments. The elusive tickle of familiarity tugged at the edges of his mind and he blinked several times. He slowly shook his head and gave the woman his best, heart-melting smile. "I know that we have met before, but your beauty has me tongue-tied."

"Ever the flatterer." She laughed, obviously relishing every moment of his discomfort. "Well, let me remind you." She moved closer and wrapped her arms around his neck. Leaning in close, she whispered, "We met two and a half years ago here on Coruscant…"

Wes swallowed hard as her breath tickled his neck. "Okay," he managed to say steadily. Her boldness had thrown him off guard and now her closeness was driving him daft. I really hope I know this woman, ‘cause if I don’t then I’m going to look like a major idiot…I bet Tycho put this girl up to it. Note to self: Hurt Tycho later…Painfully. Janson could imagine the look on his fellow Rogue’s face as he watched this pop-tart come on to his friend.

"…I was a lonely country girl making her way across the galaxy to a new home…" She continued, her voice soft and seductive. "…You met me in the spaceport and took me under your wing…"

Sithspit! "Sio…Siobheann?" He pulled away from the girl and held her at arm’s length. He peered at her carefully and then gasped. "Gods…Shivvy, it is you!"

Siobheann grinned evilly and nodded. "Hello Wes, how’s it going?"

Continued in Part Two