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The Greater Antilles
Part One
by Mish

The morning sun glistened off the ocean almost but not quite like diamonds on an incredibly rich lady's necklace, Mish thought, looking down into the deep sea below. She was reminded of the theme music to Jurassic Park, especially as far below and in the distance, a little towards the left, she could just about glimpse the beginnings of a cove in a small island. This was, of course, her destination.

The above paragraph does not tell the reader exactly how Mish was travelling to the island, above the ocean and high in the air. It will now be revealed that she is not, in fact, flying. This she had tried, many times before, mostly whilst pretending to fall up and down staircases, of course. The art was to miss the ground, after all. Suffice to say, Mish had not managed to ignore the ground yet. Or the pain upon hitting it. She rubbed her recently damaged knee.

A shout shouted through her helmet, "Comin' up on the left, approximate time to arrival five minutes." It shouted.

The shout came from the front of the helicopter.

Mish started to hum the theme to Jurassic Park, albeit not particularly well.

Katrin THWACKed her. Kat was sitting in the helicopter beside Mish, hoping that they weren't going to kill each other throughout their stay on the tropical island. She shrugged, figuring that if they hadn't killed each other already, then they weren't going to in the near future.

The island grew ever closer.

Mish's humming failed to stop.

Kat glared at her.

"What?" Mish mouthed, and put her hands up in a Han Solo-esque defensive/submissive gesture.

Kat sighed. "Are we nearly there yet?" She asked into her headset.

"Bringin' it down now." Was the inevitable reply (inevitable as there's only so much you can write about two people in a helicopter, as the noise tends to block out mostly everything apart from observations, whilst although they may be written to perfection, they do become annoyingly similar when all there is is water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink).

The helicopter landed in a small clearing, big enough only for a single helipad.

Mish and Kat exited the helicopter, and Mish brushed invisible flecks of dust off her brown leather jacket, belatedly realising this item of clothing was totally unnecessary on a desert island. Unless there was an exceptionally large, long and violent storm.

The helicopter took off again, leaving the two Epic adventurers, part- time doctor's assistants and generally froody young women all alone, on an island, which may or may not look exactly the same as the one in Jurassic Park.

"Hello?" Kat yelled.

It echoed.

"Echo!" Mish then shouted.

This echoed.

Kat THWACKed her again. "This is no time for O'Neill impressions!" she reprimanded.

Mish looked suitably chastised. As she was looking thus, a bright orange soft-top VW beetle VROOMed into the clearing from a small mud path the forest, and pulled up, to reveal it's content; a tanned blonde, who'd obviously been living on the island for slightly longer than Mish and Kat had. (Which, thinking about it, wasn't too hard...)

"Claireness!" Mish greeted the blonde.

"Mish! Kat!" Claire, for it was she (FlightSuitOrange!Beetle - who did you expect?)

"Hi!" Kat answered, and walked up to the Beetle, followed by Mish, who jumped in the back, throwing their before-unmentioned luggage into the empty back seat. "Nice place you've got here."

"Is it?" Claire said, grinning from ear to ear. "You know, it always reminded me of Jurassic Park."

Mish grinned, and started the humming again.

Claire joined her, starting up the engine.

Kat thought that poison might well be a suitable method of killing them. If only she wasn't so nice she might get away with it (or if it wasn't for those pesky kids).

The trio left the clearing, and thoughts of murder, behind.

A short while later, through the uninspiring foresty jungle (which reminded Mish not only of Jurassic Park but also of the computer game Monkey Island. She wondered if she'd have to solve any devilishly fiendish puzzles during her stay. She hoped not, it had taken her ages to complete those games) the FlightSuitOrange!Beetle burst through a gate skillfully woven from palm leaves, to skid to a halt next to a marble-floored mansion of Ancient Greek proportions. Or perhaps Roman. To Kat it looked sort of Egyptian, but that's only because she'd been watching too much SG-1.

Mish, Kat and Claire exited the Beetle and climbed the few stairs up towards the huge front doors.

Claire threw them open like she owned the place, completely startling Katrielle, who was about to open the doors and go for a spot of sunbathing and Nora Roberts reading. This was evident in her attire, as she was elegantly draped with a sarong, book in one hand, ice-cold drink in the other.

"Kat!" Kat exclaimed with joy.

"Kat!" Kat exclaimed with joy.

"How're you?" Kat asked.

"I'm fine," Kat replied, "And you?"

"Also fine!" Kat replied to Kat's question.

"This could get confuzzling." That wasn't a Kat. That was Mish.

"Let's go for a tour of the mansion and see who else we can find." Claire said. "Oh, and we can dump your stuff in your rooms too."

"Great stuff." Mish said.

Kat and Claire looked at her expectantly.

She sighed. "I'll just go get the luggage then, shall I?"

Claire nodded, adding, "If it had legs then it'd be so much more convenient, wouldn't it?"

Mish exited the mansion, muttering something about the evils of reading too much Terry Pratchett.

Continued in Part Two