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The Greater Antilles
Part Two
by Arwen

Mish wandered around for awhile, still muttering about Terry Pratchett, until she came upon a hammock slung between two palm trees, occupied by a girl with short blonde hair, a large amount of freckles, and blue sunglasses that had obviously been inspired by John Lennon. Seeing Mish, the girl lowered the book she was reading and pushed up the glasses, revealing eyes that were a deep, dark blue that were almost purple.

"Hi. You new here?"

"Yeah, Kat and I just arrived. I'm Mish Loran."

"Arwen Antilles. Nice to meet ya." Arwen sat up in the hammock, or at least tried to. The hammock, unwilling to be twisted that way, dumped her on the ground with a solid THUMP.

"Ow! That hurt! BAD hammock!"

Mish couldn't help but laugh, especially when Arwen proceeded to spank the hammock. Dear tawg! What is she smoking? Then she saw the book lying on the ground, covered with dirt. She picked it up and brushed it off. Curious, she glanced at the title. It was A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

Seeing Mish's expression, Arwen chuckled and took the book from her. "Yeah, I know. A Clockwork Orange is pretty far out there. My dad says that it is the only book that he knows of that truly qualifies for the epithet 'obscene.'"

Mish couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Did you say you arrived with Kat?"


"But Kat's already here!"

"I came with the OTHER Kat."

"Dear tawg! THIS is going to get interesting! Oh, by the way, I'm not smoking anything. And I'd prefer you not smoke around me- I'm violently allergic to cigarette smoke."


"I saw your expression when I spanked the hammock. It said, very clearly, 'What the hell is she on?!' and I thought I'd clear that up."

"Oh! Right..."

Just then, a yell came from the mansion.

"Hey! If you want food, come and get it!"

"Food! Yes!" Arwen yelled, dashing for the door with Mish right in tow.

The approached the door and were just coming in, when the heard a roar overhead. They ran to the window and looked out.

Continued in Part Three