The Greater Antilles
Part Five
by Aggy

The land was beautiful, lush and rich. And the rock underneath was perfect for her collection. Aggy smiled, shaking her head. Sithspawn, I'm such a geek. On a tropical paradise and I'm collecting rocks instead of soaking up the sun.

As she brushed the dirt off her latest prize, a low rumble vibrated through the bottoms of her feet, up her spine, setting her teeth on edge. She looked up, jaw dropping as she saw the shape of a ship that was much too familiar and much too imaginary for comfort.

" because I wrote that they visit Earth doesn't mean it can happen!" By the Force let it be true! Leaving her pack, she sprinted towards the manor. Please! Please! Please!

She skidded to a halt, barely able to stay on her feet. She stumbled forward, partially because of momentum, partially from the shock caused by the miracle in front of her.

What else could it be? Their heroes had somehow found their way to the WAASers little paradise. Wedge, Tycho, Hobs...And towards the rear of the group was "Nice Rear Lieutenant" himself. The one that plagued her fiction, the one who haunted her dreams. Her elusive Muse.

Aggy couldn't stop the wicked grin or the equally wicked impulse that spurred her forward. I'll probably get killed for this but I'll die a happy woman...

Silently she sauntered over towards her Muse. The others were focused towards the manor house, completely oblivious to the woman creeping behind them. Quietly, she cleared her throat. "Excuse me, are you Wes Janson?"

The man dressed in orange turned. His hand moved to the blaster on his hip, but then he paused. Blue eyes, soft thick dark hair, broad shoulders. She'd dreamed about him enough to know this was her Muse. And he answered just the way she hoped. "Yub yub."

She grabbed a double fistful of orange cloth. "Welcome to Earth," she grinned, pulled him forward into a deep kiss.

Continued in Part Six