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The Greater Antilles
Part Nineteen
by Commander Wedge and Leda "Jaded" Skywalker

From his perch in my arms, Emote quizzically looked at the three girls, "Wedge's Islands. Oww, Wedge has islands. Take Emote swimming."

Petting his silky soft, charcoal grey fur, I whispered to him, "Not now Emote, let's find out where we are first, ok buddy?"

Still holding tightly onto Jaded hand with my free hand, I turned around and looked at Tycho, "How the Sith should I know - I don't even know where in the Seven Hells of Corellia we are yet; besides, what do I look like, the Emperor's long lost son - the New Republic barely pays us; therefore, how could I ever afford to own one island much less more than one?" I glanced at the girl who introduced herself as Katrielle, "Did you say the Greater Antilles Islands? I've hauled freight, fought and flown all over the galaxy and I have never heard of them; just what planet are we one anyhow, one out in the Unknown Regions?" As I speak, I squeeze Jaded's hand reassuringly.

Jaded suppressed a chuckle at the thought of Wedge owning islands. "More like the Unknown Regions," she said quietly, returning the gentle squeeze Wedge gave her hand. Turning to look at Sh'Lara, "Sh'Lara…" she said, motioning her wing over. "I need you go back to the ships and go over the readings," she whispered, her voice only audible to Sh'Lara and Wedge.

Sh'Lara looked at Jaded for a moment, "OK, I'll go see what I can find out, but I don't remember getting much info when we flew in," she replied.

"That is all I can ask, I know that Ranger didn't come up with much, but maybe if we have several of the astromechs working on it, we will be able to figure out where we are and how to get back where we belong," Jaded told the young woman.

"OK, I'm gone," Sh'Lara said, turning and heading back into the woods in the direction of the ship.

"Have my Gate, Tycho's Shards and Corran Whistler help; the three have some special programming none of the other astromechs have," I called after Sh'Lara as she ran off in the direction of the clearing.

I cast my gaze around, my pilots were certainly looking uneasy among the young women and being in unfamiliar surroundings; my glance falls on Emic hiding behind Tycho. "Tych, I think someone needs your attention," I nod towards the brown Ewok.

Tycho knelt down and spoke to his Ewok, then stood holding him, "I don't know who is more leery here, Emic and Emote, or the pilots," he said smiling.

I grinned back, "I know, I know." I look back at the girls, "Erm, a couple of things first, would you mind introducing yourselves and second, I don't know about you ladies but it's been a long day," I peek out from under the hair that is constantly falling over my forehead and into my eyes at our hostesses - for I can think of now better way to describe them - I continue, "We're tired, hungry and in need of cleaning up; you'd be surprised how grubby a pilot can get in hyperspace for a week." I wrap my arm around Jaded's waist as I wait for one, or all of them, to reply.

Jaded smiled at Wedge's idea, "Thanks, with Ranger and Sh'Lara's astromech, we should be able to figure something out," she said. "I think it is a close tie, Tych," she said chuckling at his comment. She stepped closer to Wedge, letting him put his arm around her waist, and sliding her arm around him. "Yeah, I could use to clean up, and a rest, I've been flying for almost a week straight looking for you," she said quietly, letting her head rest on his shoulder.

Sh'Lara turned and nodded at the idea of using the other astromechs. She headed off to the ships, still having a couple hours walk ahead of her.

Continued in Part Twenty