Fanfic: S

Author: Paula
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hobbit/OFC
Summary: Hobbie's first time
Status: Complete; 9/23/02

The Shrouded Path
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Author: Alan (AKA Qurinas)
Characters: Cheriss, Gara Petothel, Rogues, various oc's
Rating: R
Setting: This story is based on characters and actions that take place in the X-Wing series and is the sequel to my story "From Blastsword to Lightsaber." You must have read that story for this one to make any sense. This story begins 16 years after Star Wars: A New Hope.
Warning: non-explicit f/f slash
Status: In Progress

A Slowly Swimming Planet
Author: Claire
Rating: PG for now
Characters: various Wraiths, Discworld inhabitants
Summary: Elephants and turtles and Leonard, oh my! Wraiths visit the Discworld.
Status: In Progress

So Long, and Thanks for all the XWings
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Author: Mish
Characters: Various of the SW and HHG galaxies
Summary: The SW guys and the HHG guy meet, with Mish stuck in the middle. Weirdness follows.
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

Author: Angela Jade
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Corran/Face (implied Face/Ton)
Summary: a Rogue and a Wraith met in a bar...
Spoilers: mainly for "Iron Fist" by Aaron Allston, the 6th book in the X-Wing series.
Warning: SLASH!
Status: Complete

Author: Xaverii Jade
Pairing: Wedge/Iella
Rating: G so far...
Summary: The Rougues are stranded with a big problem...
Status: In Progress

A Sudden Change of Plans
Author: Varghona
Pairing: implied Wedge/Luke
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Wedge confronts Luke about his failure to rendezvous after the Battle of Hoth.
Warning: SLASH
Status: Complete

Author: Fenig Durak
Rating: PG
Characters: Kell and Wes
Summary: Kell's bored. Wes is amused.
Status: Complete; 6/25/02

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