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The Elizabeth Bride
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Characters: Izzy, Wedge, Wes, Tycho
Rating: PG
Summary: Happy Birthday, Izzy!
Status: Complete

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Author: Banshee
Pairing: Wedge/OFC/Tycho
Rating: NC-17
Summary: For all those who have trouble choosing between Wedge and Tycho...
Warnings: PWP, mild SLASH, m/m/f
Spoilers: RS Novels (only minor, but if you don't know about Tycho's time spent w/ Isard, what are you doing here?)
Status: Complete; 11/16/03

Extreme Measures
Characters: Wedge, Falynn Sandskimmer
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What will Falynn do to get out of a bet?
Spoilers: Small for Wraith Squadron
Status: Complete

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