Fanfic: I

Impertinence new!
Author: Katrin
Characters: Face, Phanan
Rating: PG
Summary: Phanan wants some help with his sideline....
Status: Compelte; 2/20/05

In the Dead of the Night
Author: Antigone
Pairing: Hobbie/Inyri
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A midnight tryst doesn't go quite as Inyri planned
Status: Complete

Inappropriate Behavior
Author: Varghona
Pairing: Wedge/Luke
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The boys react to news of WAAS's banishment from the Rogue Squadron Webring.
Warning: SLASH (Wahoo!)
Status: Complete

Inspiration Knocks
Author: Nic
Rating: G
Characters: Nic, Hobbie
Summary: Nicoll gets a visit from a very real Hobbie!Muse...
Status: Complete; 10/28/02

The Intergalactic Ho!s
1 * 2
Author: Katrielle
Pairing: m/m/m
Summary: The Intergalactic Ho!s travel to the SW universe, to find it strangely different than they had expected....
Rating: NC-17
Warning: SLASH
Status: Complete (for now)

Author: Fenig Durak
Rating: G
Summary: Someone can't sleep, and thinks of his Mommy.
Status: Complete; 8/17/02

It's Been a Long Day
Author: Katrin
Characters: Wedge, Face
Rating: PG
Summary: Face confronts Wedge about his newfound nephew
SPOILERS: Dark Tide: Ruin
Status: Complete

It's in His Kiss
Author: Aggy
Characters: OFC, Wes
Rating: G *gasp*
Note #1: This is the sequel to Armor and replaces Ice.
Status: Complete; 8/15/02

It's not the Heat
Author: Glimmer Girl
Pairing: Wedge/Luke
Summary: Uhmmm... Wedge and Luke and the X-Wing?
Rating: NC-17
Warning: SLASH
Status: Complete

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