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The Greater Antilles
Part Sixteen
by Paula

Paula leaned up against the back of the wall and stuck a piece of grass in her mouth. Gnawing on it, she looked back on the milling antourage of gorgeous pilots. "Now this is what I call weird," she muttered to herself through the piece of grass. Bad habit--like biting one's nails. She was still too starstruck to do much of anything though certainly taking Aggy's approach had crossed her mind. Now that would be nice. Mmmm....Wes. She thought about it for a moment, contemplating its benefits and disadvantages. No, Wes was taken and from the looks of it, Aggy was not going to share. "Though it would be nice if she would."

"Nice if she would what?"

Paula hadn't realized she had spoken aloud. She turned towards the voice. Oddly gray skin and two long lekku greated her. "Would what?" Nawara Ven repeated the question and smiled, exposing a row of sharp teeth.

"Been listening to my thoughts, Counselor?"

Nawara leaned down and picked up a piece of grass and mimicked her pose against the wall. "It's hard not to when you say them out loud. You don't look to pleased to see us like the rest of your friends here."

She sighed. "No, I am. I think it's just completely unexpected. I'm not as quick on my feet as Aggy over there." She gestured to a smiling Wes and an equally smiling Aggy. Where things would go from there, she could only guess at.

The Twi'lek smiled again. Paula studied his profile. He really is quite attractive. And see what you did, George. With Bib Fortuna, you gave the impression that all male Twi'leks were ugly. How wrong you were.

Nawara smiled and bowed. "You know who I am, but who are you?"

Paula pushed herself off of the wall and grinned at him. "Paula Aristh, pleased to meet you formally."

Nawara gave another charming smile. "Nawara Ven. Also pleased to meet you, Paulaar'isth."

God, he is a good-looking pilot! And he has that great accent.

Something came back to her. "Oh, bloody hell. My book!"

Nawara's smile dissapeared and his face became that of a lawyer--blank and unreadable. His twin lekku, however, remained over his shoulders in what Paula knew to be friendliness.

"What is this book you're talking about?"

"They're basically datacards, but they're on pap--flimsy instead."

The smile returned, the lawyers demeanor gone again in the blink of an eye. "Perhaps you would like me to come with you to retrieve it?"

Paula's eyes lit up with the offer. She smiled at him again. "I dropped it when I entered the clearing. The shock of it all."

"Well, we will go get it then." He stuck out his hand.

Paula eyed the sharp talons out of reflex before taking it. "That would be...nice."

Continued in Part Seventeen