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The Greater Antilles
Part Thirteen
by Commander Wedge

Wedge hugged Jaded back, giving her a quick kiss on the lips, and held on to her hand as she jumped back at the sound of her wing's voice; "I haven't a clue as to where here is: I was just going to ask one of these young ladies if they could tell us." As he spoke, Emote scrambled down off his shoulders and toddled over to a new girl just joining the group; he grabbed onto her leg, giving her an Ewok hug which she did not seem to appreciate as she began to jump and hop around like a scalded gurrcat.

Luke finally stepped in and removed Emote from the girl's leg: the furry Ewok quickly scampered back to Wedge with a hurt look on his face; holding his arms up, he looked pleadingly at his owner and protector, "Wedge, lady try to hurt Emote. Not nice lady," he chittered.

Wedge picked up his Ewok; Emote immediately wrapped his furry arm around Wedge's neck and alternately glared at the girl and hid his face against Wedge's shoulder; Wedge made soft cooing noises the to the charcoal grey animal in his arms trying to sooth him and calm him down. As Wedge spoke to the little droid, he walked in the direction of the new comer taking Jaded with him and listened to the exchange between the girl and Luke, "Yes, I'd say any information could be helpful," he declared. "That wasn't a very way to treat him; Emote just wanted to say hello," he continued.

At the sound of Wedge speaking and referring to him, Emote turned his head away from the crook of Wedge's neck and stared at the girl, "Yes, Emote say hi; mean lady kick Emote. Emote tell Wes. Wes make sure no try hurt Emote again," he scolded her in his singsong voice.

"No Emote, you wont have to tell Wes. I'm sure she didn't mean to hurt you." Wedge directed his attention back to Jenn, "So can you tell us where we are? By the way, this little fellow here is an Ewok droid and his name is Emote; he wont hurt you; however, he is like a living Ewok: he has feelings, thinks, grows mentally even if he doesn't sound like it when he speaks but he is very intelligent, eats, talks, everything, including being Force Sensitive."

Continued in Part Fourteen