This is a work of fan fiction. Star Wars is the property of George Lucas and LFL. No insult is intended and no profits were made from this story.

The Greater Antilles
Part Three
by Commander Wedge

With a hard thump my X-Wing reverted from hyperspace to real space. Looking around, everything seemed so unfamiliar. "Gate, try to get us some coordinates based on the stars out here." Switching from the frequency I share with my R5 unit, I call up the squadron's, "Rogues, Wraiths," I call into the comlink in my flight helmet, "Call 'em in by the numbers and the status of your bird including fuel, I don't know what the sith just happened but..." my voice trailed off as first Tycho, then Wes, followed by Hobbie and the rest of my squadrons called in. Whatever it was that hit us didn't seem to damage our equipment or us; I just didn't know where we were and until I did I knew that we would have to put down and refuel before we could try to go home.

"Hey Boss," I hear Wes in my earpiece, "I'm picking up some strange communication broadcasts from the third planet out."

"Ok Wes, monitor them and have your astromech record them. Anyone else getting any unusual readings or transmissions from any of the other planets?" I got negatives all around. "Well it looks like that is where we head then. Tych, I'm getting readings of breathable atmosphere on the planet, how about you?"

"Same here Wedge. I'm getting re-outs that we can land there," he replied.

"Thanks Tycho. Here's the plan people we come in low and do a quick recon then I will find us a place to land close to habitation but not too close unless they have a spaceport but something tells me that they don't." I lead us in and we fly a recon pattern from dayside to night side using sensors.

"I am not finding any evidence of spaceports, Wedge," Hobbie calls to me, "Be I am getting readings of non-orbital air flight."

"Alright Hobbs. I think I have found a place to land," I reply flying over an area thick with trees. I see a building nestled in amoungst then and with in 5 klicks a clearing large enough for all of us to land and to camoflage our X-Wings. "Follow me in and land in your flights and formations," I tell them as I head for the area.

Overhead flew almost two dozen, vagely airplane looking war machines painted grey, some with red stripes along their fuselages and other's with blue. The disappeared from the site of the two young women, but they did not see the machines.

I bring my X-Wing down and land gently. Popping the seals on my canopy, I stand up and stretch. "We home Wedge?" I look behind my pilot's couch to the specially modified space, with it's couch, sat a charcoal grey Ewok waiting for me to release his crash webbing. "Uh huh. I don't know where we're at" I tell him as I release him and lift him out. He scrambles down the wings and off the bird while I jump to the soft ground. I watch as the rest of my pilots bring their X-Wings in and land. "Gate, secure the 'Wing and notify me if anybody comes around." I began to throw the camonetting stored in my storage compartment over my bird and watch as the others do the same. Once we are finished camoflaging our equipment I have us head out in the direction I saw the building. After several hours of walking we reach our destination. I step up to the door and knock several times.

Continued in Part Four