This is a work of fan fiction. Star Wars is the property of George Lucas and LFL. No insult is intended and no profits were made from this story.

The Greater Antilles
Part Ten
by Jenn Song

Jenn steered the boat out towards the island just as several strange planes flew overhead. "What the hell?!" There was no place she could hide, and she was a bit nevous that some sort of crazy terrorist was attacking the little island.

When the planes were gone, she sped up the boat and beached it on the shore. She glimpsed a girl with brown hair pulling her head out of the sand. "Odd," Jenn muttered, chasing after her as she left the beach.

A quick jog through the forest led her to a open clearing where a bunch of people were dressed in the irrisistable flight suit orange. "Oooooh," she goggled. Scanning the ranks of men, women, and "What the hell!" she said her favorite phrase for the second time that day. A little bear-thing had come up and grabbed hold of her leg.

"Get off!" She screamed, kicking her leg around. The fuzz ball clung to it and made a funny screeching noise as Jenn began to jump in attmepts to get it off.

Suddenly a firm hand grabbed her shoulder from behind, and reached around in front of her to pluck off the bear and let him go. The creature ran away in the direction of one of the pilots.

Jenn turned around to see who exactly it was that had helped her. When she saw the amazing blue eyes and toussled hair she suddenly had a thought. "You look like Mark Hamill," Jenn said.

"Who," the man asked in a voice with a pleasant accent.

"The guy who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars," Jenn said, like the man was a fool.

He chuckled. "Well, I AM Luke Skywalker, not Is that what he was? I'm not to familiar with this planet. Where are we? We're all a bit worried."

Noticing that at least one of the pilots was managing to get sane words from a woman, Wedge came over to Jenn. "Yes, I any information could be helpful."

Continued in Part Eleven